Oren Frank Of Talkspace Shares His View On Extreme Work Culture And Social Media

Oren Frank is a former marketing executive who is now the co-founder and chief executive officer of Talkspace. His company created an app seven years ago that provides people with an easy and affordable way to gain access to a licensed therapist. The app has now been used by over a million people, most of whom never had been able to gain access to psychotherapy before.

He says that he and his wife, who also co-founded Talkspace, first learned about psychotherapy when they made the decision to go to a couples therapist. They ended up falling in love with therapy while also keeping them in love with one another. They wanted to bring therapy to a wide audience but so that there were barriers such as being able to afford it. They knew that technology could surmount the barriers which is why they came up with an app that lets people communicate with a licensed therapist when they need or want to. Find out more about Oren Frank at Huffpost.

Oren Frank says that too many industries lack moderation which leads to mental health issues. A lot of companies feature extreme work culture where people are expected to work way too many hours and be available around the clock. Oren Frank points out that this isn’t just destructive for individuals but is very counterproductive for the company. People who have time to spend with their families, go on vacation, and engage in hobbies are a lot happier. They are also more engaged and productive when they are at their job.

When asked about something he believes in that most people don’t agree with him on he quickly talks about social media. Oren Frank says that social media is both addictive and destructive in ways that people are just now starting to figure out. Way before people found out that Facebook, Twitter, and the rest are spying on people he had been warning people about how these services are bad for one’s mental health. He says they also undermine journalism and democracy and he thinks that all of the social media companies should be broken up and then closely regulated. See more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/oren-frank

Factors that Have Led to Growth of Talkspace.

Talkspace is a newly started online business that gives reasonably priced and personal therapy that has a network of skilled and authorized psychiatrists in any area where customers’ needs help. The main task for talkspace is to make a billion people excited. With its limitless messaging therapy, users have got access to authorized and skilled therapists at their disposal.

With the development of the internet and the ever-changing technology that is available, talkspace is giving a quality advancement on online therapy. Online therapy performs the same way when it is compared to face-to-face therapy alternatives that are available currently. At times customers have challenges in opening up to other persons and consider talking to them via text and messages rather than in personal contact. Check out this article at Talkspace to know more.

Due to advancements in talk space, many people have opted to go to the app when they are seeking the assistance of any manner of mental issues that they are facing. The app was mainly developed with the aim of giving high-quality therapy services that can advise the sick in different ways they should take and change their mental state and live a good life.

Physical location has not been a major hindrance to many patients. To access a therapist, one must plan for transportation, and a place to leave their kids, especially for single parents. For them to access the therapy services via talkspace, having a phone helps one to access the services while at their homes hence resulting to talkspace becoming a favorite app to its clients. In addition, communicating with a person over the phone seems to be much easier. This is one of the main reasons why talkspace has developed dramatically over recent years. Moreso, the duration of therapies based on the phone can be controlled, something that suits well those clients that has got compressed timetables and has no much time to spend on therapies.

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Depression Through Roseann Colored Glasses

Roseann Bennett is a very accomplished marriage and family therapist. She works with people with all different backgrounds from all walks of life. Roseann Bennett has over 10 years of experience and uses what she knows to help people do what is best for their families and marriages. She understands the challenges that come with marriage and helps couples with those issues.


Roseann Bennett founded the Center for Assessment and Treatment with her husband Todd, Roseann’s mission was to bridge the gap between in-home therapy and outpatient therapy. In-home therapy provided some valuable tools but once the person was released to become an outpatient, these tools disappeared. Marginally disenfranchised populations who either couldn’t afford in-house therapy or had no access to it were affected the most


Roseann addresses the issue of depression in marriage. Mental illness is a very difficult illness to deal with because you cannot see it. However, it can still take a toll on a marriage. Depression is a common illness, but it is not commonly acknowledged. Most people tend to see the symptoms and they do not understand that there is an underlying problem which is the depression. This is why depression is a difficult illness to deal with. Some people have depression due to an isolated event such as a death of a loved one or the loss of a job. Often times if caught and taken care of early enough the depression will not turn in to a long-term illness. Read more Why Self-Care Is An Important Part Of Any Business Strategy


However, at times depression may linger on for months and even years the depressed spouse may seemingly give up on life. Nothing matters to them anymore. They may stop eating or over eat. Nothing is important, and they live a fog. This puts a tremendous strain on a marriage. The other spouse may not understand what is happening or may get frustrated because they cannot fix the issue. Go To This Page to learn more.


Roseann says that a couple may choose to seek counseling, however the depressed spouse may want to go alone first and then the healthier spouse will join a short time afterwards. Spending time together with a therapist can give a couple value insight on the cause of depression and how they can work through it together. The more you understand a problem the easier it is to solve it.


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