EOS Vegan Product

The New EOS Vegan Lip Balms

The EOS makers came out with a new product that has instantly became a huge success. EOS launched a brand new vegan lip balm on August the 4th and it sold out on the same day, see also frenchtribune.com. The product comes in two different scents vanilla orchid and hibiscus peach and the lip balm is clear. It sells for $5.49 a piece and will sell in stores such as Walmart, walgreens, target, and cvs. This product was made with only 17 different ingredients some of them being shea butter, coconut, avocado, and natural oils. It is also animal byproduct-free, browse and buy products here at walmart.ca. The new vegan lip balm will be the same sphere shape you love, but it will be clear with different scents.

EOS became a success with their very different orb shaped lip balms with pretty pastel colors, see this now. They have a variety of delicious scents to choose from. People fell in love with this product instantly and suddenly you started to see this unique lip balm everywhere. Even celebrities were caught pulling these pastel orbs out of their makeup bags. EOS is always creating products that everyone can wear and love, and the new vegan lip balm is yet another successful product!

Visit EOS’ website for more exclusive news here on https://evolutionofsmooth.com/.