Enjoy the tantalizing Pumpkin Flavor of the new EOS Lip Balm

Can you believe that there was a time everyone believed that the only way they could get soft lips was by getting a tube of chapstick from the stores? Well, if you haven’t joined the EOS fan club yet, you have been missing out of great flavors, combined with the best lip care in the world. The evolution of smooth is the lip balm of choice, even for celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and Christina Aguilera. The first thing you notice about these enticing new lip care orbs is their colors and beautiful shapes. However, the best thing about them is the flavors, and the combination of the ingredients which are designed to take the best care of your lips.

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The new pumpkin flavor is what everyone is talking about. If you have been looking for a new zesty flavor to spice up your life, this new product from EOS is the best bet says blogwebpedia.com. In addition to having an enticing aroma, it is made with the best ingredients there are out there for lip care. The product is contained in a cute holiday lip balm duo. The one half of the duo is the amazing formula inspired by the gourds. So you get one half which is a natural pumpkin spiced option, and another which is made of organic vanilla bean.

The lip balm contains the best conditioning oils. The manufacturer has also added hydrates that are gotten from Shea butter. The beautiful product now not only softens your lips, but also beautifies them and keeps them moisturized. Chapped lips will be history when you start using the product. The retail price of the beautiful orb of lip care is just $6. There is no doubt that with this new flavor, EOS will make your holiday spicier than it has ever been.

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