Doe Deere Lime Crime’s Co Founder Talks Business

Doe Deere, is the founder of the online cosmetics line known as Lime Crime. She is a fierce young entrepreneur, with an infectious spirit, and her social media presence gives her followers a glimpse of her charmed life. The Lime Crime makeup line gives women the tools to set their creativity free, while looking amazing. Doe is taking the cosmetics world by storm, and she has been hard at work building her empire since 2008. Doe has since been a guest at beautycon, PHAMExpo and Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour, and says that she accredits her success to following her dreams, when others doubted that her business would thrive, and treating her employees with respect and love.

Lime Crime started in 2004, when Doe started selling her DIY fashion line on an Ebay account under the same name. Her clothes were bright and vibrant, but she was having a hard time coming across makeup colors that were just as bright. Of course Doe gravitated towards makeup once she realized she had to fend for herself, and in 2008 Lime Crime cosmetics was launched. Lime Crime offers women a cruelty free makeup option, for bright bold colors when other brands don’t cut it.

Doe Deere on ideamensch is a woman that loves all things girly, take one look at her Instagram page and you feel like you are in a candy store. One of Doe’s other obvious passions is her love for animals, she says that she owns three cats, two of which are rescues. She regularly donates to no-kill shelters, and is very dedicated to the proper treatment of animals. So if you have a soft spot for your furry friends, Lime Crime should be on your list.

Lime Crime, stands by the belief that makeup is not meant to hide your flaws, but enhances your creativity by allowing you to be a canvas for your imagination. Doe attributes her company’s success, to the fact that she always follows her gut, and never sells a product that she has not worn and tested herself. Doe’s husband is her best friend and business partner, and she treats him with the same respect that she gives to her employees and customers.

In an interview with explains why when it comes to living your dreams, she does it best. In 2008 when she first purposed starting an online makeup line, experts told her that it would be impossible to sell lipstick online, but Doe followed her own intuition and proved that women don’t have to try on lipstick to know they will love it. Lime Crime is one of the first companies to promote the “on lip” lipstick swatch, giving customers a chance to see lipstick on lips instead of a simple smear on paper, today big brands are following in her footsteps to market their shades for online buyers. Lime Crime is proving to be one of the most loved cosmetic lines, and Doe has a cult social media following to back her up when she says her products are one of a kind. Check out Lime Crime, and see what all the talk is about today.

Healthy Dogs and Happy Owners Choose Beneful

Our pets are part of the family, so when it comes to what we feed them, not just any food will do. We don’t just want to fill their bellies up with anything on the market. We want to give them something that is as tasty as it is healthy and beneficial for them. So we choose Beneful for them.

Back in 2001, Purina introduced its new brand of dog food, Beneful. Since its introduction into the market it has risen above most other dog food brands to become the fourth most favored brand among the consumers. The reasons for that are fairly simple; only high quality wholesome ingredients are used to make Beneful.

The Beneful brand is more than just wholesome ingredients. The employees of Purina worldwide are committed to ensuring safety as well as quality in all of their products. Many of the people behind the brand are also pet owners themselves. So they understand that only the highest standards will continue to keep the dogs happy and healthy. Behind a happy, healthy dog is a happy owner.

Beneful brand dog food comes in a variety of flavors, both wet and dry. Some of the flavors also come with a specific type of support for the dog in mind, for instance; to keep a dogs coat and skin healthy, they offer the flavor Healthy Radiance. Which is rich in omega oils. For a dog on a diet they have, Healthy Weight. This flavor provides 10 percent less of the calories than the other flavors, while providing all of the nutrition. Healthy Growth For Puppies, is a flavor made specifically for growing puppies. It is rich in calcium, which is necessary for developing bones and teeth. Their dog snacks also serve as more than just a snack, they preserve each dogs healthy smile.

So no matter how picky a dog is, the variety of flavors and textures found in Beneful are sure to please every palate.


KWCH 12 Put S’well Claims to the Test.

Local news station KWCH 12 put marketing claims to the test. This author watched as they tested claims for the S’well insulated water bottle.

The S’well Wikipedia claims that the stainless steel insulated water bottle keeps cold liquids cold for an impressive 24 hours and hot beverages hot for 12 hours. 

News personality Melissa Scheffler talked avid runner, Lisa Rose into putting the claims to the test. Lisa filled both the S’well and a standard plastic water bottle with ice and cold tap water. Right off the bat, S’well secured a performance gap reading a chilly 40 F while the standard bottle read 48 F. 

After five hours, two of which the bottles spent in the car with temperatures peaking at 100 F, the plastic bottle was a lukewarm 78 F while the S’well was a chilly 41 F. 

They checked in again 24 hours after filing their bottles. After 24 hours, the standard bottle’s temperature was 84 F while the S’well bottle was still a cool 65 F. When asked whether S’well works as well as they claim, Lisa said
“It does work.”

In fairness, they also tested for heat retention with hot coffee, 168 F initially. After 6 hours, coffee was 142 F. After 12 hours, it was still warm at 126 F.

Also Lisa noted the S’well bottle is conveniently sized fitting standard cup holders and it didn’t sweat. 

KWCH 12 wanted to know “Does it work?” This time it looks like the answer is,
“Yes it does!”

FreedomPop Decided Not To Sell

The company FreedomPop considered selling out for a while, but eventually they made the decision not to. And, the company was able to pick up $30 million in funding since then. They didn’t need to sell out, after all.

The mobile carrier decided not to sell out right now because they are still growing. They are getting national attention, and they believe that if they sold right now they would not make nearly as much money as they will if they wait another year or so to sell out. They have just started expanding their company into Europe, and they are doing well for themselves. That is why they have decided that this is no time for them to give up their company.

FreedomPop is a company that is unique, and it is a company that we are going to be hearing a lot about in the upcoming year. They are gaining popularity and fame, and they are sure to be worth a lot more than they are now, a year from now. They are a company that is on their way up, not on their way down, and they have made the right choice in waiting to sell out. The $30 million that they raised is evidence of that.

Skout Helped Me To Find Love At Age 63

I’m a lonely guy, and I’ve been alone for the last five years. My wife passed when she was only 55 years old, and I was 58 years old. Now that I’m 63 years old, I’ve grown a bit tired of being alone although I still miss my wife. I never thought about dating again, but a friend of mine convinced me to start dating online. I was opposed to online dating, but after some suggestions from my friend, I changed my mind. My friend literally dragged me into his house, and he made me join the Skout network.

He showed me how the network functions, and he had me sign up for a profile. Creating my profile was a bit difficult because I didn’t really keep pictures of myself around. He took a picture of me while I was at his computer, and he helped me to upload the picture to my Skout account. He also took the time to show me how to conduct a search for a lady who was in my age range, and surprisingly, there were many of them on the Skout network. After using the Skout network for a couple hours, I was able to come up with five different women in my area that I liked.

I was surprised to see that anyone in my age range would be on such a hot dating website, but things are different than they used to be in my days of dating. I became open-minded, and I started chatting to each of these women on the network. All of them had a story to tell, and one of them had a devastating loss of her husband, similar to how I lost my wife. I was excited to meet these women, but I knew I had to make up my mind.

I spent the rest of the week on the Skout network, and I finally chose one woman in particular that I wanted to meet. The woman I chose is the one who had lost her husband to cancer, and I thought that we had a lot in common. We ended up meeting at a nice little café down the street, and it was a date to remember. We both talked all night, and after we left, we were back on Skout talking in the evening. I honestly felt this woman could be my future wife, and it’s all been made possible because of Skout.

Dog Parks With Beneful’s Help

In 2015, Beneful is once again helping create the dream dog parks of the future. This is taking place all across the country. To follow progress on what is happening with the new dog parks, a person can find Following it on Twitter by using @Beneful, with #DreamDogPark.

Some places that were chosen over the last four years were in Prescott, Ariz, Alabaster, Ala., Lancaster, Pa. and Johns Creek, Ga. These dog parks received great pieces like a Doxie Tunnel and other great additions to their dog park. These dog parks are great places for both the dogs and their owners. It’s a place where they can spend time together having fun with the community people and their dogs.

They worked on one in St. Louis, Mo., and they are making it really nice for the people of the community. It’s going to have dog-friendly turf on it and Beneful Doxie Tunnel. The improvements will make it really nice. This will take place at the Lucas Park Dog Park. The unveiling is set to impress the community.

Benerful will be going across the country in order to find new places that want a dog park or to renovate their own. The people on the Beneful team will help with funding on a need basis and provide knowledge about safety issues with the dog park.

A short Review About Qnet

Qnet is an international direct selling network marketing company with principal offices located in Hong Kong. It was established in 1998. Qnet has carried its operations in more than 22 nations with subordinate positions in all these countries. Qnet applies the word of mouth technique as one of the methods of promotion and also e-commerce to market as well as to distribute its products. This form of interactive selling has proved useful for Qnet and its Independent Representatives.

Qnet has a broad and different categories of products ranging from collectible item and luxury items such as jewelry, coins, vacation and holiday packages, watches; health and wellness products such as pendant, bio disc, telecommunication packages, personal care products and so much more.

To sign up with Qnet, one needs to purchase a product of their choice. After this step, the distributor automatically becomes and independent representative who is also referred to as IR. The independent agent is the given a virtual online office, and now they have the power to promote their business, as well as to sell and to distribute their products.

Qnet implements a marketing strategy that is popularly known as “balance binary compensation” plan. The Independent Representative, in this case, will have to refer at least two people to the business, who in turn buy products of their preference from the IR via Qnet. The Independent representative can then start to receive commissions. The most interesting thing is that the company does not charge commissions on a monthly basis- members buy products once if they have been online.

There are many different sentiments and ideologies from various people regarding the company, but that is just an ordinary thing in MLM industry.

Honestly, Qnet is a legitimate international network marketing corporation with unique products and a cash creating business design. It is not a scam. Millions of consumers around the world use their products, and they truly love them.

If one wants to sign up with Qnet, they have to understand that their success depend on their efforts and the ability to market themselves effectively. It is not a GET RICH QUICK SCHEME! An IR needs to put extra hard work and exercise patience too to succeed. That is the main reason so many people have given up on the way because they thought it was a fast way to get rich.
Qnet network marketing model is for those who know how to play the MLM game well.

Supermarkets In France Told No More Food Waste

It’s common practice for grocery stores everywhere to throw away food that’s still safe to eat but has imperfections such as those that appear on produce, or the expiration dates on other products have passed. The French Parliament has approved a bill that prohibits large supermarkets from throwing away food that didn’t sell. They will have to give the food to charity or make it available for use as animal feed or for composting. Markets over 400 square meters in size will be forced to sign contracts to that effect by July of 2016. Those that don’t comply can face fines or jail time. in coalition with Sam Tabar say that the law in France didn’t go far enough. The French throw away 20 kilos (44 pounds) of food each year, while Americans dispose of approximately 1/3 of what they buy. With so many people going hungry in the world today, all countries, including the United States, should join France in banning the disposal of good, edible food.

Going to Yard Sales to Save Money

Yard sales are popping up all over the place now that it is well into the spring and almost summertime. Yard sales are a great resource for those who want to find things that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to find as well as to save some serious money. You would be amazed at the amount of large ticket items you’d find at a yard sale, but you need to visit some of these to find exactly what you’re looking for yourself. Finding the right yard sales makes a world of difference because of the fact that many of them aren’t necessarily everyone’s cup of tea. A lot of people having yard sales might be selling nothing but clothes which you might not be interested in yourself.

The best thing to consider doing is to look locally to find different yard sales going on. You might find that more people have yard sales on the weekend because of the fact that they can get more customers to stop by. By looking locally and finding out which yard sales are going on, it’ll be a lot easier for you to find exactly what you want without having to miss anything. Local newspapers and advertisements may also have ads about different sales going on that people might be having. Boraie Development LLC point out that looking into these ads is a good way to find what you need for your own benefit.

Reasons to Call NYC Home

Calling New York City home is like an out-of-this world experience. With dozens of different neighborhoods in six different boroughs, NYC offers something to the individual who is trendy and sophisticated and wants to be a part of the fun. NYC -the city that never sleeps -always has activities and adventures no matter the schedule that you follow. The city is home to many celebrities, broadcasting stations and the best modeling agencies, luxury stores and charm and tranquility that cannot be found living anywhere else in the world.

NYC is home to some of the finest schools and universities in the world, not to mention parks such as Central Park. If you are a fan of food (and who doesn’t love robust and tasteful combinations,) New York City is the place to be. No matter where you choose to live in the city you’ll always be near street vendors serving surprisingly delicious foods, as well as numerous restaurants, including fast food, Chinese and authentic Italian eateries. NYC is also home to some of the most luxurious restaurants in the United States – including Le Cirque, Odeaon, Masa and Per Say.

When you live in New York City you’re always in the middle of it all. The best of the best can be found in the city, whether you’re looking for a night club, a place to live, or somewhere to take your kids.

There are many different apartments, condos and homes found throughout NYC. Perhaps you’d love to live in the upscale SOHO district or perhaps Tribeca or the Upper East Side is more your taste. New York City has a place that you will love to call home.

When you’re ready to look for fabulous NYC apartments for sale, real estate and the plentiful amenities that come along with it, why not get in touch with TOWN Real Estate to help you find your new property? TOWN Real Estate is the NY real estate professionals who’ll hook you up with the property of your choice, in the location of your choice, with dedication and pride. Head on over to their website to find out what they can do for your real estate needs.