The New EOS Vegan Crystal Lip Balm is perfect for Your Pocket

There is nothing that a girl loves more than soft, supple and well-moisturized lips. Well, that, and getting a lip balm that smells and tastes like heaven, see this. EOS realized that there was a gap in the market a while back, and they designed a product that has since revolutionized the way that girls handle their lip care. It all started with the amazing designs of the lip balm containers, and then, people realized that there was more to the new products than just pretty orbs. What the company had done is that they had paid very special attention to the ingredients used in making the products and as a result, they have managed to build a cult like following of customers and EOS Lip balm enthusiasts.

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The latest from the manufacturer is that they have come up with an enticing variety for vegans and people who would generally like all natural and animal product-free lip balm. The new variety, the vegan crystal lip balm is different from others in that wax is not a part of the ingredients and when you use it, you aren’t left with a weird waxy feeling on your lips. There is also the fact that the ingredients used are all natural and great for your lips. These include Shea Butter, Coconut, and avocado, castor and sunflower oils.

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What is interesting about the newest addition is that one, instead of being contained in the traditional spherical orb; it is now contained in a pyramid shaped container. Also, there is the fact that there are two different flavors, the vanilla orchid and the hibiscus peach. These two are retailing at $5, which means that you can even purchase and enjoy both instead of having to choose. EOS is really going out of their way to make lip care both effective and enjoyable.

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