Heather Parry: A Passion For Films

When you are working to produce a passionate film you want to make sure it is marketed right with so everyone can be on board to see it. Of course, you have to have a great production company willing to back it so that you can get the best advertising possible. Also, when films come up you want to interject what you know will make it a hit. If you have someone like Heather Parry in your corner, your movie will be just that.

Parry is responsible for producing films such as A Star Is Born, and Believer. She also owns well over 100 global music festivals and venues that help bring in a healthy revenue for the company. Any movie or music scene she touches turns to gold. Sean Puffy Combs has a documentary using her company Live Nation that was a success. Parry believes in getting behind films that she knows will be clear winners. Some of them are even Oscar-worthy. The way she is able to get in on a movie is basically finding out what is in production and if they need a company to back it. If you are celebrity needing a company to pour into the movie you are starting in or directing, Live Nation is who you need.

Parry does a fantastic job of choosing the hits that will make an impact on society. The entertainment industry has been very good to get. She is still looking forward to the movies and music venues that will need her company in the future. Projects are known to develop swiftly in her company and she gets right down to business making them have a global impact. You know her productions are good when they are grossing in the billions. Parry can get the job done.

Betsy DeVos: One Tireless Reformer

Before Betsy DeVos became known as the political powerhouse she is known as today, she was just known as Elisabeth Prince, and she was just one of many students at Calvin College. However, it was there that she discovered her lifelong vocation – that of political reformer. She undertook a tremendous role in the politics of the campus and she discovered her true niche. She has been politically active ever since, even over three decades later. Of course, on thing you could say about Betsy DeVos is that is almost like reform is her middle name. Everything she touches does not remain the same. Besides having a passion for her family, she also has a passion for philanthropy and for school choice. Indeed, it has been her life’s mission to ensure that everyone – not just the very rich like her – have the opportunity to send their children to the school of their choosing.


During her thirty years in politics, DeVos has been involved in a variety of organizations. She has chaired many different departments, including six years as head of the Michigan Republican party. Of course, she now is completely distinguishing herself as the Education Secretary for the presidential administration of Donald Trump. She is also involved in a number of charities, including Mars Hill Bible Church, the Foundation for Excellence in Education and Kids Hope USA among many others. Of course, all of this involvement totally dwarfs her involvement in the school choice movement. To that end, she once sat down for an interview regarding the progress of the movement. Of course, keep in mind that the interview took place in 2013, so her statistics have likely improved even more since then.


First of all, she was asked about the growth of this movement since the first private school voucher program was established in Milwaukee in 1988. She noted how she was extremely pleased at the fact that today there are about 250,000 students across 17 states that have taken part in the school choice voucher program. Of course, there are some of her opponents in education who feel the woman is “dangerous”, but this belies the fact that she has repeatedly called for a bipartisan effort to reform schools and to emphasize school choice.


However, Betsy DeVos doesn’t just walk the walk, she also talks the talk. She recently visited a charter school started by the Cuban rapper Pitbull in Miami. Naturally, it would the two would not have much in common, but when it comes to supporting a common cause Betsy DeVos is more than glad to put aside any differences. It would seem that Washington could definitely learn a thing or two from this woman.


To learn more, visit www.betsydevos.com.

Why the Aspire has Made Boraie Development Proud

Boraie Development has remained in the limelight for more than a decade. The organization, founded and managed by a personality who has served in the property market for a very long, has done its best when it comes to delivering high quality services to the people who want to reside in the best properties. Boraie Development chairman took time to understand the area he was venturing into before he could start his operations many years ago. Fortunately, his company did not disappoint. Years later, Boraie Development is offering the customers only the best services. Sam Boraie has remained to be a top executive in the firm, hiring the best individuals to deliver services to the customer. The Aspire is one of the projects that have given the real estate company praises from all corners.

The Aspire is a project that started off several months ago with the help of a basketball player who wanted to make New Brunswick better and beautiful. The star, who came to visit his country only to find that the area had changed, had to get help from a real estate company that could deliver the best services. The Aspire was constructed with the interests of the modern consumer in mind. The management of the company took so much time trying to figure out what the customers needed for a residential unit. After conducting so much research, the group started the operations, and the end result is what everyone is talking about. The Aspire is the kind of building everyone wants to be associated with. The demand for the units in the complex is very high at the moment.

If you are planning to stay in The Aspire, it is essential to know that the complex has all the amenities needed by residents. One of the best features that everyone is speaking about is the railway station. Located just a few meters from the complex, the railway station is an ideal means of transport for professionals who want to save some of the money they used on fuel. The recreational features are also better and of greater quality compared to any other in the American market. People who have busy careers can have a time of their lives when they visit the recreational center that has been established in The Aspire. Children have not been forgotten either. The Aspire has most of the playing activities any child would want close to their home.

The outstanding career of Sheldon Lavin

As the chief executive officer of the famous OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin continues to build a good reputation for the company through the various projects he has launched for its benefit. He also serves as the chairman of the company, and throughout his career, he has always striven to engage in activities that positively influence the firm. He became part of the company in the early 1970s, and since taking up his role, he has striven to play a role in the firm’s management to ensure that it continues to be the leading food supplier in the country.

The leadership of Sheldon Lavin in the firm was as a result of the high shares he used to have in the company. He acquired a top position in the firm, and he has continued to bring integrity and ethical leadership in the company. Besides focusing on hard work, he is also a compassionate leader who strives to address the welfare of others.

As a philanthropist, Sheldon Lavin has helped a vast number of people acquire better lives through contribution funds for education, better housing, and provision of all the basic needs. Through the funds, he has also eliminated poverty and instead brought about equality and equity among people. He has taught many leaders, and well up individuals to be their brother’s keeper. The United Negro College Fund is among the major beneficiaries of the contributions of Sheldon Lavin to charity. He has been apprehended by many people for his humility, and this has encouraged him to continue working hard for the benefit of other people in society. As a result of his efforts, Sheldon Lavin has received numerous awards. He received the Global visionary award as an appreciation of his perseverance and excellent contributions to the building of the economy through the creation of job opportunities for people in various parts of the globe. The renowned leader has continued to come up with better ways to ensure that the firm grows and establishes its affiliates in other parts through adopting change and innovative steps for the sake of the growth of OSI Group.

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Invest with Freedom Checks

If you want to invest and get good profit in return then you can invest with freedom checks. Freedom checks are based on a real investment strategy and were founded by Mr. Matt Badiali, a well-known investor in the country. Matt Badiali is also a geologist and has done a lot of researches in the field of mining and exploration of natural resources.He has traveled in the world conducting researches. When you invest with freedom checks you get paid monthly or quarterly the amount of money you put in investment. MLPs (Master Limited Partnerships) are the one enhancing this investment. Investors across the nation get their freedom checks which are their shares. For you as an investor to get your share the company urges you to stake your capital by a certain date which you are provided with.

What happens when you invest in MLPs? By investing in MLPs you simply purchase a particular company’s units and in turn, you get a fraction of the profit. And this is dependable on the performance of the firm. These companies where you can buy units are typically gas and energy companies. This form of business is that of public trade limited partnership and where it associates public business with benefits of the partnerships. This means that the investor will evade tax paying, unlike other corporations.

The firm generate ninety percent of its income from natural resources across the country and they give their profits to the investors and not to the government like what happens when you invest in the stock market. Freedom check is a legit platform and there are many testimonies of investors who have gained lump sum profit from it.

There are many companies in the country but Badiali’s firm works with only five which own or control raw materials such as gas, oil timber and other core metals like silver and gold which worth over billion dollars. Start making real money by opening an account with Freedom Checks and invest In MLPs.

Visit their website: https://freedomchecks.com/

Dan Bethelmy-Rada: RAW and Totally Natural

Dan Bethelmy-Rada along with L’Oréal’s Sharing Beauty with All program now offers R.A.W. (Real – Authentic – Wholesome) a natural and sustainable product. R.A.W.’s environmental commitment begins at the manufacturing level and follows through to packaging.

Consumers are looking for a totally natural product, not a product that is in the spirit of being natural and with no use of silicone, sulfates or parabens the formulas of R.A.W. are all natural.

The top priority for Dan Bethelmy-Rada is to make sure the formulas are all natural. The ingredients used in the formulas come from a range of plants, minerals, and seaweed to name a few. Packaging bottles are made from recycled plastic. All products used come from a sustainable and traceable source.

Various tests have been conducted to ensure L’Oréal’s standards of performance are not compromised. Because of all this attention to detail and integrity to the product, the feedback has been encouraging and reviews have been positive.

To spread the news of R.A.W. Dan Bethelmy-Rada and his team educated professional stylists on how to use less water and power. They also educated the stylists on how to make their own routines sustainable.

Through the many struggles Dan Bethelmy-Rada and his team faced from deadlines, clay sources, and keeping costs down with the many tests they needed to perform, they have come out of it with a product they can be proud of and pave the way for future products.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is the General Manager of Matrix DMI for L’Oréal USA’s Professional Products Division. He is the youngest DMI General Manager and he has taken the R.A.W. products that the consumers have been wanting and made it a reality for them.

Making sure that the formulas are using principles of green chemistry and that the environment is not jeopardized, Dan Bethelmy-Rada and his team stand proudly in bringing forth such a product that is R.A.W.

Soft Bank successfully Acquires Fortress Investment Group

Softbank Group Corp. announced the completion of the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group as previously announced. The transaction added up to $3.3 billion. The Soft Bank Group and its subsidiaries inherited all the shares belonging to Fortress Investment Group. The initiation of the process took place on July 12, 2017, ended successfully as approved by the Fortress shareholders. According to the Merger Agreement outlined in the Fortress’ Definitive Proxy on June 7, 2017, the merger proceeds would be distributed according to the payment procedures. Additionally, every class A Fortress share converts to the right to receive $8.08 in cash per share. The payment includes 38.6% premium above the closing price of Fortress shares and 51.2% company’s 3-month volume-weighted average price except for the dividends. Fortress stocks stopped trading and therefore delisted from the New York Stock Exchange list. Visit http://www.vault.com/company-profiles/investment-management/fortress-investments/company-overview

After the Acquisition date that closed on December 27, 2017, Fortress Investment Group’s financial annual results would be consolidated and reflected on the Soft Banks consolidated financial report. However, the Soft Bank Group would announce the impacts of the same as necessary. Independent and full Boards of Directors of Fortress unanimously agreed of the process. The operations of Fortress would take place independently in the Softbank Group’s headquarters in New York. Additionally, the three Fortress leaders, Wes Edens, Paul Briger, and Randal Nardone would continue leading Fortress under the support of Soft Bank Group. Soft Bank promised to continue supporting Fortress through brand, business model, personnel, processes, and culture.

The Soft Bank Group is an Information Revolution technology player that specializes in internet services, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Robotics, Information Technology, advanced telecommunications, and clean energy technology. On the other hand, Fortress Investment Group is a prominent global investment company. The company’s assets were valued at $36.1 billion as at September 30, 2017, before the completion of the acquisition. The company has 1,750 private investors and institutional clients worldwide. The company manages assets on their behalf through individual equity investment strategies, permanent capital, credit, and real estate. The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Soft Bank Group, Masayoshi Son, pointed out that the group would benefit from the excellent record of accomplishment of Fortress.

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Exceptional Executives at InnovaCare Health: Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

Rick Shinto: M.D. and M.B.A.

Rick Shinto is a key executive at InnovaCare Health. He is currently the president and chief executive officer at the company and has more than 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Mr. Shinto started as a specialist of internal medicine and pulmonologist in Southern California. He worked at MedPartners from 1995 to 1997 as the chief operating officer and chief medical officer. He also served at Cal Optima Health, which is a Medicaid Plan in Orange County, California, where he was the chief medical officer. Mr. Shinto started as a member of the management team at Aveta Inc. in 2008. He was later named the president of Aveta Inc. where he remained until the company was sold in 2012.

Dr. Shinto’s dedication to managing healthcare plans has earned him a number of prestigious awards. He was presented with the Access to Caring Award for his contributions to helping those in need attain quality healthcare plans. He was also named the Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012 and was a Top Minority Executive in 2018. Dr. Shinto serves on the board of directors for America’s Physician Groups and America’s Health Insurance Plans.

Rick Shinto has a bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Irvine and a medical degree from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. He also received his M.B.A. from the University of Redlands.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides is a key player at InnovaCare Health. She previously served with the company as the chief operating officer and is currently the chief administrative officer at InnovaCare Health. She was the vice president at Aveta Inc. charged with overseeing clinical operations and was the vice president and chief operating officer at Centerlight HealthCare. Penelope Kokkinides was also the chief operating officer at Touchstone Health and the corporate vice president at AmeriChoice.

InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is a privately-held corporation that is located in New Jersey. The company offers quality healthcare services with two divisions that are Medicare Advantage Programs and Provider Networks. The two primary programs that the company provides are PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare. The company’s Medicare Advantage healthcare plan was given the highest accreditation from the National Committee for Quality Assurance in 2011. The primary mission of the company is to offer sustainable and affordable healthcare plans. InnovaCare Health currently has more than 200,000 registered members and 7,500 network providers.


OSI Food Solutions wins Second Globe of Honour

OSI Food Solutions, an international supplier of food products, recently doubled chicken production at their Spain branch. Previously, the company was producing 12,000 tons of chicken annually; now they are producing 24,000 tons. The expansion cost the company 17 million euros.

This raises the Toledo, Spain branch’s production to a total of 45,000 tons annual. This number includes beef and pork products as well. The change added 20 new jobs to the factory, raising employment numbers from 140 to 160.

OSI Food Solutions began as a family owned butcher shop in Illinois. It has since grown into what it is today – an international supplier of several fast food chains. McDonald’s was their first and biggest client. They have been partnered together since the 1950s. In the 1980s, with the invention of flash freezing technology, the two companies grew by leaps and bounds.

OSI doesn’t merely work with fast food suppliers. They are also growing by purchasing other companies. Baho Foods and Flagship Europe are two recent acquisitions.

Baho Foods, a Dutch company, comes with several subsidiaries with the purchase. Gelderland Frischwaren, Hakx Foods, Q Smart Life and more are all now under new ownership. Baho Foods produces meat products and snacks.

Another recent acquisition by OSI was an old Tyson production plant in Illinois. This purchase enables OSI to operate on a wider scale, further adding to their immense production lines.

OSI Food Solutions is also working to limit their environmental footprint. In fact, they received the 2016 Globe of Honour for their involvement in environmental management. Only companies that are proactive in environmental waste management are considered for the award. This is OSI Food Solutions’ second time receiving the award. The award is given out by the British Safety Council.

Lynda Armstrong, of the British Safety Council, congratulated OSI on its award saying: “On behalf of the trustees and staff of the British Safety Council, I sincerely congratulate OSI Food Solutions UK Ltd on winning a Globe of Honour for 2016.”


How OSI Group Dominated the Market

McDonald, that sources food from OSI Group, is a good example of a food processing company that is well-known because of their delicious fries, hamburgers and burgers. The company was introduced some decades back and currently its success is evident based on the significant number of food stores and outlets around the United States.

With such an influence in the consumer market, one thing you should expect critics from other competitors. Since the foods offered are fast foods, we tend to think that the foods are high in ingredients and species. Foods in McDonald are made with minimal or no species at all and below are some of the steps followed by this food company in making hamburger; one of their top foods.

Hygiene is Essential

For any food company such as OSI Group and not only in McDonald, hygiene is important. You are producing consumable products and a small error in hygiene could have negative impacts to your consumers and overall business as well.

Once a McDonald worker is reported to be sick, they are given a sick-off period to visit a doctor and they have to fully recover before they can return back to work. Working with an healthy employee is one way of maintaining the company’s hygiene. Apart from health wise of the employee, essentials such as wearing the required gears is also essential.

The Meat is then Checked

Hamburgers is basically made of meat and before they start making this food, the first step is to ensure the meat has no bones. McDonald get their meat from a number of slaughterhouses and before the meat is used, the company first checks if it is contaminated.

Once the meat is checked for contamination and bones, the meat is then passed through a special machinery where it is minced. The machine is also responsible to ensure any remaining small bones in the meat are gotten rid off.

After confirmation that the minced meat is ready, the meat is then placed in special separate containers where it is shaped into burger parties. Since the meat is at large quantity, you will need a storage unit to prevent it from going bad and in McDonald, there cold machineries specifically used for keeping the burger parties from going bad. Such machineries are found in OSI Group.

Hamburgers are mostly made of meat and abit of vegetables and usually are from OSI Group that do not need additional species. After the minced meat are shaped into the burger parties, they are then cooked over a medium temperature pan before they are naturally packed and transported to their different outlets.