Malcolm CasSelle Invests in Technologies to Tokenize Gaming Virtual Assets

Successful entrepreneur Malcolm CasSelle president of (Wax) Worldwide Asset Exchange invests heavily within this company to provide technological advancements to tokenize gaming virtual assets over the blockchain and utilize streamline approaches to buying and selling within its online platforms. Malcolm CasSelle has truly been an innovator and has built a career of successful advancements within the computer science field of study and provides opportunities for the strategic accomplishment of various online opportunities to transfer virtual assets.

Malcolm CasSelle was educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where he received the Computer Science degree and furthered his education at Stanford University where he received his Master’s in Computer Science as well. Additional studies enabled him to become fluid in Japanese and Mandarin and are allowing his company to invest heavily in the Asian culture due to his ability to speak the language and be an advocate and asset in the translation of various technological and virtual terminologies. Malcolm CasSelle also serves as CIO of OPSkins another virtual asset company that specializes in online video games technology. Malcolm CasSelle is an extremely intellectual and skilled researcher and investor within the online and computer science industry and is well respected for his continued advancement within this virtual industry sector. Malcolm CasSelle has invested tremendous amounts of financial resources, time, and energy in the accomplishment of the ability to tokenize gaming assets within his WAX platform. Investments in his platform software at WAX have created an opportunity to utilize the blockchain and enable their gaming widgets to be transferred over various virtual infrastructures. Malcolm CasSelle is accomplishing the opportunity to simplify and establish user-friendly approaches to buying and selling gaming assets for players around the globe. In fact, the WAX platform is not limited to any geographical rules and regulations and provides opportunities over the blockchain to move assets instantly without the central banking regulations and red tape that can be part of normal financial banking transactions. By eliminating the problems with frictions over various virtual financial platforms that traditionally handle asset exchanges online, Malcolm CasSelle is accomplishing the ability to capitalize on the advancements of the blockchain and various other crypto technologies. With the advancements and investments made by Malcolm CasSelle at World Asset Exchange, technologies are created to systematically and strategically tokenize gaming assets and provide opportunities to exchange value or buy and sell around the globe with an effortless streamlined approach.


How Experience Shaped Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera is the CEO and of The Custom Companies Inc. He began his career in 1976, and since then has been acquiring the skills and knowledge that has led to the success he experiences today. It was through these experiences that he was inspired to expand his career and led him to achieve the success that he has. For Perry Mandera, experience is a very important thing and is something he believes is of extreme value.

Perry Mandera started his career when he was in the Marines. During his time with the Marines he was tasked with transporting supplies and troops and realized how vital his role was. He saw how important shipping services can have in the grand scheme of things. This experience helped him to get into the field of business that would help him to become the success that he is.

Although his experience in the Marines was valuable, there are other experiences that Perry Mandera is thankful for as well. Experiences such as being impulsive during his early years and making mistakes in his career, are things that he is grateful for. These experiences inspired Perry Mandera to learn and cultivate knowledge that has better served him over the years and made him a better businessman ( Without those experiences during his early career years, Perry Mandera does not believe he would have the wise knowledge and expertise he currently possesses.

Experience is a great thing, but something that many people don’t appreciate. There are plenty of times when people make the same mistakes over and over again instead of learning from them. Perry Mandera is not like most people, he takes those experiences and he cultivates knowledge and wisdom from them and turns that knowledge into tools for success. Whether it was seeing the bigger picture from his time in the Marines or learning from a bad business transaction, Perry Mandera was able to turn experiences, good or bad, into instruments to create success.



Check Out The Reviews For EOS: They Have One Of The Best Products In The Market Today

Ever since first opening for business less than a decade ago, EOS has been releasing various different lip balms and personal care products for consumers around the world. They have managed to innovate and stand out in an industry that is already saturated with many other contenders ( There are literally hundreds of different brands out there for lip balms, but people still choose EOS for their quality and uniqueness. Despite having a highly varied collection already, EOS is still continued to produce new products and flavors for their customers, including their all-new Chamolile Medicated Lip balm which provides a cooling effect.

Regardless of the reason or the season, EOS lip balms work wonders for anyone’s lips. They are various different products that are designed for specific days or types of weather to help them last longer and appeal to even more groups of people. Listing all of their products is impractical, it’s much better to do some quick browsing either online or at a major retailer which carries EOS products, but they have many different flavors out there today. EOS’s unique lip balm design is also a big selling point for the company, giving consumers a different type of lip balm to carry around. Unlike the usually stick like most other companies provide, EOS lip balms are a little ball that screws together. This lip balm is even fun for kids, as they can be tasty and enjoyable to play with.

EOS products are so popular today they are not only sold around the world in high quantities, but many celebrities have actively endorsed and used the product on their own. All EOS products are safe and free of harmful chemicals, so practically anyone can enjoy using these fun and effective lip balms.



Dr Johanan Rand is a creator, medical instructor, enthusiastic physician, medicinal chief and a role model. He is the initiator of Fit Elderly Medical centers situated in New Jersey. He is a bodily linctus, physiatrist and a recovery Doctor. Having proficient at the high-status Albert Einstein Medicinal Epicenter in New York. Mostly he performs peer-review medication, and he always believed in his principle that he could not prescribe treatment without supporting it with a medical article or a journal.

Dr Johanan Rand offers medicinal services to individual’s travail from age-associated illnesses and allied symptoms. He stood the premiere of Vigorous Elderly Medical centers in 2010. Patient suffering from age-related problems are treated by use of regenerative and integrative tactics. Separate remedies are created to avert diseases and reinstate the fitness and vivacity the patients required in their early years.

At these centers the experts’ focuses emphases on nourishment, workout, and hormonal points for treatment of the aged. A desire to assist patients with ageing health problems serves as a motivating factor to Dr Johanan Rand who in turn offers his exercise and knowledge to deliver relief to the patient. The fact that he is considerate kind and subtle to his patient’s fitness needs and apprehensions makes him a truly favorite choice to tell when it emanates to wellbeing optimization. He is a ‘doctors-doctor’.

In Bioidentical Hormones, Dr Johanan Rand describes that everybody possesses a good hormone and at the same time bad hormones. When a person is ageing his bad hormones such as Insulin and cortisol increase in their bloodstreams whereas good hormones such as Estrogen, testosterone and growth hormones decreases. When the hormonal balance has been restored by Dr Johanan Rand, the patient gains more strength, stamina and energy as they won’t be suffering from despair as usual. From the treatment, the patient gets protection from cancer, cardiac disease and their lipid levels diminish.

The nutrition Education principles make it easy to understand how remarkable the diet can be when dealing with Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Hormone (HCG). The body’s response to HCG can permit patients to have a low-calorie food without feeling starved.


The Review About EOS Lip Balm

Have you ever tried to look for a Lip Balm that can heal your chapped lips but couldn’t find any kind that worked for you? Well EOS lip balm might be the kind of lip balm you are looking for. This new lip balm is medicated to relieve painful, chapped lips and it only costs $3.00 (

This EOS Lip Balm is made from real chamomile with a tea flavor added to it. Also, it gives you plethora benefits. It’s made with a flower extract that contains phenolic compounds, which works as an antioxidant. It has anti-inflammatories along with hydrating properties. It helps slow down aging, especially on your skin.

EOS Lip Balm is a medicated menthol, which is a type of alcohol that comes from mint oils. This is what gives you that balm’s cooling sensation that protects your lips from painful, chapped lips. This EOS Lip Balm is made from aloe, cocoa, and shea butter, olive and jojoba oils and vitamin E. EOS Lip Balm is hypoallergenic, gluten and paraben free.

The Fast Company, the maker of EOS Lip Balm, is the second most popular lip balm next to Burt’s Bees. According to Kline Research, EOS Lip Balm sells over $1 million in one week. By the year 2020, EOS Lip Balm is projected to increase their number of sales to over $2 billion per year. Because their products are made with all natural ingredients, it outsells Chapstick and Blistex.

The Fast Company, which makes EOS Lip Balm, is more focused on targeting women between the ages of 25 to 35 years of age. In order to get the word out about EOS Lip Balm, they used celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears in commercials, see Allure. Now since the product, EOS Lip balm has gotten out through television and the internet, sales have been going through the roof.

Financial Publications at Stansberry Research

A recent article from Stansberry Research discusses a favorite ‘boom or bust’ sector. Commodities can be a sound investment opportunity if invested in at the right time. Most commodities go through cycles where they boom and then go down. Whenever supply and demand become unbalanced there will be a shift to adjust. Therefore when a certain commodity becomes hard to find then the price for it will start to rise as demand increases. Resources, however, tend to be less volatile as they are more capital and time-intensive to produce (Glassdoor). For instance, it can take a while to build a mine or get a farming operation up and running. This time and money make it so the prices of resources are less likely to spike as demand increases. The most recent commodity being tracked is marijuana. With only a handful of states allowing the purchase for recreational use, there is a surge in demand with a limit to supply. Coffee is another commodity that has been tracked but has proved harder to predict as it has soared in years where prices were thought to plummet.

Stansberry Research is an American publishing company that focuses on publications in the financial and investment research fields. The main headquarters are in Baltimore, Maryland and they have satellite offices in California, Florida, and Oregon. They look at resources such as power, oil, or mining as well as biotechnology and healthcare investments. Stansberry Research was founded in 1999 by Porter Stansberry. The articles posted through Stansberry Research show a wide view of the market so that there is a strong mixture of strategies, recommendations, and opinions instead of one unified view. The analysts at Stansberry Research have diverse backgrounds in the financial industry. They have experience in mutual funds, stocks, accounting, hedge funds, and equity management. Networks such as CNBC, Fox Business News, and CNN Radio have all showcased analysts and editors from Stansberry Research.

Business Reviews for NewsWatch TV

Contour Design is just one of the many Companies that have been successful because of NewsWatch TV. Their goals when they partnered was to drive customers to their market work stations and increase profits. NewsWatch has helped increase profits in Contour’s Television Business. Profits and revenue were also increased on Contour’s Internet Site. Contour was very happy with how successful the Campaign became. NewsWatch helped them dramatically increase their revenue sales. Contour’s sales video was of high quality and professional. NewsWatch helped this sales video reach millions of viewers. There were thousands of positive consumer reviews for Contour Design. The Contour Company is very happy with how much success they have achieved since the start of their Campaign. Their partnership with NewsWatch TV has been profitable and professional. This is just one of the many Companies that have worked with NewsWatch TV over the years.

NewsWatch TV has lots of positive Business reviews. They are the source for breaking News on the Internet. NewsWatch promotes a variety of topics. The latest trends in health and fun entertainment are just a few. The rest of the discussed topics are: the best places to travel, advances in technology, and the newest consumer products. NewsWatch airs on two popular television stations. These two networks are called ION and AMC. These networks are managed by wonderful teams of media experts.

NewsWatch TV is owned by the Company called Bridge Communications. They are a production Business that makes videos. NewsWatch has won awards over the years. They have been recognized for winning the Telly, Marcom, and Videographer Awards. NewsWatch helps Businesses when partnerships are formed. Business partners gain profitable income and increased revenue. NewsWatch helps to increase sales, form consumer relations, and gain positive feedback. These partnerships help increase Internet sales.


The Components Of Mike Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory

When you think of the word “factory,” you probably think of a manufacturing plant where workers are assembling or processing things, but for Mike Baur it’s a place where ideas are built into game-changing businesses that aren’t found anywhere else. The factory Mike Baur helped found and currently manages along with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer is the Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF) which is also funded by CTI Group, Goldback Group, Helvetia and Red Bull Media and its become one of Switzerland’s top business accelerators. There are several components that go into the SSUF that have helped entrepreneurs become successful with business launching.


The SSUF emphasizes networking as part of its program. Most entrepreneurs aren’t going to be able to build an entire company completely on their own, so being a part of the SSUF enables them to share their ideas with other like-minded individuals and build management and development teams for the company. The SSUF also emphasizes mentoring from business experts like Mike Baur to show young entrepreneurs how to form written plans. A business plan goes beyond just the idea and actually shows what the business will look like once it’s executed. And the biggest component of the SSUF is when the entrepreneurs finally make the pitch for funding, a task that requires them to show investors what their company can do for them.


Mike Baur wanted to form the SSUF because he realized a platform for bringing people with disruptive business ideas that investors could find attractive was mostly non-existent in Switzerland at the time. He was switching careers at this point after his previous years were spent in banking. Baur certainly had high hopes when he started out in banking at age 16 as an apprentice, and he had become an executive at the large commercial bank Clariden Leu by the time he had chosen to leave. But the reason he didn’t stay in banking forever was because Switzerland’s financial sector was changing since the 2008 housing crisis in the US had made its way over to the nation’s banks, and the overall reputation of banking had gone downhill.


Baur had a new vision in which Swiss investors would start taking new risks and encouraging younger generations to build their own wealth through disruptive business ideas. The SSUF has become the starting point for Baur’s vision because it’s been able to rapidly change concepts into execution, and once entrepreneurs have formed their teams and launch their brand, they’re given office space for their early stage. Mike Baur has had a keen interest in financial technology such as blockchain-based products and he’s now formed a partnership between the SSUF and Fintech Fusion to increase the accelerator’s focus in that niche.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Inspirational Journey To Prosperity

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is one of the most significant employees in Bradesco bank which one of the largest banks in Brazil. He has been involved in all aspects of this institution’s development since he started his carrier. He has been known to be a very industrious, committed person who was dedicated to his work. He had a very humble beginning. He used to drive a long distance from where he lived considering that he was among the lowest paid employees at Bradesco at that time. That did not discourage him from chasing his dreams.

He began working at Bradesco at the age of 17 years where he first worked as a clerk. At this time, he had that urge to go for further education because he had a dream to work as one of the senior members of the company. He used to multi-task work with learning, but his efforts did not go unrewarded. He eventually obtained his bachelor’s degree from the University of Sao Paulo in Philosophy. He also went a step further to go for his master’s degree in Sociopsychology from the same university. That gave him more opportunities and a reason to get higher positions in the company.


He worked with no or less supervision because he was a self-driven character. That gave him an opportunity to be given job promotion to work as a marketing manager at Bradesco Seguros which is one of the Bradesco’s branches. While at this position, he worked with more effort to increase the market of this branch and managed to raise the profits to 26% which was a fantastic improvement to the senior members of Bradesco and the entire members of the company. The performance of its enterprises dramatically determines a firm’s success. In that case, increased profits realized in Bradesco Seguros caused a shoot in the entire firm’s net benefit from 25% to 35 %.

Due to Luiz Carlos competence and consistency in his commitment to the company, he was promoted to another rank where he was appointed as the director of marketing at Bradesco Bank. While at this position, he did a great deal in increasing the bank’s clients. He created ways which could improve the means through which more clients could access their services by creating market segments and popularizing the company through numerous advertisements. This eventually caused a shoot to even higher profits.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been a very patient person throughout his carrier since he was seventeen years old. It took him so many years to get promotions at different positions in Bradesco. He never gave up despite how long it took him to be at the pick. After 40 years of working at Bradesco, he managed to be the company’s CEO. His education also contributed to his success and higher job positions in Bradesco.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco always had in mind that sky is the limit in his carrier and he never looked back. He is now the highly paid CEO in the whole Brazil banking sector.

Learn more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi:

EOS Lip Balm, My Honest Review.

If you are like me, you might remember the days when the only lip balm in town came in a roundish shaped tube and spun up. It reminded me and everyone else of a medicine. Don’t get me wrong, it worked and it was okay as far as taste and the feeling it left on your lips. It was full of wax but, you got used to it. However, if you were like me, you thought with every application that there must be a better product out there somewhere. After a few years, the EOS lip Balms started to how their face and people fell in love with this new lip balm. Every one that was anyone in Hollywood and in the circle of the L.A. elite started to use the EOS lip balm and show it off openly ( Perhaps this was because it came in so many fun flavors and it even looked amazing within the package.

It wasn’t long before regular, everyday people like you and me started to try EOS lip balm for the first time. I think one of the first flavors I tried was their grapefruit. I remember that it was a very smooth feeling and that the smell and taste was just amazing. I fell in love with the product right there, in that second when it greased my lips. I remember soon seeing the product hit spots in the stores more and more. Before I knew it everywhere I shopped had the EOS lip balm in stock and ready for me to buy and buy it I did.


I love the Evolution Of Smooth lip balm for many reasons, however, a few of the many are the flavor and the feeling. It seems to glide on and leave my lips feeling soft, smooth and well protected. The fact that it comes in so many awesome flavors is a bonus too. EOS is cost effective, fun to use and well worth trying again and again, check