Alexandre Gama’s Rocket Rise in the Marketing Industry

Alexandre Gama had led an illustrious and diverse career in the advertising and marketing industry. Starting out as a copywriter in 1982 he began his journey toward being arguably the foremost marketing entrepreneur of Brazilian origin. In 1996 after having already earned the title of “Most Awarded Copywriter in Brazil”, Alexandre Gama was made a member of the Global Board. Then by year 2000 he had started his own advertising agency, Neogama.

The years in the new millennia which followed proved only more successful for Gama; in 2002 Neogama/BBH (a London based agency with which he had associated Neogama earlier that year) was named “Agency of the Year” and became to youngest agency of its kind to ever have won the CaborĂ© award.

Besides his work with Neogama, Alexandre Gama attained many personal awards and honors. After being named “Agency Director of the Year” in 2006, he was voted “Entrepreneur of the year in the Communications Industry” one year later.