EOS Lip Balm, My Honest Review.

If you are like me, you might remember the days when the only lip balm in town came in a roundish shaped tube and spun up. It reminded me and everyone else of a medicine. Don’t get me wrong, it worked and it was okay as far as taste and the feeling it left on your lips. It was full of wax but, you got used to it. However, if you were like me, you thought with every application that there must be a better product out there somewhere. After a few years, the EOS lip Balms started to how their face and people fell in love with this new lip balm. Every one that was anyone in Hollywood and in the circle of the L.A. elite started to use the EOS lip balm and show it off openly (mapleholistics.com). Perhaps this was because it came in so many fun flavors and it even looked amazing within the package.

It wasn’t long before regular, everyday people like you and me started to try EOS lip balm for the first time. I think one of the first flavors I tried was their grapefruit. I remember that it was a very smooth feeling and that the smell and taste was just amazing. I fell in love with the product right there, in that second when it greased my lips. I remember soon seeing the product hit spots in the stores more and more. Before I knew it everywhere I shopped had the EOS lip balm in stock and ready for me to buy and buy it I did.

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I love the Evolution Of Smooth lip balm for many reasons, however, a few of the many are the flavor and the feeling. It seems to glide on and leave my lips feeling soft, smooth and well protected. The fact that it comes in so many awesome flavors is a bonus too. EOS is cost effective, fun to use and well worth trying again and again, check ulta.com.