EOS- For Trendy Lips

Thankfully, gone are the days where the only lip balm choices were boring like Carmex and Blistex! Not to be shady, but I am so glad that we have more feminine and fun brands to choose from now. One of my absolute favorites is the EOS brand.

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By first glance, I had no idea what I was looking at ,but I was a bit intrigued. The ones that I first ran across were a collection of colorful spheres! I mean, although I am not one to keep up with all of the latest trends, but I think that everyone could agree that shying away from your standard “stick” was a pretty creative idea. So, I bought a couple. The price was pretty impressive as well. They ran me about 3 bucks or so at my local WalMart. Not bad at all.

I chose the EOS Vanilla Bean (my absolute favorite) and the EOS Passion Fruit (ulta.com). I honestly wasn’t expecting much out of them because a cute package doesn’t usually equate to a good a product, but I was very impressed! The flavors were very rich, but subtle enough to not taste too much like candy. This makes them suitable for both adults and younger folk. However, what really sold me was the consistency. EOS lip balms go on as smooth as butter, and the application lasts for several hours! I have super sensitive lips, so I was pretty excited once I saw that they are made with Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and SPF 15 (to protect from the sun)! I noticed that my lips felt a lot softer after a week or so of use. Needless to say, I am a frequent purchaser and a constant consumer of this trendy brand of lip balm!

An Evolution of Smooth Upgrade

Whether you are a vegan, a beauty enthusiast or someone who likes to be health conscious about what they use on their body, evolutionofsmooth.ca (EOS) has just released a new product as part of their lip balm line and it is taking the beauty world by store. These new Crystal clear EOS pods are now wax free, making them safe for vegans to use as part of their beauty regimen everyday and their essential oil packed ingredients make them luscious and hydrating for all day, everyday use.

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The current upgraded EOS pod is completely transparent and if you are a fan of the brand you will notice that the product itself is slightly less round than it was previously. However, the product still stands out from other competitor’s products. The Crystal pod is pretty, clear and will be a staple in women’s make up bags and purses all over the world. With currently, two delicious flavors to choose from (Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid), each pod retails for an affordable $4.99, order here! The scents are very subtle (not at all overwhelming) but really pretty.

The ingredients in the new Crystal Evolution of Smooth pod are more natural than ever and completely safe to use. It can be really hard to find a safe product these days that does not contain harmful chemicals and additives. This is a product that is safe for anyone in your household to use and it will leave your lips feeling moisturized and incredibly healthy.

Evolution of Smooth products, including the new EOS Crystal pod, can be found online and at a number of major retailers. Chances are, your local drug store, grocery store and convenience store all carry a variety of EOS pods in a variety of really tasty and fragrant varieties.

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