Flipora Is A New Form Of Social Media That’s Getting People Excited

There are many social media apps for smartphones, and most people have at least one of those apps on their phone. They find the time to use the apps while they are waiting on their kids to get out of school for the day, or in the few minutes before they settle into bed before a big day. They enjoy the sense of relaxation that they feel when they get on those kinds of apps, and they enjoy the feeling of being able to connect with the world around them. Social media offers people a unique platform for connecting with one another, and many people enjoy being able to use it. Older and younger people alike get on their social media apps as often as they can.
Whether someone is on vacation or in the middle of a busy day, they will most often go on social media at some point. Most people feel that they cannot live without it, and that is for good reason. Social media offers people the chance to know the people in the world around them a lot better than they would without it. It is a modern convenience that many people could not do without.
So, when people hear about a new form of social media that they can try out for themselves they start to feel pretty excited. Flipora is a new social media app that is helping people to do things that they have never done before. It helps them to connect in new ways, and the app has been gaining popularity quickly. People are joining up because of all that this new app can do for them.
People love all forms of social media, and getting onto their phones to go on one of the social media apps that they have downloaded sometimes may be the highlight of their day. It is a way in which they can connect with all of the people that they may never have had the chance to talk with, otherwise, and they like that fact. They enjoy being able to stay a part of this busy, modern world.

The Investment Banking Outlook in China is Far from Rosey

Investment banking is usually a stable industry. Considering the fact that investment banks help businesses and corporations put their funds into vehicles intended to be safe and profitable, conventional wisdom would indicate investment banking professionals will always have a long supply of clients. Businesses, like individuals, do need to put their funds into investments capable of drawing the maximum amount of interest. What could undermine the investment banking industry? The atypical economic meltdown of a nation could definitely deliver such negative results.

China is a nation experiencing a very negative outlook on its economy. The nation’s currency, the yuan, has become devalued and this has had a disastrous effect on the investment banking industry. The Wall Street Journal has reported trading is not occurring on the same level as was the case prior to the crash and revenue is declining as well. Ironically, this comes right after a trend in which investment banks had been doing tremendously well for quite some time. Of course, the utter crash of an economy is not exactly going to help continue upward trends in revenue.

Entities are not funneling money into investment banks. There are numerous reasons why the landscape for investment banking is so bleak and, likely, going to become bleaker. Again, the value of the yuan has been devastated. Since the currency cannot buy what it once did, businesses and individuals do not want to put what they have in currency at any risk. Simply holding onto what they have and preserving the value as opposed to seeking returns on investments becomes the primary goal.

The other issue that arises here is a poor economy does not exactly bode well for anyone thinking about making an investment. Both individuals and businesses hope to wait things out and see how the market goes. Investment banks need clients on a consistent basis. The waiting out period does cause the industry harm.

Kenneth Griffin of wallstreetjournal is someone who has seen ups and downs in the market.Kenneth Griffin serves as CEO of Citadel, a $25 billion investment firm that puts funds into vehicles all over the globe. Whether or not his company will put funds into China remains to be seen. Following the actions of Griffin and his firm reveals the pulse of the investment industry’s attitudes towards the Chinese market and economy.

China is in a terrible situation economically right now. To assume the investment banking industry would not be dragged down would be an almost absurd belief. Unless major changes occur, China is going to remain in a difficult position for quite some time.

Andy Wirth, an Exceptional Businessman and More

Andy Wirth is a prime example of a well experienced business professional. Wirth conducted his undergraduate studies at Colorado State University, in addition to studying at Edinburgh University. Wirth received a bachelor of science degree from Colorado State University. In his youth, Wirth also worked as a ranger for the Rocky Mountain National Parks as well as the San Pedro Parks Wilderness Area. Wirth would go on to apply the knowledge and experience he gained at Colorado State University and from working as a ranger to become a successful leader of an outdoor recreation company.

Wirth is the current president and chief executive officer of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. Squaw Valley Ski Holdings is the proprietor of two major ski resorts in California. As the company’s president and chief executive officer, Wirth has been able to prove that he is a capable businessman. Wirth oversaw a successful $70 million upgrade to Squaw Valley Ski Holdings’ resort. Under Wirth’s leadership, the company was able become one of the most prominent companies in the skiing industry. Wirth also conducted a successful merger with Alpine Meadows Ski Resort. The merging of the two companies placed Wirth as the chief executive officer of both, where he as continued to succeed. Wirth’s great business acumen and extensive knowledge also earned him the position of chairman of Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. Overall, Wirth’s capabilities and knowledge as a businessman has earned him much success. Despite all of his success, Wirth remains grounded.

In addition to his numerous business endeavors, Wirth is also a dedicated philanthropist. Wirth is an active member of the Tahoe Fund. He is also a major contributor to various environmental organizations. Wirth is an active supporter of the Humane Society of Tahoe Truckee, The Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation House, The McConkey Foundation and many more. Wirth’s dedication to philanthropy can be seen in the work he has done with a myriad of organizations. Wirth has served as the chairman of the board of directors at Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club, a board member for Yampa Valley Regional Airport Advisory Board, a board member for North Routt Fire Protection District and a volunteer firefighter for North Routt Fire Protection District. Overall, Wirth is an inspiring individual. He has, and continues to, achieve great amounts of success in numerous different business ventures. While at the same time he is an active member of his community.



Lime Crime Can Revolutionize Your Look

When you look in the mirror, do you wish you had a bit more pizzaz than what you currently are rocking? No, this doesn’t mean go out and get a half dozen ear piercings or your brow pierced (unless you want to, than go right ahead). No, maybe you would like to see some more color in your makeup, but there just isn’t really anything averrable. Mot of the major makeup companies out there are pretty bland. Sure, they have woken up a bit in recent years, but let’s be honest. For the most part, it is all earth tones with the occasional pink, purple and blue eye shadow or lip gloss. There isn’t much else, so if you want to add that pop to your look, you are basically stuck creating your own makeup, and that isn’t always a grand idea. If you have tried producing your own makeup like many other people, you probably have run into problems of breaking out, having the makeup basically melt off of your face in the sun and have other kinds of problems pop up. So, instead of dealing with this kind of issue, why don’t you look towards a different brand of makeup? Lime Crime from Doe Deere is one of the top makeup brands when it comes to plain fun. And besides, your look is unique, so the makeup should be as well. With Lime Crime from Doe Deere, it finally is possible to rock that unique look.

Lime Crime is New and Fun

So what makes Lime Crime different from the rest of the makeup brands out there? It is all about the unique colors and designs the company provides. If there is a color someone wants to rock out while stepping out, chances are Lime Crime is going to provide it. From brilliant blues to fun oranges, outrageous silver and really anything else someone might want, Lime Crime is going to be the company that offers up exactly what someone wants. Doe Deere use to run into many of the same problems the average consumer would run into. She wanted to be herself with her makeup and, to do this, she needed to have a variety of bright colors incorporated into her look. But she was never able to actually find colors that she wanted. Due to this, she had to make due with what she found out at the stores, but this left her wanting more. With the money she made from other ventures, including a musical group, she created Lime Crime.

Lime Crime is all about helping people be themselves through their makeup. So, while there is always going to be a unique personality out there, there finally is a makeup company that can go right along with the uniqueness of the individual.

Cosmetics Designed for Women who Want to be Noticed

There are big names in the cosmetic business that have remained in strict control of the industry for decades. This has been unfortunate because it has left many women with a lack of options in their makeup choices and a limited amount of quality if the wanted something different. The point of makeup has been for centuries to enhance the natural beauty of each woman. The most skilled at applying the products were supposed to look fresh and natural and like they were not wearing makeup at all.

The truth is, for many years some modern women have wanted something different on youtube.com. Why would they want to send hundreds of dollars (or more) for the perfect look, if it was supposed to not even be noticeable? These are women who were not embarrassed to let their makeup shine. Bold colors, and lots of them, help to create the dramatic look they want and seek. However, finding those bold products has not been easy. Too often women were left with costume make up or questionable dollar store finds. These never gave the proper finished look, never stayed on the skin the way they should and many were even bad for the skin. Anyone who has ever spent time using a dry washcloth to basically sand away a dried-up lip color can understand.

This is where fearless entrepreneurs like Doe Deere have entered the industry. With a unique style and a determination to succeed, Deere has carved a comfortable niche for herself in the fashion industry. Her cosmetic line Lime Crime contains stunning, brilliant shades in formulas that are high-quality. It is this type of product that has finally allowed women to loudly express their personal style without sacrificing their skin to damaging products or lowering their expectation of quality.

Lime Crime products, its packaging and the woman who has designed it all, are all equally attention grabbing and exciting. Part of what has made this line of cosmetics so popular, is the woman herself. It is with her lead that other young women are learning that it is possible to succeed and still remain true to who they are. Since makeup has historically been designed to help women present the best possible image of themselves to the world, Lime Crime is simply following that tradition. The only difference is that natural and fresh-faced are not always what every woman considers her best traits.

Doe Deere, Taking Makeup to an Artistic Level

From the time of ancient Egyptians, make-up has played a significant role in the life of women[and men]. For both aesthetic and health reasons. It served two purposes for the Egyptians, health and superstitions. For health reasons it has been suggested that the black that surrounded the eyes was made up of certain minerals that protected against the harsh elements. On a superstitious level, it was said to protect against the evil eye.

Regardless, make-up has been utilized by every culture throughout history. Geisha’s for example, have been famous for their use of it and were never seen in public without it. Over the years, the use of it, what was used, how it was used and the style in which it was used has certainly changed. But, make up itself, has been a constant. We have definitely come a long way from crushed berries and coal though.

Growing up, I was taught that less was more, that the purpose of make-up was to make it look like you weren’t wearing any at all. Product of modeling classes in the 90’s. Through my lifetime, I have seen that trend come and go. From the minimalist look of the 70’s. More natural and muted tones, meant to accentuate. The 80’s which, to me, was the turning point of cosmetics. The 80’s and 90’s introduced the brighter colors that had never been considered as a make up palette before. Colors like yellows, hot pinks and deep purples. Then with the New Millennium came the infamous smoky eye and browns and blues and purples. All of that dependent on your eye color and what accentuated that the best. Unfortunately, traditional never really worked for me.

Then one day, trying desperately to figure out how to get the perfect cat eye and at that same time, somehow prevent that inevitable smudge that always took me an hour to fix. So, I did what I always do, I Googled it. In the midst of that search I ran across an article that mentioned a new line of cosmetics called, Lime Crime. Now, being east coast based, I had never heard of the line before and decided to check it out.

Low and behold, the L.A. based company, Lime Crime, was developed by Doe Deere or as some of us know her, Xenia. Now, I had heard of Doe Deere and despite myself, I admit, had a little of a girl crush. I’d always thought that “that girl is going to try everything and anything, at least once” she was that determined to find out what she was good at. It’s hard not to admire that trait. And what do you know, Holy Unicorns Batman, I think she finally had a winner with this Lime Crime line of make up. Colors that were bright, some were muted, even nude. One thing was for sure, they were colors. Bright and vibrant. Colors that screamed at you.

One thing was for sure, Doe takes make-up to a whole new level with this line. She found a way to give us “individual” girls the colors we used to have to mix 3 or 4 different colors to achieve. And she did it without all of that cruel animal testing and chemical processing that turns your face into the scream scene queen if you forget to wash off your make-up before you fall asleep.

Finally, a woman who understands that women don’t wear make-up to cover something up anymore. We use it to bring something out. Our inner artist, if you will. The end result is still the same, it makes us feel beautiful.

Have Fun With Makeup With Doe Deere

Makeup is something that many people each day. A woman may want to purchase makeup from Doe Deere that is ideal for her professional needs each day as goes to the office and attends meetings with others. The use of such understated makeup can be an important part of her professional wardrobe and even help her gain a potential promotion at work. A woman who looks her best will also feel more confident as she goes about her day. Makeup that is subtle and elegant is also makeup that can help her relax as she has the tools to help her convey an air of comptence.

Women can also use makeup in order to help them convey other emotions and thoughts as well. Someone who is young or just wants to feel young may look for makeup that is more trendy and contemporary at the same time. Makeup that ties into current fashion trends is makeup that is often fashion foward and allows the wearer to indicate to others that she is truly interested in contemporary fashion trends. A teenager may also want to have such makeup on hand in order to help fit in better with her peers who are also often wearing such newer makeup.

When looking for such products, it is important to keep in mind multiple factors. The buyer should look for items that they personally really like and find a lot of fun. Products that appeal to their innate sense of happiness and joy are often the best possible products for their needs. A product that speaks of joy is one that the user is likely to use as often as possible. Products that are exuberant are also products that the user should look are at carefully in order to help them express a mood of any kind.

This is why people turn to professionals like Doe Deere is someone who also looks for makeup that helps convey joy and happiness. Her company, Lime Crime, specializes in providing customers with new ideas that they can use to help them decide on a look that is colorful and interesting. Deere has a background in the arts and an understanding of the way that color can be used in makeup to help someone bring out their own inner sense of style and their personality at he same time. Users can pick out colors and products from Lime Crime that are fun and let someone try out new ideas and new looks that they like.

Makeup should be fun. The user should also have makeup that allows them to feel comfortable and allows them to convey to others all kinds of things including how they view the world and their sense of personality. Makeup that lets the user show off an understanding of color and light is makeup that many users really love and enjoy. A dash of color can be the ideal thing to help cheer someone up on a gloomy and rainy day when they are feeling down.

Plymouth Rock Assurance Is Trying A Balanced Insurance Sales Model


There’s no question that the Internet has changed everything. The insurance business is no different from other industries that have been forever altered by competitive forces unleashed by apps and websites. However, there still comes a time when people enjoy the advantages of dealing with humans instead of websites. Insurance agents have not gone out of business because of the web, but they have had to change how they do business.

Plymouth Rock Assurance has been acutely aware of these changes, as they recently explained to the Boston Globe. Companies like theirs have to straddle the fence between the interests of their network of independent agents and people’s desires to find the cheapest prices online. Plymouth Rock Assurance has setup an online service that helps independent insurance agents get accurate quotes for their customers. The company has described the service as a “tool” that should make representatives much more competitive. Their system is a hybrid that deals with the so-called “dropped cart” problem. If a person online abandons the buying process, the company sends the lead to an agent who is able to follow up. This type of configuration should increase conversion rates dramatically.

Plymouth Rock Assurance was founded by James Stone in 1982. He’s been leading the company as chief executive ever since. Stone was the commission of Insurance for the state of Massachusetts and a Harvard lecturer before he went on his own to start his own company. Stone is a published author, who wrote the book “One Way for Wall Street.” He’s knowledgeable the securities industry as well as the insurance business. He has managed the Plymouth Rock Group of Companies to over $1 billion in premiums. The auto insurance business is now the fifth largest of its kind in Massachusetts. The company does well in surveys concerning their customer service. Many customers choose to deal with Plymouth Rock Assurance due to a good relationship with their agent and having received good service in the past. The recent announcement of their online tool seeks to build on these long-term relationships with new advantages. Stone continues to lead the charge.

The Perks of Lime Crime

The beauty world is full of cosmetic goodies. There are so many choices it can be hard to figure out which brand or company actually knows what the heck their talking about. I’m sure there are plenty of you out there who have stumbled upon a brand of makeup you thought you got for a steal of a deal only to come home, try it on, and find out the many beautifying claims on the package was a total crock. So, with your head slightly dipped in shame, you slam that lying garbage right into the trash and pray that the next time you go shopping for supplies you won’t run into another cosmetic blunder.

Well, when you finally dare to venture into the colorful world of makeup, try checking out Lime Crime. Now, I’ve never personally purchased anything from said company, but if stores like Urban Outfitters are carrying their products, then it has got to be worth looking into. Make up can be a powerful accessory, and that particular store prides itself on selling some of the most up to date and to die for fashion.

So what can someone expect from Lime Crime? Only a plethora of cosmetics in just about every range of color the flipping cosmos has to offer. Since the company’s founder and CEO, Doe Deere, is resilient in her love for expression, customers are offered products that come nowhere near the mundane; think Katy Perry with attitude. I’m talking bright blue, sparkly eye shadow, lipsticks and glosses that are either seductive, off the wall, dark shades or vibrant pops of flirty color, and nail polishes that remind you of Candy Crush Saga. Plus, all of their makeup is said to be cruelty-free/vegan.

Lime Crime is definitely not a brand for those of you who just want to blend into the background (or have a weak constitution). Standing out and showing your inner creativity seems to be the name of the game with this line of cosmetic genius. Though I’m nowhere near Katy Perry’s status of boldness, I am absolutely certain that expressing your inner wild child through makeup is a million times more attractive than acting like some crazed banshee at some local rave.

Lime Crime Can Build A Woman’s Confidence

There are fun cosmetics out there, and there are some that are not so fun. There are expensive cosmetics available for purchase, and there are some that are so cheap that they do not work. No matter the different kinds and the various opinions that woman have about them, though, one thing that every woman who wears makeup can agree on is that they put it on to make themselves look more beautiful. But, who is to say what is beautiful?
Cosmetics can help to cover up any imperfections that a woman has, and they can help to color the lips and make a woman’s eyelashes appear longer and thicker, but is that all that they should be doing? Is that all that a woman should look for when she is making a cosmetic purchase?
Some brands of cosmetics offer so much more than just being something that can be used to cover up the flaws on a woman’s face. Some cosmetics were made to help a woman feel stunning and confident. Some cosmetics were made to help a woman feel more like herself, and to feel more unique, than she has ever felt before.
The new line of cosmetics from Lime Crime is like that. The line by this brand is made to help women to be themselves. The color of the makeup that is offered by the brand is brighter and bolder than what most woman wear, and that will help to set these women apart. It will help them to feel more confident in themselves, and it will help them to show off their personalities and moods. That is what the founder hoped for when she created the brand. She wanted women to be able to take the makeup and use it to create a bold look that was just for them.
So, while a lot of women wear cosmetics simply for the purpose of covering up flaws and making themselves look okay, that is not the only reason that cosmetics should be used. Cosmetics can make a woman feel beautiful and confident. They can make her stand out in a room filled with people. When cosmetics are purchased from the right brand, they can make a woman feel truly great about herself and how she is looking.