Fans Excited About The New EOS Lip Balm

Last month, EOS released a new line of lip balms that gave the EOS fans a new product to enjoy. The release was teased on Instagram, giving loyal followers a chance to get excited about the new Crystal Lip Balm line. Once released, the gem-like balms hit Target, Walmart, CVS and Walgreens stores across the country. Excited fans were eager to see what the new lip balm had to offer.

The Crystal Lip Balm line is different from the other EOS lip balms because it is crystal clear as mentioned here on The balms continue to have their signature round shape, which makes applying it really easy and fun. The clear flavors are tinted with warm colors to match the flavors that the balm comes in: a sweet Vanilla Orchid, and a fruity Hibiscus Peach. The balms go on clear and provide moisture through the use of natural, vegan ingredients. EOS uses 5 essential oils in the Crystal line, including avocado, coconut, and shea oils which are known for their healing properties.

Even though the balm itself is spherical, the outer container has changed slightly. Instead of a rounded egg shape, the case is now a little bit triangular, which makes the lip balms look unique from others in your collection. These jewel-like cases come in soft warm colors that match the floral vanilla and peach flavors. Latest products here on

EOS lip balms have been on the market ever since several entrepreneurs came together with a desire to change the way the lip care industry operated. They saw that little had changed within the industry, and wanted to try something new and daring to give customers a completely new way to think about lip balm.

With creative packaging and progressive ingredients, they introduced lip balms unlike those that were on the market. They created a lip balm that women would be excited to apply.

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