Susan McGalla: An Exceptional Business Leader

In today’s world, more women than ever are achieving greatness in the business world. Whether it’s rising to a CEO position of a Fortune 500 company or running a successful small business, there’s no doubt the sky is the limit for those wanting to achieve greatness. While there are many female business leaders in today’s corporate world, few have been as successful as Susan McGalla. As the former President and Chief Merchandising Officer for American Eagle Outfitters, Susan helped the business grow to become one of the most successful retailers of the 21st-century. With revenues exceeding $3 billion, she guided the company with a combination of confidence, ingenuity, and business savvy that few other company leaders could match. Be sure to click on this.

After helping AE become one of the world’s best companies, Susan decided it was time for a new challenge. Thus, after careful consideration, she decided to forge out on her own and start P3 Executive Consulting, where she has guided numerous clients on such important topics as marketing, brand development, talent management, and operational management. By being able to provide an insider’s perspective on how to find success in the extremely competitive world of retail, Susan has used her expertise to carve out yet another path of business success for herself and her clients.

Possessing an attitude that believes in the value of hard work, Susan’s ability to be comfortable working with men as well as women has been viewed as one of the secrets to her success. Approaching each new challenge with a belief in herself and those around her, Susan has not only proven she can get the job done, but make those around her better along the way. Read more about Susan, follow her on

Growing up with parents who encouraged hard work, Susan McGalla learned from an early age to present her ideas with confidence and comfort no matter the audience. Because of this, Susan was able to excel not only in high school, but also at Mount Union College, where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree before embarking on what has become a legendary business career.

Proud to be a role model for today’s businesswomen, Susan continues to strive for greatness. Whether it’s advising a client on how to take branding and marketing to the next level or speaking to an audience of CEO’s, there’s no doubt those in attendance will come away knowing they have heard from one of today’s great business minds.  For more read, click on

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