Betsy DeVos: One Tireless Reformer

Before Betsy DeVos became known as the political powerhouse she is known as today, she was just known as Elisabeth Prince, and she was just one of many students at Calvin College. However, it was there that she discovered her lifelong vocation – that of political reformer. She undertook a tremendous role in the politics of the campus and she discovered her true niche. She has been politically active ever since, even over three decades later. Of course, on thing you could say about Betsy DeVos is that is almost like reform is her middle name. Everything she touches does not remain the same. Besides having a passion for her family, she also has a passion for philanthropy and for school choice. Indeed, it has been her life’s mission to ensure that everyone – not just the very rich like her – have the opportunity to send their children to the school of their choosing.


During her thirty years in politics, DeVos has been involved in a variety of organizations. She has chaired many different departments, including six years as head of the Michigan Republican party. Of course, she now is completely distinguishing herself as the Education Secretary for the presidential administration of Donald Trump. She is also involved in a number of charities, including Mars Hill Bible Church, the Foundation for Excellence in Education and Kids Hope USA among many others. Of course, all of this involvement totally dwarfs her involvement in the school choice movement. To that end, she once sat down for an interview regarding the progress of the movement. Of course, keep in mind that the interview took place in 2013, so her statistics have likely improved even more since then.


First of all, she was asked about the growth of this movement since the first private school voucher program was established in Milwaukee in 1988. She noted how she was extremely pleased at the fact that today there are about 250,000 students across 17 states that have taken part in the school choice voucher program. Of course, there are some of her opponents in education who feel the woman is “dangerous”, but this belies the fact that she has repeatedly called for a bipartisan effort to reform schools and to emphasize school choice.


However, Betsy DeVos doesn’t just walk the walk, she also talks the talk. She recently visited a charter school started by the Cuban rapper Pitbull in Miami. Naturally, it would the two would not have much in common, but when it comes to supporting a common cause Betsy DeVos is more than glad to put aside any differences. It would seem that Washington could definitely learn a thing or two from this woman.


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Tony Petrello Is Helping Others And Loving Life All At The Same Time

When you come from a home that is virtually nothing, you have an appreciation for the less fortunate things in life and for that reason, Tony Petrello knows what it is like and vows to help others who are also less fortunate.

Since Tony Petrello has become the CEO of Nabors Industries, he has done remarkable things to ensure that others who face certain circumstances have support behind them to help when the times are tough. For the employees of Nabors Industries, they have been lucky enough to have experienced this first hand. During the Hurricane Harvey time period, the employees of Nabors suffered from the damages caused by the hurricane. When the storm was over and the flood waters drew back, the homes of the Nabors employees needed to be repaired. That is when Tony Petrello helped to ensure that the employees would have the time they needed to help rebuild as well as the means to do so.

The employees were granted paid time off in order to help rebuild their lives and homes. Not only were the employees receiving paid time off, they also had help by other employees who raised funds to help the employees who were affected. That is when Tony Petrello offered his help to also raise funds to support the employees. The money that was raised by the employees was then matched by Tony Petrello.

Tony Petrello has a passion for the arts as much as he does for helping others. For this reason, the Petrello family has held a gathering for the Broadway Star, Tommy Tune. When Tommy returned to his hometown of Houston, he was greeted by fans and also a party sponsored by Tony and Cynthia Petrello. At the party, Tommy was greeted by 50 invited guests.

Aside from the love of arts, the Petrello Family has also offered their help to raise funds to help the Texas Children’s Hospital. The Petrello family has dealt with their own medical problems stemming from the premature delivery of their daughter Carena. When she was born, she developed a typical health concern that most babies who are born prematurely suffer from. Since then, the Petrello family is set to help others to learn about the health concerns that come with prematurity and to help others who are faced with the same problems learn how to cope. Since Carena was born so early on, she developed Cerebral Palsy which is another thing that the Petrello family hopes to one day find a cure for by donating as much as they can to the childrens hospital to help fund research.

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Adam Milstein’s Inspirational Articles Talk About Fighting For The Strength Of Israel

Adam Milstein often writes articles about how young Jews can become leaders and sometimes points to historical leaders who fought to preserve Israel’s history over the years, including the Maccabees. One of the most common issues he speaks about is antisemitism which he says has quietly gained footholds in various liberal universities across the US, and he says one reason for this is because groups affiliated with Hamas and the Muslim brotherhood have infiltrated activist groups. Milstein says Jewish-Americans need to be ready to fight against these groups not only possibly in physical combat, but in using the weapons of modern journalism and informing people. He also says they should be ready to call members of congress to make sure no laws are passed that would advocate boycotting Israel.

Adam Milstein calling for Israeli-Americans to rise up against the enemies of Israel may be something he does frequently due to bearing arms as a former member of the IDF. His father had fought for Israel back in the war of independence of 1948 and he followed that same path when he became 18. After he finished his military service, he went college at the Technion Institute of Technology to complete his business training. After receiving his bachelor’s degree, he moved to the US with his wife Gila and daughters, and he completed his master’s degree at USC. Adam Milstein decided to go into real estate since it had a big chance for him to make money despite its risks. He became Managing Partner of a billion-dollar real estate firm known as Hager Pacific Properties.

Adam Milstein spends his time outside the offices of his company involved in philanthropy and campus activism groups. He cofounded the Milstein Family Foundation in 2000 which heads most of his philanthropy, and in 2007 he helped found the Israeli-American Council where he presides as Chairman. One of his favorite ways to promote Jewish activism is through videos, and he’s been a host of a video competition known as Inspired by Israel. His blogs on Jewish culture and issues have been written through the Jerusalem Post, the Times of Israle, Jewish Telegraphic Agency and Jewish News Syndicate.

Marc Sparks Delivers a Spark to the World of Philanthropy

Marc Sparks is an entrepreneur in the true spirit of entrepreneurism, a venture capitalist and businessman. With a high school diploma and a great deal of passion and enthusiasm, Marc embarked on a career in business that is difficult to parallel.

He has been involved in a number of start-up companies that were extremely successful while some were not very successful. He used each business experience, both successful and not successful, as a stepping stone to the next level and often found the greatest lesson in the failure.

He put his passion and keen interest to work and created products that brought in several hundreds of millions of dollars.

He built companies from ideas that others thought were to off-beat to work, but he managed to establish a business model and a culture that always included short and long term goals as well as long range growth plans.

His method of business management is to be the example and he sets the pattern for his team to follow. He also manages and works in the “right now” time frame, which has been dubbed “Sparks Speed.” He works buy resolving issues and challenges quickly and finds he can work more efficiently and effectively.

Marc Sparks is also a philanthropist. He finds it both heartwarming and rewarding to be able to give back to his community.

Mr. Sparks has worked with Habitat for Humanity building homes for deserving families and also supports American Can! Academy, a magnet high school program in Dallas.

Mr. Sparks has also been involved with a homeless shelter named Samaritan Inn. Since the late 1980’s, Sparks has worked with the Inn and helped to take it from a small operation to one that feeds more than 200 people a day.

The Inn now has an operational budget of $3 million and thousands of people have been able to regain their independence and become productive members of the community because of the programs at the Inn.

According to his Twitter profile, Marc Sparks and his wife Lynne, realizing entrepreneurs in the social service sector have off-beat, but wonderful ideas that will create social success with the right funding path.

This idea sparked the “Spark Tank.” The philosophy behind the Spark Tank is to reap significant social benefits within the community by providing grants and overseeing non-profit management.  Learn more about Marc Sparks:

Spark Tank is an innovative idea that provides the opportunity for social entrepreneurs to present their idea to the Spark Tank panel.

Past winners have included the construction of a kennel at Samaritan Inn so homeless families do not have to give up their pets while attending the programs and a children’s camp so children do not have to spend their summer vacation in day care. Read more: Marc Sparks (Author of They Can’t Eat You) – Goodreads