Gustavo Martinez the Advertising Expert

In the marketing and advertising industry, Gustavo Martinez is a household name. He has been in this industry for more than thirty years. During this time he has served in the most prestigious companies and has also made a name for himself by participating in the development of the most popular ads. His job portfolio includes being CEO of Walter Thompson Worldwide and also being president of McCann World group among others.

Recently Gustavo has put more focus on consultation instead of traditional marketing. To explain his rationale for this, he stated that from the start of the industry, consulting had been a cornerstone for advertising. Before he started working as a CEO to different firms, he worked as a consultant.

Gustavo mentioned that other industries are very different from the advertising industry. This is because creativity is a critical aspect of advertising.

In other sectors, there is a well-detailed procedure for doing things, but in advertising, things are done through an artistic process that relies on creativity. According to Gustavo, raw creativity is the building block for advertising.

Gustavo Martinez is a workaholic whose workings hours are begging at 9 am and end between 7-9 pm. When he is not traveling, he wakes up at 7 am then has breakfast with his family. After this, he goes through his emails and then proceeds to his office to start his work day. Gustavo Martinez believes that for any marketing campaign to be successful there must be a lot of creativity involved.

As a team leader of many marketing campaigns, he must ensure that he has the right staff for any project. He must ensure that the staff is inspired and motivated and that they are working on projects that they are interested in.

All these efforts are to make sure that the team has the needed creativity to create the marketing campaign. He also has to recognize those team players who are performing beyond expectation. According to Gustavo Martinez, acknowledging good performance is a substantial motivating factor.

Gustavo is also a believer in charity. To him, charity should be an act of kindness, and it should not have ulterior motives. According to him, a charity that is done to gain attention or show status is just another form of advertising. He says that it is not necessary to have school amenities like gyms named after you just because you donate to the school.

Gustavo Martinez credits the growth of his business from his hiring policy. He only hired top talent in the industry. Their interview and recruitment process is rigorous and ruthless. He stated that his business gains its competitive edge from hiring the best professionals in advertising.

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“Renovia Set to Develop More Products after Marc Beer Secures $ 42 million “

Renovia, a medical products development, which was co-founded by Marc Beer, is set to develop and launch new products to diagnose and treat pelvic floor disorders. The development comes after its Chief Executive Officer successfully raised a total of $ 42 million in a series B funding round.


The new financing comes barely a year after the Food and Drug Administration approved Renovias first signature product, Leva. Since its approval, Renovia has experienced impressive results with its performance. The product is made up of a probe, which is inserted into the vagina during the performance of Kegel exercises. Kegel exercises help to train the pelvic floor muscles for women suffering from urinary incontinence. After insertion, the probe is then connected to a smartphone Leva app via Bluetooth. As the patient, performs the exercises, the probe relays real-time images of the muscular movements.


Since the commercialization of Leva, Renovia has helped thousands of women to regain control of their pelvic floor muscles without the rigors of surgery. The device helps the women perform Kegel exercises with increased precision. Currently, Renovia is undertaking several pieces of research to develop more products to assist over 250 million women across the globe, who suffer from pelvic floor muscles. Learn more:


According to Marc Beer, the series B round of funding included $10 million in venture debt and an additional $32.3 million in series B equity. Longwood Fund, Renovia’s earlier investment partner, took part in the new funding round. Also, Ascension Ventures of Missouri and Perceptive Advisors led the series B funding round. Other investors included Cormorant Asset Management, OSF Ventures, Western Technology Investment, and Inova Strategic Investments.


Earlier, Marc Beer had secured a round A series funding, which was used to develop and commercialize Leva. Part of the funding was used to acquire the new technology for Leva. Among the investors who took in the Series A funding included the Longwood Fund, which also participated in the series B round.

Speaking during the announcement of the funding, Marc Beer thanked the participants for their overwhelming support. He pointed out that the participation of earlier investors was a testimony of the trust and confidence in Renovia.


“We are very grateful for your support. It is a testimony of the confidence that you in us as a company. We now share a common vision of revolutionizing the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic floor disorders for millions of women around the world,” said Marc.


According to Marc Beer, the funds will be used to develop a new generation of Leva. The funds will also be instrumental in the development and commercialization of other products in the company’s products pipeline. Additionally, part of the funds will go towards future clinical trials, research, and corporate development.