The Non-cruelty Answer for the Smoothest Lips

Evolution of Smooth (EOS) just released a brand new balm with a rejuvenated formula named Crystal Lip Balms, so pucker up. The new slogan is “Clear as Crystal, Smooth as EOS“. The new balms have an edgy less-round look to them, with the clear diamond-like balm inside. This weightless new formula has gotten rid of wax and instead implemented nourishing essential oils such as sunflower seed oil, castor oil, avocado oil, shea butter, as well as the infamous coconut oil. Along with these incredible hydrating factors they have also included Aloe Vera, which works wonders as a skin healer. Getting rid of any waxy substance in the product eliminates that sticky-like feeling found in most chap sticks and lip balms, making it as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Because of this blend of incredible ingredients, these Crystals are vegan! Yes, no creatures were harmed in making this product. Not to mention it’s paraben & gluten-free, additional info here. Now, for the mouthwatering two flavors; Hibiscus Peach & Vanilla Orchid. The Hibiscus Peach is in a beautiful magenta-like packaging, whereas the Vanilla Orchid is in a stunning golden egg balm. Get your hands on these Crystals and on your lips ASAP. These products are currently sold out on the EOS website, but you can still find them at major retailers, including Ulta, now for only $4.99.

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