New York City Real Estate Prices Predicted To Remain Stable

The NYC Luxury Real Estate panel met recently to discuss the state of the real estate market within the city, and predictions for the early 2016 market. The real estate market in New York City has been booming, experiencing a great amount of growth especially in the leasing volume. One speculation as to why leasing has recently taken off is the return of financial service sectors to the area, bringing in valuable lessors.

The prices in the real estate sales market have been called “robust” and the cycle of the market has matured to the point of the more affordable properties are already taken, leaving pricier properties to choose from. Because New York is a unique area, there is no undesirable area to invest in and the real estate market prices are predicted to remain stable and flourishing into the first half of 2016.

A leading real estate company in New York City, Town Residential focuses on high-end, new developments and joins projects from the ground up to create desirable spaces for esteemed clients. With the boom in growth and steady prices experienced through 2015 that is expected to last well into 2016, Town Residential has the power and resources to get in on the profit.

Town Marketing and Leasing teams are experienced and a powerhouse among real estate brokers in the area, keeping ahead of the curve and developing up-and-coming areas into profitable leasing environments. Offering extensive amenities and an excellent leasing record, the current real estate market demanding high-quality and luxury spaces will continue to put Town Marketing and Leasing in the right place at the right time.

Slyce Acquires SnipSnap to Develop Person Savings Assistant

Slyce, a visual image recognition provider based in Toronto, recently purchased SnipSnap, a digital coupon app, for $6.5 million. The two have combined their services to create a new product, Scout.

The main service goal of Scout is to allow users to take pictures of products and by using the image recognition tool, the app will find current sales or specials. The app communicates with users in a chat type interface, asking the user questions to narrow down the most useful deals on the product. The entire process can be done in six minutes or less. Scout searches thousands of sites in its search, and has the ability to even factor in a users favorite stores and their price matching and rebate practices. The app is projected to be able to save users an average of fifty percent, and has been given the title of a personal savings assistant.

Slyce has created a team in Nova Scotia that employs fifty people that is solely dedicated to Scout’s image recognition and deal hunting program. With the app gradually being introduced to the market at a rate of a few thousand users a day, the Nova Scotia team has yet to be overwhelmed with the workload.

The program, often referred to as a virtual concierge, is an artificial intelligence and human representation software combination. The goal is to grow the artificial intelligence so that it is continually improving itself so that they human team can focus on the development of behind the scenes improvements.

Good Homes Can Be Found In New York With Help From The Right Service

It was recently said in an article posted on Luxury Daily that NYC luxury real estate prices are at a new high in New York City, and that many homes there are now being called luxury homes. People are happier with certain areas of the city than they ever have been before, and that is why the prices are increasing so dramatically.

TOWN Residential is a New York based real estate service that has been keeping up with all that has been going on in the real estate in the city since it first was formed as a company. Whenever one wants to move to a good area in the city they will want to have TOWN Residential helping them. The service has always made it a point to get people into the right homes in the city, and it has been able to get people the right priced places, no matter what area they are looking to buy in.

So, while the prices may have gone up dramatically in some areas of New York City, that does not mean that there is not hope of people finding a place to live somewhere within the city. TOWN Residential can help to set people up with just the kind of place they are looking for within their price range because of the experience that it has. All of the people that are working for the realtor service have been trained well, and they all know how to do their best to make the ones who are shopping for a home happy with their purchase.

Cleaning No Longer Has To Be Neglected, Handy Is Here

Walking into a particular room in a home is not always the most fun thing to do. The interior is just flat out messy. Messy might even be a kind term. The interior could be outright dirty and grimy. However someone chooses to rank on techcrunch the condition of a room is up to the discretion of the individual. What is more important is getting that room cleaned and cleaned right away. One of the reasons why a room falls into a really horrible state is cleaning up little messes are put off. Trouble ends up compounding itself and the job becomes harder to fix. This scenario would be a unappealing one if it impacted a guest bedroom that is rarely used. When the living room or main bedroom has fallen into totally awful condition, well, that is not going to be acceptable. Stains in a carpet reflect an example of something that should be addressed right away. Stains that remain in a carpet become much harder to clean out. The same is true of stains that mar furniture. Sure, not eating in a living room or other carpeted area prevents problems from arising. If the problem already exists, it has to be addressed. Not immediately cleaning up a stain and cleaning it the right way only leaves the condition of the room in poor shape. Over time, this is going to get worse and worse. The reason it is going to get worse is because no real changes are being enacted. Neglecting the presence of stains is one example. There are scores of different ways rooms in a home end up in a state of disarray. And rooms, plural, is not used lightly. If a homeowner or renter gets into the habit of letting one room fall into poor shape, the chances are other rooms will likely fall into less-than-desirable condition. Some rooms may be worse than others, but no room really should be in bad shape. Not knowing where to begin with the cleaning or how to straighten out a neglected room can be an arduous task. That is why it gets put off. Why not outsource the help to someone who does have the right skills to revamp the room? Handy is a solid company that connects people in need of home cleaning and maintenance services with talented freelancers capable of doing a great job. Booking these freelancers is easy. Simply use the Handy app to find professionals in the local area and then follow the directions to select and pay for a freelancer. Handy is a well-established company on Fortune with physical offices in several major cities. Checking out what Handy is capable of doing is suggested for anyone in dire need of home cleaning work. When work is needed on a home or apartment, getting the job started right away would be a good plan. A clean residence simply is a better one to live in.

The Success of Eric Pulier and his Companies

Eric Pulier is one of the most successful entrepreneurs and technologists in the United States. His mission with his passion and career is to better the world through the use of technology. Mr. Pulier started his career path at an early age when he started programming computers and building databases.

This interest in technology transitioned him into a successful career of entrepreneurship. After graduating high school, Mr. Pulier had already founded and co-founded several companies. The list of founded companies eventually spread to to become 15 different companies that were co-founded or founded by Eric Pulier. Some of Mr. Pulier’s most notable companies are named Media Platform, Akana, Desktone, and ServiceMesh.

Mr. Pulier grew up in New Jersey. After graduating high school, Mr. Pulier went on to Harvard University to student English and American Literature. Having a passion for writing, Mr. Pulier was even involved with the school newspaper where he had the notable position as the school’s editor.

Graduation from Harvard University was a very prestigious ordeal to Mr. Pulier due to the fact that he graduated from Harvard University with Magna Cum Laude. After graduation, Mr. Pulier decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue his career in technology.

Mr. Pulier’s notable company startups all involved the use of technology for the purpose of making the world a better place. Many of his company startups involved using a platform to inform the population on healthcare. Mr. Pulier’s accomplishments are why he was honored with the position of creating and executing an exhibition that would take place in Washington D.C.

This exhibition would be called “The Bridge to the 21st Century”. The exhibition was set into gear just in time for the inauguration of President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore. The event itself took place in the Mall in Washington D.C. The event was attended by thousands of people including members of Congress and the Senate as well as members of the Supreme Court.

The exhibition was intended to show to population of the new plans for future technology. The exhibition was a success in that it not only raised awareness for the cause but also helped raise donations for future technology. The exhibition was divided into many different categories. These categories included healthcare, education, entertainment, environment, community, family, government, and many others.

After the exhibition, Mr. Pulier stayed in politics as one of Al Gore’s advisers. As a member of the staff, Mr. Pulier worked on many healthcare and technology committees.

In addition to being involved with technology, Mr. Pulier is an active participant with philanthropy. Mr. Pulier is a continuous donor to the Painted Turtle Organization which is an organization that is geared towards sending chronically ill children to camp.

Beneful Nutrition to Extend Your Dogs’ Life

Understanding your dogs’ health is extremely important if you are a pet owner. Diseases that affect dogs are important not only to you but also because of the risk of public health. Rabies and genetic disorders affect dogs. When dogs get infectious diseases, it is caused by the organisms such as viruses, bacteria or parasites. Most of the time these diseases are passed on from dog to dog. However, there are certain infectious diseases that can be passed on to humans. Heartworm is a disease spread by mosquitos and is more common in dogs. There is no cure for the disease so make sure to get monthly check-ups with your veterinarian. Dogs can also develop diabetes as part of the aging process. Generally diabetes in dogs can be controlled with a solid plan of good nutrition and exercise.

When it comes to nutrition there is the great debate about wet food versus dry food. Canned foods tend to have a higher quality protein with fewer preservatives. Dry foods are generally just as nutritious but can have more meat by products. However, it also is excellent for their teeth. Most dogs prefer a crunch and helps remove tartar from their teeth. Due to the popularity of different types of dog foods, nutrition plays a key role in your pets health. Beneful is a great option to keep your dogs’ nutrition on point. They offer a wide variety of nutritious options made with real food! There is the Beneful wet dog food called Chopped Blends which is one of my favorites. It’s made with beef, tomatoes, carrots and wild rice. The texture breaks apart easily so your pet will have a joyful eating experience. I also like the Beneful Original dry dog food. It’s made with real beef and antioxidants such as spinach, peas and carrots. You just can’t go wrong with this dry dog food. Your dog deserves a special treat too from time to time but it shouldn’t be unhealthy. Try Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Ridges. Not only will your dog think they are delicious but they help reduce plaque and tartar buildup. It will also freshen their breath and support bone health.

My White Shark Media Review: The Best Company Ever

I have owned an auto shop business for more than ten years. I recently made the transition to listing services and contact information online with a website, but it was not professionally made and I really had no idea what I was doing. I thought long and hard about whether I should have put more effort into the online part of the business, but I just did not have the expertise necessary. I decided to seek out finding a company that was skilled with marketing and advertising online, along with being able to put the right information that appeals to my customers on my auto shop’s official website.

I used to advertise on the television and radio, but never online. I found that White Shark Media knew all the ins and outs of advertising online and marketing a brand online. I never knew that it would be a hit to advertise an auto shop that only operates in person, but it has turned out as a great success for me and my auto shop. Plus, the amount of money that White Shark Media charged me was very low, especially compared to the estimates and quotes that other digital marketing companies quoted me with when I was trying to find the best online marketing and advertising firm for me.

I was able to contact representatives that were in control of my advertising campaign whenever I wanted as long as it was a business day. I could call in and find out exactly which direction that White Shark Media wanted me to take my product in, or tell them that I wanted to change the plan and do something different. I was able to overrule what White Shark Media thought would be best for my company, and it turned out that I was right.

As you can tell by my review, I would recommend White Shark Media to anybody who needs online marketing services performed and anyone who is not very familiar with computers and the internet. People who own large corporations would be better off with a different marketing firm, as White Shark Media only appeals to small business owners. White Shark Media has been around since 2011, but is one of the best companies of its kind. I could not possibly be any more happy that I chose this company to complete my advertising and marketing work for my business because I could have not done it on my own.

Kenneth Griffin-His Rags to Riches Story

I recently attended a seminar about the richest people in Chicago and how they made their millions. Though I heard about man great people, including Oprah, one man particularly took my interest. Though I am from the Chicago area, I don’t really keep up with the business aspects since I moved to Ohio. Ken Griffin is a legend in this area because of his massive ability to manipulate the financial world and have dollars bills piling up while he’s sleeping. He’s part of a hedge fund, which is not something a great deal of people is familiar with.

He is a rags-to-riches story, which most people just love to hear about. He grew up with modest means and wasn’t in any way born with a silver spoon in his mouth. It was during his days at Harvard that he began to fool around with investing. He was a mere 18 years old and hardly had anything to invest with, but he began playing the market to see where it got him. Well, he started investing money for others and soon he couldn’t control the massive earnings he was bringing in. Griffin’s company, Citadel Inc., was born right there in a dorm room at one of the most prominent universities in the country.

It’s not all glitz and glamour though. When the market crashed in 2008, Griffin was in real trouble. Hedge funds were one of the areas hit hardest by these crashes because people weren’t investing in anything that might not give them a good return. Most people looked to gold and silver during times of recessions because it tends to be a full proof way to invest. So hedge funding took a big hit and he knew that Citadel may go under. They lost millions and Griffin lost his footing. Down but not out, he rose again like a phoenix from the ashes.

Today, Citadel is worth around $26 billion dollars in assets. The company that was established in 1990 is still going strong today. They have offices around the world, but their headquarters remains in the “Windy City.” Griffin and his executive branch manage over 1,400 employees amongst the divisions. Their ranking is pretty significant, as they are the 11th largest hedge fund company in the world. To think that this company started with funds of $265 thousand raised by friends and family for investments back in 1987 is unbelievable.

During that market crash, they lost 55 percent of all their money. Griffin was down for a bit, but to help Citadel keep afloat, he paid expenses to keep his company going. He was determined they would be back in the black soon. His hunch for an investment one night at dinner paid off royally. He was back in the game with one quick acting transaction. Now, he’s unstoppable. The hedge fund market fell back drastically when the world went through this crisis, however, as he is one of the few good companies left, he has a bright future in this arena.

James Dondero – Hedge Fund King

Following his graduation from the University of Virginia in 1984, James Dondero established himself as a powerhouse in the funds and acquisition industries. In his first post-graduation job, following his completion of the financial training program at Morgan Guaranty Trust Company, he was managing roughly $1 billion in fixed income funds for American Express. As a junior professional, he worked at Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary. Serving as the Chief Investment Officer, he helped the company move from its concept to having a worth of over $2 billion. Although he is currently best known as the co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management, Mr. Dondero simultaneously contributes his time and expertise to numerous companies and projects. He serves as the President of NexPoint Capital and NexPoint Multifamily Realty Trust. Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical, and NexBank all include Mr. Dondero as their Chairman. Additionally, he serves as a board member for MGM Studios and American Banknote. His philanthropic interests include initiatives in education, veteran’s affairs, and public policy. One initiative provided a $2 million dollar gift to the Endowed Tower Scholars Program Fund at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, a program allowing students in the public policy-making program to undergo an immersion experience through SMU’s John Goodwin Tower Center for Political Studies.

As a result of his extensive background and training, James Dondero on has become an expert in a variety of portfolio management areas, including mortgage-backed securities, investment grade corporations, leveraged bank loans, high-yield bonds, emerging market debt, derivatives, preferred stocks, and common stocks. Mr. Dondero has also become a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Managerial Accountant and has been a Chartered Financial Analyst designation holder since 1987. Finally, James Dondero is credited with being one of the original pioneers of the Collateralized Loan Obligation. His exceptional understanding of each of these areas of expertise has directly contributed to his renowned status within the industry.

James Dondero now resides in a high-end suburb of Dallas, Texas, where his primary firm, Highland Capital Management, is located. Mr. Dondero is currently the Co-Founder, President, Managing Partner, and Portfolio Manager of Highland Capital Management, L.P. He co-founded Highland Capital Management in 1993 (then called Protective Asset Management Company or “PAMCO”), with his partner, Mark Okada. He now manages the private equity business and is also responsible for deciding and guaranteeing the execution of the firm’s strategic investment and operational initiatives.

Aside from his professional achievements, James Dondero has also received a variety of accolades as a result of his contributions to the fund management industry. These awards include Morningstar’s #1 ranked Healthcare Long/Short Equity Fund in 2014, Morningstar’s 5-star designation for Global Allocation in 2014, and the Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities in 2014. With three decades of experience in credit markets and related industries, a bevy of highly rated companies under his control or influence, and no sign of stopping, James Dondero has truly embraced the title of hedge fund king.

Revelations Made by Yeonmi Park in her New Book

Yeonmi Park is North Korean young lady who fled her Native country to China and later to South Korea where she finally enjoyed freedom. During her early years, her family was privileged since both her parents were public servants. Yeonmi Park now lives in New York where she is a human rights activists advocating for freedom of citizens in North Korea. As reported on, Park was 13 year old when they fled the rigidly controlled country in 2007 together with her mother. In her new book titled ‘In Order to Live’, Park noted that North Korea’s decline began back in 1990 when Soviet Union disintegrated and Moscow dropped its trading ties with North Korea.

North Korea could not sustain its economy and due to this a large number of its citizens reportedly died from hunger and disease when the country was hit by worst years of famine. In her book, Park narrates on BBC how starving citizens struggled to find something to eat under the harsh leadership of Kim Jong-il. Balanced diets were not available during that time, her family being forced to eat dragonflies, grasshoppers and flowers in order to survive. Her family struggle to live under these harsh conditions. People were ordered to report anyone commenting wrong things about the government. She was used to see heaps of corpses in the streets.

Her father had left public service and started business but after some years he was eventually arrested and convicted and forced into hard labor for engaging in illegal trading. Ms Park and her mother persuaded a human trafficker to help them cross into China. This journey took them to Yalu River and past many guards who were ordered to shoot those people trying to escape to China. They stayed at the trafficker’s home for two years where they were mistreated and even sexually assaulted by that man, but he eventually let them go. Ms Park and her mother were able to get assistance from a Christian missionary group that was helping immigrants and relocating them to South Korea. According to her, this is where she found freedom at last.

Today, Ms Park lives in the United States and she is human rights activists who is advocating for freedom in her Native country. Her role has made her famous because of the awareness she has raised about conditions being experienced in North Korea. She delivered a speech at One Young World Summit in 2014, and it has attracted more than two million views on YouTube. She has collaborated with other activists from North Korea and are advocating for real change that would lead to freedom of North Korean people.

Yeonmi Park is also pursuing her studies at a university in Seoul, South Korea. She has been traveling across the world and partnering with other human rights activists in order to find a lasting solution that would help North Korean citizens. North Korean government has been disputing her claims all along but she is determined overcome all that and eventually that truth will be exposed. Link