EOS lip balm: Pumpkin Spice

This the season for luscious lips and fabulous flavors. Every girl needs a good lip balm in her purse at all times, and people everywhere are learning the benefits of EOS lip balm. One of the newest flavors on the market for the revolutionary lip balm brand EOS Lip Balm is Pumpkin Spice.

EOS lip balm uses vitamin E, soothing shea butter, and jojoba oil to keep your lips healthy and looking kissable. The products are never tested on animals, and they are also hypoallergenic. They also come in a fun container.

EOS lip balms come in a variety of different flavors and styles. There are shimmer lip glosses for those that like to sparkle. There are also crystal lip balms, available here at makeupalley.com. For the girl who wants her lips soft on date night, there’s even a formula specifically designed to make your lips kissably soft. You can even get a multi-pack to get a variety of different styles. If you’re like me, lip balm is all about the flavors.

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Pumpkin spice simply evokes the smell of the holidays. It seems that everything has a pumpkin spice flavor, and EOS lip balm is no exception. The flavor tastes amazing, but you will keep coming back for the results.

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Review of the New Vegan Flavored Lip Balm from EOS

It is big news especially if it comes from a lip balm industry. Evolution of Smooth (EOS) has stirred up the media and has people going crazy for the new vegan flavored lip balm. EOS products have sold on the market for years. However, despite having loyal customers, the new product has brought an additional group to the fold. The new vegan crystal flavored lip balm moves faster in the stores. The market response towards the lip balm has grown due to:

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The vegan flavored lip balm still adopts to the same packaging shape as the other products. As a result, it is recognizable by brand. However, EOS has taken up a see-through packaging container. Customers can, therefore, see through to the lip product. The new type of packaging comes with an appeal that’s luring to customers.



As opposed to previous products that contained animal products like beeswax, the vegan flavored lip balm is free from any animal product. It is transparent and organic. The product awesomeness saw all the produced batches sell out online on the first day.



EOS continues to sell the quality product at the lowest price. A package goes for $5.49 per pack. As a result, the product was wiped out of the company’s online store hours after its launch. Customers turned to the local outlets after which the stores recorded a rush of sales.

Evolution of Smooth is a production company specializing in beauty and personal care items, hit this review. One of their signature products is lip balm products. The New York-based company began in 2006 with Craig Dubitsky. However, it took the institution three years before launching their first product. Despite being a small company, the products have traversed the global market.

The distinct feature about EOS products is that they come in little orb-shaped pods. The products are manufactured using organic ingredients. They are also USDA certified. An addition of vitamin C and E provide antioxidants benefits to the skin. Additionally, they produce shaving creams and hand lotions. Check all cool EOS products here on http://www.allure.com/review/eos-lip-balm-sphere.