Turbulence Dies Down as Weisbrod and Gottlieb Reunite their Investment Profiles

After over two decades of working independently, Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Weisbrod have joined forces to run corporations and investments in the healthcare sector. The history of these two investment titans traces back to the late 1990’s when Weisbrod founded the Merlin Company as an investment and wealth management corporation focusing on the healthcare industry. Weisbrod’s Merlin had a very successful investment profile, majoring in biotechnology, medical devices, and pharmaceutical sectors which by then were responding quite well in the market. His investments in the healthcare industry were particularly motivated by the fact that Weisbrod had acquired a Ph.D. level of education in Biochemistry, education that informed his investments.

Weisbrod hired Jacob Gottlieb as part of his management team. Gottlieb served as the investment portfolio manager as from 2000. His prowess in investment management helped turn the Merlin Company around during a time that the healthcare industry was experiencing a major revolution in biotechnology products. In particular, the company’s return on investments hit 100 percent between 1999 and 2000. Seven years later, however, in 2007, the company wound up its investments and closed doors.

The then jobless Weisbrod went ahead to form a new investment company, the Iguana Healthcare Partners, an idea that was significantly similar to Merlin regarding investment portfolios. Gottlieb, on the other hand, formed his own company, Visium Asset Management, a financial management corporate. His astute management skills helped turned the initial $300 million capital to a 2.5 billion corporate. Weathering the financial storms of 2008, the company managed to expand its reach to other countries including the UK, in addition to having multiple offices in the US.

Gottlieb’s Visium, however, hit a management snug when the company was accused by the FBI of insider trading and collusion to avert federal taxes. These charges forced Gottlieb to rethink his investments and shift his attention to the healthcare industry by forming Altium Capital which has further obtained stakes in healthcare corporates such as the 5.61% stake at Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc.