Yeonmi Park Overcomes un-imaginable Tragedies with -“In Order to LIve”

Yeonmi Park‘s heart wrenching story is now being told about defecting from North Korea,overcoming Fear and Starvation and her mistrust in Men. In Order to Live is her auto biography of her life in North Korea where she grew up in a harsh and cruel world of dictatorships and stricken with poverty. This truly amazing true story will define your faith,hopes, and morality while keeping you engaged in compassion and empathy for another.

At the young age of 13 , Yeonmi and her mother fled North Korea for a glimpse of freedom in China. Upon arriving to China, her nightmares had just begun when Chinese Gangsters and Human-Traffickers took her for forced marriages and prostitution, separating her from her mother. In the story She and Her Mother finally reunite and trekked across vast miles of the Gobi dessert in search of real freedom. Complete Freedom.

This memoir of her personal story will bring you to share in her pain and rejoice in her winning against the evil in this world. Her hopes are that ” I hope my book will shine a light on the darkest place in the world.” And we commend her for such bravery, strength and compassion. She tells of shutting down inside her mind and only remembering and regaining insight while writing this book, “In Order to Live” due to having post traumatic stress. In North Korea there is no help with traumatic stress or even jobs for it. She also regained the rest of her memory with the help from her Mom, Sister and from other family members who survived the ordeal together and found freedom. “In Order to Live” has been an avenue for Yeonmi Park to be able to release her feelings and continue to heal.

Since she has written her book “In Order to Live” the Kim regime has spread malicious propaganda about her and her family and she’s had to live in fear of them harming her family. But she feels like the story still had to be told no matter what and stands by her decision to help others by writing this book. “But I knew what was going on in North Korea and I knew I had to speak up about it. It was unacceptable”

Yeonmi is healing. and studying Criminal Justice at a University in South Korea. She also is diligently working as an activist to help others in her situation at different conferences. She has recently spoken at the One Young World Summit in Dublin and also at the Un Human Rights session in North Korea. She hopes that people will take heed to her warnings about the millions of people that are suffering in North Korea and other countries in things like concentration camps and the Holocaust. We applaud her and wish her the best in taking a stand against cruelty in many forms.

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The Strange Tale of of Yeonmi Park

Born in the frigid wastes of the administrative hub of North Korea’s Ryanggang Province, Yeonmi Park (the original Korean being Park Yeon-mi) is now known on youtube and loved the world over for her heroic and inspiring stance on human rights in her country of origin. However, her life was not always so bright and shinning as it is today. Indeed, despite growing up in a semi-wealthy family in North Korea her life was a extremely difficult one, for she grew up in the early to late 90s, a time when Kim Jong II still reigned over the country and fear was ever present. So great was the state of fear at being seen as a traitor to the supreme leader that when she was still a small child Yeonmi’s mother told her that her daughter was to be extremely careful as even, “The mice and birds have ears.” Not long after she was told this, at only the tender age of nine years old, her mother’s dear friend was shot to death by a local firing squad for allegedly watching a foreign film (a offense strictly forbidden under North Korean law, though rarely enforced via execution).

Yeonmi was naturally mortified and horror stricken by the killing of such a kindly woman but it was simply “the way things were.” It was nothing more or less than the natural order; all that she knew. However, all of that changed when she chanced upon a forbidden film, a pirated DVD of the Hollywood blockbuster Titanic, by James Cameron. Upon viewing the film a torrent of ideas flooded Yeonmi’s head and her political and ethical intuitions radically shifted. Yeonmi Park herself ascribes this impact as resulting from the film depiction of both freedom and love; the freedom to die for those whom you chose to love, not just those that the state tells you to love. And strange as it may sound, she retains to this day that the film taught her what those things really meant.

As the months turned into years the economic situation in North Korea slowly began to deteriorate. Things came to such a head due to a long lasting famine that even her father, a prominent town hall worker for the leading worker’s party, could no longer support the family on his meager earnings. Fearing the very real possibility that his family may indeed starve, Park’s father turned to metal smuggling, shifting nickel, gold and silver to Chinese black market traders. However, her father’s illicit activities did not go on for very long before they were noticed by the, “Mice and the birds,” and in 2002 he was arrested and forced into a hard labor concentration camp. At this point he knew he had to get his family out of North Korea and started a plan wherein the women, his daughters and wife, would escape ahead of him.

In the bitter winter of 2007 Yeonmi and her family finally made their escape (save for Yeonmi’s older sister, Eunmi, whom had already left ahead of them) across the badlands of China which bordered North Korea, passing frozen rivers and rutted wastes. They were aided by human traffikers whom at first seemed completely helpful but who later demanded that Yeonmi’s mother given her body up to them physically or be turned in to the North Korean authorities. To protect her daughter Yeonmi’s mother acquiesced and was brutally raped in front of her daughter. Keeping up their end of the bargain the smugglers let the family go and in a particularly dark and forlorn night in 2009 Yeonmi and her mother made good their escape across the frigid Gobi desert and settled in South Korea where Yeonmi lives still to this day, fighting tirelessly for human rights for all Koreans.

Flipora Successfully Mines Social Media Apps

Social media, a medium that enables people to interact socially with others, has a different form and meaning from days gone by. Most of the twentieth century social interaction was done by telephone, mail, and believe it or not, conversations with people face-to-face.
Then along came the internet in the 1980s. Life as we knew it was changed forever. Suddenly our doors were thrown open to the world. Chat rooms where unseen strangers met to socialize took the place of the local coffee house. We could sit in front of our personal computers and explore the world, meeting people along the way. Soon new devices called Smartphones and iPods and tablets allowed us to leave the chair in front of our PCs and go mobile. The car or a park bench or a seat in a restaurant could be our office as long as we could receive a signal to hook us into the internet.
The need for increased computer speed became obsessive. Lightning quick response was demanded. As the internet phenomenon took over our lives, businesses found a mother lode of advertising opportunities.
Google helped us seek out anything we wanted to know. Wikipedia became the new encyclopedia. Amazon and E-bay became our virtual shopping malls and selling stalls. Facebook became the favorite method to share one’s life with the world.
The popularity of networking websites goes to the idea that users generate their own content by using internet-based applications, Photos and videos can be shared. Conversations, essays, rumors and simple chit-chat are open to anyone anywhere who shares the same internet platforms.
The twenty-first century introduced the app, an abbreviation for application. It’s a software program that runs on the internet to connect your computer or mobile device directly to a website with the tap of a finger. In reality, it’s a shorthand method directly hooking into a desired website without having to manually enter addresses.
There are thousands of unique social media apps are available to the consumer today.
Flipora is one of the newer apps in the social media playground. It analyzes the interests and web activity of its customer base and then recommends web content that would be of particular interest to each individual Flipora user. Algorithms are used to categorize thousands of interest categories and then match their users with the items that each client shows interest in by their web usage.
Flipora also has an iPhone app that uses the customer’s activities on Facebook and Twitter to determine those areas of interest to mine in order to send information back to the end user.

Handy Marketing Home Cleaning Flexibility

Love having a clean house, try finding a home cleaning service through Handy. Try a home cleaning service at the touch of an app on the iPhone. Hire a cleaning service that wants to release clients from the drudgery of household chores. Time off from work is meant for relaxing. Do not spend playtime scrubbing floors and cleaning bathrooms. Let Handy’s home cleaning service app quickly take care of the search for a cleaning service. Cleaning crews, polish furniture and floors, giving any home a spotless look and clients a day off from housework.

A schedule is created by the customer fitting their needs. The space in a home to be cleaned are prearranged and cleaned by bonded and inured personnel. People cleaning the home are experienced and give great attention to detail. Services include bathroom-cleaning dusting and mopping, kitchens and laundry facilities are also a part of the cleaning schedule. Cleaning counters and vacuuming floors, wiping counters and

No one has the same schedule or the same way of using a product. This is true as well with a cleaning service. Get the flexibility needed with cleaning at different times. Have a home cleaned by a professional monthly or only for special events. The decision is up to the customer. Decide what time a house cleaner is needed and number of room’s service is requested. The process is simple. Handy on facebook services acts as the intermediary, handling details. Flexibility works for both worker and customer.

Handybook lets you arrange any service related to home cleaning with the touch of a finger. Stress out no ore searching the Internet or looking through long list of services. Set up by Oisin Hanrahan and partner Umang Dua, Handybook has the building blocks of success. The company is hiring more employees and opening more offices. Buying up many established firms, Handybook, screens, charges correct fees, and searches backgrounds. This company is extremely finicky about its participants holding a 3% level of acceptance. The service has given those with mobile lifestyles a way to make money and to have income validated, this savvy business plan on the rise.

Handy Home services provides all cleaning supplies. Cleaning is done when customers are home or while out enjoying the day, Monday thru Friday. Times and dates are decided upon by customers when setting up a cleaning service schedule. Cleaning appointments are weekly, monthly or bi-monthly. The desired number of cleanings or days to clean the home is entirely up to customers.

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Female Leadership Tips

The role of women in society has evolved considerably but business has still a long way to go. When it comes to female leadership, Susan McGalla advises women on PHX-Corporate to keep it real and not rely on meaningless opinions. Susan McGalla has previously worked for American Outfitters and Wet Seal. She is on the board for Magee Women’s Hospital and various undertakes charitable endeavors as well. She is one of the most successful female leaders of the industry and during the course of her career, she has learned the following things –

Don’t Be Afraid of Growth – Leaders should never be afraid of change and growth. Personal and professional growth is the best part of being a leader. A lot of female leaders continue their education for this very reason.

Stay Positive and Focussed – It is difficult to be a female leader because of the discrimination in the industry. However, sometime it is just about being the catalyst for change. Susan McGalla, for instance, was the only female in executive or board positions of American Eagle Outfitters. As she worked for the company and eventually became the President, she made the company as successful as it is today. Staying positive and focussed is, thus, half the battle won.

Balance Appreciation and Criticism – Every person has a style of interaction but when one becomes a leader, that is difficult to pull off. Why? Because different individuals respond to different kinds of interaction styles. Sometimes, a leader has to use appreciation to get the job done and at other times, an employee has to be criticised so that they will pull up their socks.

Understand Competition – Female leaders should take time to understand the competition. In the company, however, competition has no place, except when it is healthy. It should be replaced with collaboration if it is becoming unhealthy.

Hire the Right People – A company is nothing without its employees and bad employees can bring the entire organization down. As such, female leaders should get involved in the hiring process to ensure that the right people are chosen for the job.

Spend Some Time On Personal Well Being – Because of the pressure from work, female leaders can forget that they are people too. It is advisable to take time out once in awhile to meditate, listen to music, paint, watch a movie, go out and have a drink with friends, and do anything other than work that is calming.

Act As a Buffer Between Members and Outside World – It is a leader’s job to protect the members from the rest of the world. They need to act as buffers or shock absorbers. Blaming others or playing the victim never helps anyone. Instead, it is important to learn from mistakes and vow to never repeat them again.

Everyone has an idea about what a female leader should look like, behave like, and speak like. However, actual female leaders like Susan McGalla say that instead of listening to those opinions, women should trust their own logic and gut instinct.

Need help with “Damage Control” in your personal and professional life?

Recently with the Ashley Madison scandal, one of the biggest scandals on the internet today, many people are dealing with the setbacks of having an account on the Ashley Madison website. Fortunately, there is help for those people with an account with the company, Status Labs, offering free “crisis communication” for anyone affected. This free service is available to anyone who has an account on Ashley Madison or does not have an account on the website. The reason the company Status Labs is offering this free service is because from receiving anonymous from many highly paying and influential people such as accountants, government employees, and business owners large and small, fearing the consequences in both their professional life and their personal life. With the large number of inquires Status Labs believes that everyone whether high or low deserves another chance at life and mistakes,like the Ashley Madison scandal, should not destroy one’s life.
Recently with the large number of inquires Status Labs is also growing its workforce to handle its large number of personal inquires from the Ashley Madison scandal and to grow its business as a whole. Some positions that are hiring at Status Lab include Public Relations professionals, online reputation management professionals and communication services people within the next ten months. With the growing of its workforce Status Labs hopes to reach to a worldwide audience of customers. So whether you have an account and are in a business position and/or need help in getting get to your feet with the Ashley Madison enlist Status Labs to help you get where you want to be!

A True Mega-Trader

Kenneth Griffin, is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Citadel Investment Group. His holdings include Citadel, an industry-leading alternative asset manager; Citadel Securities, America’s capital market leading liquidity provider; and Citadel Technology, which is a provider of solutions in investment management technology. Mr. Griffin is one of the most successful and secretive traders in the world. Citadel was founded in 1990, after Kenneth Griffin was recruited by Frank Meyer, who at the time was a co-founder of the well known Chicago based Glenwood Partners. Frank Meyer was a pioneer in the hedge-fund business.

Mr. Kenneth Griffin began trading stock options his freshman year.

Mr. Griffin is a graduate of Harvard University where he earned his bachelor’s degree.

In his freshman year,1986, he began trading stock options from his dorm room. In 1987, he launched a convertible-bond arbitrage fund. That same year, the stock market crash hit. While so many investors lost big time with their investments, he struck it rich. By the time he was a senior in college, he was handling $1 million in investors’ money with the same strategy. This was just the beginning of the business where Griffin proved his ideas in hedge-fund marketing would bring in millions of dollars for his clients.

His strategies are different
His primary role with his company, is as an evaluator of ideas that focus on trades that will be held for only a few minutes and other trades that will be held for a year or more. The Kensington Global Strategies, which is also his company, won top honors at the Alternative Investment Awards (very similar to the Oscars for the hedge-fund world.) This award means that the company scored the highest risk-adjusted returns. It means that the Citadel is arguably the best hedge-fund company in the world.

Citadel manages over $6 billion
Citadel is based out of Chicago and currently manages over $6 billion for a wide range of clients around the world. At Citadel, 15 separate strategies are managed every day. Kenneth Griffin has become the mega-trader of the largest hedge-fund in the world, where they account for approximately 1% of the trading activity in New York, London and Tokyo every day. Citadel has had magnificent growth in the last 10 years.

He has many employees worldwide
Mr. Griffin has several other companies, all of which are about the current financial investments. There are total of 1250 team members that work for Citadel around the world today.

Kenneth Griffin donates $150 Million to Harvard
Through the years since his graduation from Harvard University, Kenneth has experienced such magnificent success, he has pledged $150 Million to his alma-matter’s financial aid program. This was and is one of the largest gifts Harvard has ever received.

Griffin is very supportive for education
Griffin is an active supporter of educational causes that help to drive improvement in the community. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Chicago Public Education Fund. He has donated more than $250 million. He has contributed to the University of Chicago, Lurie Children’s Hospital and the Art Institute.

He is also involved in many business organization
Mr. Griffin is very active in numerous business organizations and actively supports Chicago’s civic and cultural institutions.

His simple explanation for his success
When ask what has led to his many successes, he is quoted as saying “Our success is driven by top talent, a relentless focus on research, and an exceptional ability to monetize investment ideas.” There is no other explanation needed, he has said it all.

How Eucatex Rose

The saying that a long journey starts with one step is evidenced by the continuous growth of of what was ones someone’s thought. Eucatex is a manufacturing company whose main headquarters are based in Sao Paulo city in Brazil. Its core function is the manufacturing of several wood products that include paints, floors, doors, panels, hard boards, wall partitioning and also thin density fiber boards. They are also good dealers in seedlings of eucalyptus seedlings that are always planted when they cut down trees so that they can maintain the environment.

This company is headed by Flavio Maluf who has been the chief executive officer since April in the year 2005. His other post is the position of board of executive officers where he is again the chairman. He holds a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering from Fundacao Armando Alvare Penteado. After his graduation he joined Citi Bank that is located in New York then Sistema after which he finally joined Eucatex.

Eucatex was started its operations in 1951 which was followed by a panel factory in the year 1954. The main aim was to focus on special production and selling of products that are made from eucalyptus. Eucatex was the first company in Brazil to come up with the idea of manufacturing and selling products that are made from timber. Their first items to manufacture include soft boards before they later ventured into tiles, ceilings and panels. This business was of its kind and that made it to grow very fast thus increasing their products which saw them come up with another company of its kind in Argentina.

Their production kept on growing until they decided to look for market in other places such as Europe. They immediately started exporting to Europe where the business became so good again until they opted to open offices in countries like Germany, Holland, United States, Mexico and the United Kingdom. In Santo they opened another factory which was specifically dealing with the production of vanishes, panels and paint.

Their success story went and in the year 2010 the company decided to start the production of panels of high technology that are used in the production of doors and many other kind of furniture. By the time it attained 60 years in existence, it was still the leading company in the production of paints, doors and others products.
They have ensured that their activities do not affect the environment or even the people around since they plant other trees after cutting and also the production of odorless paint. They also recycle their waste products which is a good way of maintaining the environment.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Gives Women Strength to Take Control of Their Lives

Becoming a cosmetic surgeon requires a vast amount of time, effort and years of schooling. Approximately ninety percent of plastic surgeons are men. Less than ten percent are female doctors who have committed to going the distance and obtaining their degree. Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of them.

Dr. Walden previously practiced cosmetic surgery in New York City until 2011 when she relocated to her hometown of Austin, Texas. She decided to establish the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center in Austin to provide services closer than other facilities in Dallas and Houston. She and her all-female office staff are courteous, caring and professional to all their patients. A single mother of twin boys, Dr. Walden is a self-proclaimed liberal and feminist who strives to help women improve themselves and their quality of life.

There are more men in the cosmetic surgery field because it is easier for them to start and finish the ten or more years of schooling, residency and fellowship involved in achieving their degree. Many women find it difficult to continue the path due to usual life events like marriage, children and other priorities. Those who do see it through to the end, like Dr. Walden, are part of a minority group of female cosmetic surgeons. However, 90 percent of patients are women. Female doctors are often more sensitive, understanding and easier to talk to than their male counterparts. Many women also feel more comfortable speaking with someone of their own gender.

Jennifer Walden believes that cosmetic surgery improves a person’s quality of life. Not only do they feel more confident but also tend to lead healthier, active lives. Many are unhappy with their appearance due to age, sagging skin or the after-effects of pregnancy. Instead of being embarrassed by the way they look, patients are no longer afraid to be a part of the world and attain what they want.

She is a philanthropist who volunteers her skills in mission trips to places like India. She has worked with the American Heart Association to educate women about heart disease in the Go Red For Women campaign. Her services allow women to become independent and confident decision makers. Patients exhibit self empowerment as they discover their inner strength to take control and improve their lives.

Dr. Jennifer Walden provides numerous cosmetic surgery options to both men and women. She utilizes the latest methods and equipment and exhibits a professional yet personal bedside manner. In 2014 she was included in Harper’s Bazaar magazine top 24 list of beauty surgeons. In the same year, Texas Monthly listed her as one of the State’s outstanding physicians or Super Doctors.

Find True Love with Anastasia Date

Finding true love can be difficult. For some, nothing ever seems to work out as it should. That doesn’t mean all hope is lost though. There are plenty of other ways to find true love, and for single men out there who are looking to meet beautiful, Russian women, Anastasia Date might just be the perfect option for them to explore and to look into. Based in the United States and designed to help men find women from Eastern Europe, the company is one of the longest lasting online dating platforms on the Internet. A website does not last nearly 25 years without having a strong client following and impressive results.

Anastasia Date has been around since 1993. A Russian/American couple created the website after David, an American, met Elena, a Russia, through a connection service. The two married and found true love and wanted to help share this means of falling in love with others around the world. They knew that dating in Russia could be especially helpful for both the women in Eastern Europe and for men looking for love as well, but the service they used did not bode well for true and meaningful interactions.

When Anastasia Date first started up, the two created a catalog of women in Russia that a man could receive. They could look through the women and then contact the service, indicating who they wanted to meet and interact with. From there, the service helped the two potential lovers write letters to one another and to grow their relationship. Eventually, the website went live in 1997 to help make it easier for both men and women to find one another. Then, by 2003, the service expanded to Asia, in order to help men looking for love in an Asian women connect. Now, there are several different websites connected to Anastasia Date, all of which are dedicated to helping men and women find love.

Anastasia Date is no longer owned by the Russian/American couple. The two sold off the website in 2011 as it had grown to the point of needing a larger company who could focus on growing the brand. However, it still is designed to help individuals find true love over the Internet. There is the saying that everyone has a soul mate somewhere on the planet. It is all about finding that perfect mate. Naturally, with the billions of people on the planet, the chances of one of these individuals being next door is slim. In fact, the chances of the perfect match located in a different country is much higher. With the help of Anastasia Date, it is possible to eventually find the one true love online.