EOS Introduces a Futuristic Looking New Lip Balm

EOS recently introduced another revolutionary product in their line of lip balms. This new balm has a completely revised look, which gives it the appearance of something from the future. Rather than the cute little orb shape fans have come to know, this balm has a slightly triangular shape with smooth edges that makes it look more like an egg. To add to the futuristic appearance of the balm it is one hundred percent transparent, so it looks like a pocket-sized crystal. In fact, the new balm line is called Crystal. It is also made with ingredients that allow it to be classified as vegan.

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The new Crystal lip balm is just one of a long line of balms designed to appeal to the senses. When the team behind EOS decided to introduce a new type of lip balm into the oral care market, they knew they would need an edge in order to outshine their their competitors. They accomplished this by totally redesigning the look and feel of both the balm and its container, check this out. They placed their orb-shaped balms inside of palm-sized containers that came in pastel colors of blue, pink, purple and yellow.

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Even though the orbs of lip balm were a huge success with consumers, the team at Evolution of Smooth never stopped working to create new and improved versions. Their dedication to product performance led them to create balms that could address the different needs people had with their lips. Not only do they offer an array of flavored balms designed to nourish and soften lips, they also have a line that contains SPF factors to help protect lips from the harsh rays of the sun. Like the new vegan Crystal line of balms, the other products available from EOS are also made with natural ingredients.

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