Trying EOS for the First Time

I recent stumbled upon a new lip balm brand and instantly fell in love. I bought a variety pack from EOS on a whim from amazon and quickly fell for many of the flavors.

While EOS was new to me, it was not that young of a brand, and has existed for almost a decade. EOS was started by founders who emerged from other personal care companies and who spotted an opportunity in the lip balm mark, go here. Other companies were producing bland flavored products with artificial ingredients and EOS revolutionized the industry with some relatively different flavored options that used better quality ingredients like jojoba oil which lasted longer than the competition.

Some of these EOS flavor options were truly eye opening when compared with those of the competition. The flavor pack contained a wide range of flavors including sweet mint which was minty and refreshing without a medicinal taste, vanilla mint which added more complexity with an earthy under tone flavor than sweet mint, strawberry sorbet which tasted like fresh summer strawberries, and summer fruit which was truly a cocktail of fruit with blueberry standing out in the mix. All of these flavors were unique and different and were worth trying, you may check them out on


Experiencing EOS Lip Balm

My favorite was the Vanilla Mint for its complexity of flavor but with the cool refreshing mint base. It distinguished itself but was comforting at the same time.

Of course, your mileage will vary with each particular flavor EOS lip balm based on your taste buds. Overall, though, the quality of EOS’ lip balms stand out particularly in their aversion to using artificial ingredients. While many lip balms use petroleum jelly and artificial additives EOS sticks with natural ingredients and the flavors don’t taste manufactured and fake. This makes all the difference in a lip balm and is part of what makes EOS’ lip balms so special.