Sam Boraie’s Belief and Dedication Brings Life Back to New Brunswick Communities

He’d been thinking about and seeing it in his mind for 40 years; changing the landscape of New Brunswick from derelict buildings and empty streets to a community of people living in homes as neighbors and office buildings to attract businesses and create jobs.

In an article on NY Times, it started in 1972. Sam Boraie was looking at a single city block in New Brunswick, New Jersey and felt not that he could do something; but that he had to. There were 21 broken down buildings or vacant lots in what is considered to be the center of the city of Aspire and Sam Boraie bought them all.

The definition of ‘Aspire’ is ‘to long for, aim for, seek ambitiously; to rise up.’

That also seems to be the definition of Sam Boraie.

Starting with an impressive office building as the center piece, Sam Boraie and Boraie Development started with the Albany Street Plaza Tower One which was completed in 1988 with 8 Floors with a total 250,000 square feet at a cost of 11.5 million. This was a structure with ‘Class A Office Space’ which means the the buildings are very well constructed and designed with a good location and easy access with parking lots or parking garages properly spaced. This results in tenants of high character and rental rates that justify all the amenities of the entire complex.

Flash forward to 2015 and there is new 17-story apartment building that just about completes the project. Sam Boraie and Boraie Development transformed the entire city block and also had developed property in many other communities in Northern New Jersey.

Yet, it seems Sam does not like to get bored. He is an active board member for the non-profit ‘Elijah’s Promise’ which works with communities throughout the State Theatre New Jersey. Once a simple soup kitchen; Elijah’s Promise has evolved into an organization that is not just a food bank, but has expanded to provide educational training and support. One of their most incredible feats is the establishment of the Promise Culinary School that has been training individuals to not just be a line cook somewhere; but with enough skill and knowledge as well as confidence to go out and become recognized ‘Chefs’ in their own right.

That same belief and dedication that Sam Boraie poured into bringing areas of New Brunswick back to life and being a force within Elijah’s Promise is something he puts into everything he does.

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