EOS Lip Balm Continues Patterns of Evolution

EOS has been a leader in the lip balm industry since their stylish, spherical design first hit the shelves and became available through online shopping. Standing for Evolution Of Smooth, EOS lip balms were an overdue break from the standard, boring lip care choices. The exciting flavors, fun colors, and unique shape made EOS an immediate stand out as the innovative alternative to traditional options and styles. Which is why it is no surprise that the popularity of these trendy, lip-nourishing EOS balms eventually overshadowed former industry leaders like the brand Chapstik.

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While EOS continues to be a rising star in the market, there have been some consumers who have taken issue with the lip balms. Until recently, that is. While a host of celebrities and public personalities raved about the adorable orbs, the vegan community was unable to try EOS lip balm products because they were created using beeswax-an animal byproduct-as an ingredient. Their dedicated allegiance to the fight against animal cruelty and exploitation makes beeswax a deal breaker. Thankfully, EOS listened to their public and came up with an astounding collection of cruelty free options says blogwebpedia.com.

The clear vegan crystal flavored lip balm selection is every bit as smooth and soothing as the former products using beeswax. Except now, the entire world can enjoy EOS lip balms without guilt or hesitation. This leading lip balm company knows how to be trend setters, but more importantly they have taken the market demands to heart. The Evolution Of Smooth has proven to be more than just an evolution of products, but an evolution of ethics in the products we love.

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