Timber Creek Capital Entrepreneur Marc Sparks is a Mover & Shaker

How is your milieu? Many start-ups have very small budgets and try to trim costs on everything, including their headquarters office. Marc Sparks of Timber Creek Capital reminds you that your headquarters office is the foundation of your creative, innovative and inspirational energy.

“Bland Cookie-Cutter Office”

When you don’t have a lot of money but a great idea, you might need to settle for a bland, white cookie-cutter office environment. There are many spaces where you can rent a desk and use their wifi for a small down payment. This might be a necessity – right off the bat.

Eventually, when you gain access to another round of capital funding, you will probably want to upgrade. Although, warehouse space might be cheap, you must ask yourself whether it is the proper environment for inspiration. Loud industrial noise might be more of a distraction than a spark for creativity.

“Timber Creek Capital Moves”

Serial entrepreneur Marc Sparks, owner of the private equity firm, Timber Creek Capital has moved its headquarters after a decade at its original location. Marc Sparks is an expert on the successes and failures of entrepreneurship. He can offer a brass tacks assessment to help you grow your firm.

Marc Sparks explained, “With the design of Timber Creek Capital, LP we are able to host three different companies in our facility and offer an extensive incubation period. As a serial entrepreneur and student of what it takes to succeed in this world, I have found that a quality, conducive and collaborative work environment is no less than 25% of the overall ingredients necessary to succeed.” The new Timber Creek Capital office offers a better environment for a more mature equity entrepreneurship incubator.

“Sparks Tank”

While other companies may “talk the talk,” Mark Sparks has backed up his rhetoric with coherent action to help small 501(c)3 non-profits improve the local community. The Spark Tank compares different small charitable organizations to one another after a 10 minutes presentation and 10 minute Q&A session. The winner of Spark Tank receives a $5,000 grant to grow the social program further.

Based out of Dallas, Philanthropist Mark Sparks has supported a small homeless shelter, thrift store and transitional living apartment. With Timber Creek Capital, Marc continues to develop a comprehensive plan to reward innovation in business and social affairs.