How Market America Unfranchise Is Earning Clients Alternative Income

Market America Unfranchise is an American company that employs a unique marketing platform to avail products and services to its clients. The company’s headquarters in Greensboro North Carolina. This firm has been distributing various products and services to multiple countries across the globe. The company was established back in 1992 by founder Loren Ridinger. As of now, the company employs more than 650 individuals.

Most of the products offered by the firm are household items ranging from jewelry, healthcare products, beauty products to even health supplements. As for the services, the company offers custom designed websites to its clients. The domain, the company, uses to carry out its dealings was obtained from Bill Gates.

Same like a franchise business, it offers systemization standardization high-end management systems, marketing tools that include; merchandising devices and provides the capability of operating in numerous locations to enterprises. The only differences between this company and other franchise business include the fact that it doesn’t take franchise fees from clients, impose territorial restrictions and significant amounts of capital to start.

The advantages of doing business with the firm are that their stakeholders get to earn royalties through their loyalty program. This is an added advantage to individual seeking alternative income-generating investments. The capital required to join the company is uniquely low as compared to other enterprises.

All a person needs to succeed at the company is a product to sell and a client base that averages between 10 to 15 individuals, after which, you can liaise with others offering the same services similar to yours. This enables the formation of an efficient sales organization team. All products are sold through market Americas online portal. People already in business with the firm are earning a steady stream of alternative income.

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EOS Did it Again

EOS has done it yet again. This time, they created something that has never been before. This time it is a see through lip balm. Why would anyone care about a see through lip balm? Well, it’s vegan. That’s right, it’s completely vegan and looks really cool.

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It’s called Crystal Lip Balm and comes in two flavors. Hibiscus Peach is the first flavor and Vanilla Orchid is the second one. They both taste delicious and smell great. The texture is smooth and is weightless on the lips. It’s a real breakthrough for fans of the product line.

It sells for about $5. plus some change. EOS lip balm is available at most drug stores. Here’s a brief list of the places where fans can usually find the product.

– Target

– Walmart


– Walgreens

This release does not have an beeswax in it. It contains all of the original ingredients that EOS lips balms have always contained, except for those that weren’t vegan. Those have been replaced with ingredients that makes all of the vegan fans rave.

They have been raving too, because it’s sold out completely online says When new shipments arrive, they sell out within minutes. It’s not something that you want to miss out on. If you see it while shopping, make sure to buy as many as they have. Otherwise, they won’t be there later.

Stock up for the holidays too. These are going to sell out fast. Don’t forget to look at places that you might not expect them wither. They are often found at warehouse bulk clubs in packages, order here! Sometimes those can be collectibles as well. No matter where you find them you should buy them. They taste incredible and they feel wonderful on the lips. They moisturize them as well, leaving your lips even softer over time.


EOS: A Flavorful Lip Balm Experience

EOS flavored lip balms are rich in antioxidants and have Vitamin E as well as shea butter and jojoba oil, which will make your lips soft and smooth while providing an adequate amount of moisture. Unlike a lot of other lip balms, EOS is hypoallergenic and free of parabens. It has also been dermatologist-tested and approved.

There are many flavors to choose from, including: Passionfruit; Blueberry Acai; Summer Fruit; Sweet Mint; Honeysuckle Honeydew; and Strawberry Sorbet, buy here! These balms provide the user with a pleasant taste, as well as noticeably soft lips. The product comes in a round container, and its organic flavors come in stick form.

The brand has an Active line, as well as other lines, such as Medicated, Shimmer and Crystal. Plus, it’s also available in multipacks. And it’s offered at a reasonable price on and other websites.

The containers have a substantial amount of the product in them, so the consumer doesn’t have to worry about running out of it too quickly. The lip balm slides onto your lips very easily and creates a buttery smooth type of texture. Although it has a lot of flavor to it, the product has no color. So, when it’s applied to your lips, it’s clear.

Some users of EOS lip balm have given the Summer Fruit flavor rave reviews due to how it taste, check it out here at It’s been said that it tastes like peaches or other types of flavorful fruits that are associated with summer. So, that flavor might be a good one to try initially.

Packed with antioxidants and natural ingredients,as well as being paraben and petrolatum free, EOS lip balm is an innovative and well-tested product that is unique, not only in shape, but in the way it makes your lips feel, and the way it tastes while it’s moisturizing them.



EOS Crystal Lip Balm Review – A Great Option for Vegans!

Vegans, rejoice!

The cult classic favorite EOS lip balm is releasing a line specifically formulated without any beeswax. Celebrities such as Fergie, Chloe Grace Moretz, and Camila Cabello swear by EOS for its effectiveness, range of scents, and cute, egg-shaped packaging. Long a staple of makeup enthusiasts, EOS lip balm has been off-limits to vegans until now.

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Their brand new line of crystal lip balms is 100% vegan and 100% clear. That’s right – you can see straight through the egg-shaped balm! The packaging of EOS crystal balm is loosely reminiscent of a prism, which reflects light – a clear reference to the fact that EOS vegan crystal balm is 100% clear, refer also to It’s an attractive product to pull out of your bag, and an incredibly effective one too.

Wax-free, it appeals to people who are vegan and those who simply prefer wax-free balms. Organic and packed with jojoba oil and antioxident-rich vitamin E, along with shea butter and coconut oils, they make lips unbelievably soft and are great for the environment as well. Click to read fantastic review. With a formula that’s reminiscent of a lip oil turned solid, it can also be worn on top of lipstick to provide extra shine. It’s an versatile addition to your makeup kit, and super inclusive.

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Doe Deere’s Lime Crime, Fun And Experiments…

Doe Deere’s passion of all colorful things, her love of makeup, looking pretty and her impressive ambition has made her a hit all over the world. She created her own cosmetic brand that is called Lime Crime, a name that just came into her mind. Besides loving bright colors, Doe’s pretty bright herself with a superb imagination. Her love of color, her brilliant Lime Crime business, and her unicorn philosophy is intriguing, empowering and loving!


Born and raised in Russia, as a child, she was always curious with a real thirst for learning that was more than the regular imagination that a girl possesses. This fun lady carried around pencils and paint in which to indulge herself if she got the notion as she loved colors, period. Doe put her mother’s cosmetics on and she wore lots of bright, bold colors on herself in the way of make-up, jewelry, clothing, hair colors, wigs, accessories and such.


What is more, she had some experience at age 13 when she had her own business of doing temporary tattoos. Doe Deere moved to New York, USA, when she was 17, and now the self-made queen of unicorns lives in LA, California. Her biggest dream was to be a musician, and that she did do when she came to NY. Doe met her husband when they were songwriters in the same band. If one wants to see and hear her, she can be found on Youtube.


Indeed, she made people believe in themselves by showing them that anyone can wear and love bright colors. It does not matter if you are short, tall, boy or girl, fat, skinny, hairy, non-hairy, shy, out-going, black, white, Asian, Jew, etc. because each person counts and is different. It is time to celebrate these differences and allow that to bond everyone. She has also helped people become confident about making their dreams come true. It is all about having fun and loving the experimentation along the way that one is doing, not how you look. Learn more:


Doe Deere thought the whole biz thing was an excellent idea. She was right because she has been quite successful with her line of cosmetics that are really cool. The name came to her back in 1994 when she used it first as her eBay store. She started her brand in 2008. The mentality was anything goes, making her products cruelty free, magical and colorful. Stickers and glitter helped her sales along with lots of makeup, such as lipsticks and shadows.


Also, some of the exciting products from Lime Crime has Doe’s favorite color green in them. From these, a new color revolution emerges, breaking all the rules, allowing individuals to find what colors make them happy and free. This allows everyone to not take oneself too seriously.


EOS Vegan Product

The New EOS Vegan Lip Balms

The EOS makers came out with a new product that has instantly became a huge success. EOS launched a brand new vegan lip balm on August the 4th and it sold out on the same day, see also The product comes in two different scents vanilla orchid and hibiscus peach and the lip balm is clear. It sells for $5.49 a piece and will sell in stores such as Walmart, walgreens, target, and cvs. This product was made with only 17 different ingredients some of them being shea butter, coconut, avocado, and natural oils. It is also animal byproduct-free, browse and buy products here at The new vegan lip balm will be the same sphere shape you love, but it will be clear with different scents.

EOS became a success with their very different orb shaped lip balms with pretty pastel colors, see this now. They have a variety of delicious scents to choose from. People fell in love with this product instantly and suddenly you started to see this unique lip balm everywhere. Even celebrities were caught pulling these pastel orbs out of their makeup bags. EOS is always creating products that everyone can wear and love, and the new vegan lip balm is yet another successful product!

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EOS Reviews Rave About Vegan Lip Balm

Have you heard about the new flavor by EOS? If not, the buzz is surrounding them thanks to their newest addition of vegan lip balm. This has everyone going over the latest addition. The loyal customers who purchase EOS are raving about the new selection. The removal of certain ingredients is what makes it all the better for people who love things that are more natural than others.

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The new EOS brand is still found in the little round spheres however is crystal clear. This allows for the people using it to see the inside of their lip balm. If you were not thrilled alone with the new flavor, the new crystal clear top is just another reason to fall in love with the EOS brand.

The one thing that separates the lip balm from others, the fact that they removed the beeswax from the traditional flavors when they created the vegan brand. The response that EOS got from their latest addition was more than what they thought they would get. The response was quicker than they had expected it to be.

The new vegan flavors sold out quickly and even the cost of the product didn’t stop people from buying it. The vegan flavors could still be found through local stores but eventually those sold out as well. If you think back a few years ago, the leading brand of lip balm was Chapstick. They were the leader for many years however when EOS came out, they became a leading contender for lip balm manufacturers. Beauty editors rave about EOS and how much they love the look of it, the texture and what is inside of it. The fact that there is a wide variety of flavors is what makes them so special. Before EOS, you had a select few flavors but now you have a wide variety to choose from. A different flavor each day of the week.

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How End Citizens United Is Changing American Politics

Are corporations living, breathing beings? The answer to this question is no but a cursory examination of the latest campaign finance laws might lead one to think that the electoral system thinks they are. The idea of a corporation being a living breathing thing is an absurd one almost absurd as the idea that corporations deserve to have the right to free speech and the protections of the First Amendment. Despite this corporations and other organizations such as unions were granted free speech rights through the outcome of a Supreme Court ruling on a case that was argued before the court that is known as Citizens United vs. the Federal Election Commission. The outcome of that ruling transformed the way that American politics operated particularly during elections.

The Supreme Court’s ruling on the case that is casually known as Citizens United has resulted in a number of changes that threaten to make the electoral process far less equitable than it should be. One of these changes involves the way that political campaigns are allowed to be financed in the United States. One of the structures that are used to fund political campaigns in the American electoral process is an entity that is known as the PAC. Prior to the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Citizens United case there were limitations on the amounts of money that a political action committee could take from an outside donor. The limitations regarding political donations to political action committees typically meant that a single individual could donate no more than $2500 to a political action committee. These limitations also involved prohibitions around who exactly could make political donations to a political action committee. Former campaign finance rules that established standards around the kinds of political donations that a political action committee could accept prevented unions and corporations from making donations of any sort to political action committees. The Citizens United case however has changed all of these old campaign finance rules in a major way.

These days under the new era of campaign finance rules corporations and unions are allowed to give political donations to political action committees that are commonly known as Super PACs. These new super political action committees have changed the way that American politics are done and have allowed corporations and other entities to have an outsized voice in the electoral process when compared to actual human citizens.

An organization that is known as End Citizens United is hoping to put a stop to this. The group is organizing itself to oppose the changes that Citizens United made to campaign finance rules by putting more campaign reform advocates on the ballot. In a sense Citizens United is fighting fire with fire as it is a political action committee itself. However it plans to use its ability to raise money to support candidates that run on platforms that involve overhauling the campaign finance system to make it more equitable and democratic. According to USA Today, End Citizens United was able to raise several million dollars towards its goal of supporting campaign finance reform advocates.

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Jose Auriemo Neto Shaping the Future of JHSF Development

The Brazilian economy has been soaring in the past couple of decades, and it has assisted in the development of major industries in the country. One of the industries that for long have been facing a decline is infused with life yet again due to economic improvements not only in Brazil but across the world. One of the biggest real estate firms in Brazil presently is JHSF Development. The company was established in the year 1972 and has its headquarters in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The President of the company is Eduardo Camara, and Jose Auriemo Neto is the newly appointed Chairman and CEO.

Jose Auriemo Neto has helped in making some very significant improvements in how the company has been functioning for so long. The changes made by Jose Auriemo Neto have assisted in modernizing the company and improving its performance as well as market image. JHSF Development is primarily known for building some of the unique projects in the country with innovative architectural designs. The company has also been given highest rating for maintaining high standards in business operations and customer service by Bovespa. JHSF Development functions through four main business divisions, namely Incorporations, Fasano Hotels and Resorts, Shopping Centers, and Airports. The company is also known for developing world class residential complexes and apartments as well equipped with all the modern amenities. JHSF Development does not compromise with the quality of the project under any circumstances and ensures that everything to the last detail is taken care of in a professional manner.

Jose Auriemo Neto has helped in improving the company’s revenue drastically after he becomes the CEO and Chairman. One of the primary reason for the company’s soaring revenue is due to significant investments made by the company overseas. The countries where JHSF Development is active operationally are United States, Salvador, and Uruguay. Jose Auriemo Neto wants to ensure that the firm is future ready and has enough recurring income streams to rely upon in the future. As the competition is increasing massively in just about every sector, including real estate industry, Jose Auriemo Neto plans to open many new recurring revenue streams by renting out developed properties instead of selling it outright.

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Enjoy Soft Lips With EOS Lip Balm Products Today

Condition your skin to have a superior glow with lasting results in as little as thirty days with EOS lip balm products. Before you consider uncomfortable or pricey cosmetic surgery visit the beauty care of select retailers for EOS brands. They have sold over a million products as a trusted brand without a logo. You have the benefit of an ancients old remedy that is affordable on all budgets. Industry celebrities love the amazing coverage against extreme sun exposure, or prolonged camera lights. Their wearers also love their products are easy to store, and find at the bottom of a cluttered purse.

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Enjoy wonderful flavors like Mint, and Lemon. Their tremendous flavors have made their products very popular among young adults, and busy professionals for great skin therapy. To know more about the other flavors, visit Their products go unmatched by other leading brands, and are becoming the preferred brand, and disappearing off shelves in major areas like Canada, and Germany. Give your lips a clinically tested product that will last up to 24 hours. Say goodbye to multiple reapplications throughout the day. Get the nourishment your lips will crave, and your budget will love. Get the best of both protection, and shine with the unique blend of EOS lip balm products.

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