David McDonald Runs A Major Meat Company But Relishes Being From Iowa

David McDonald knows and appreciates what the farmers in America’s heartland bring to the food industry because his company, OSI Group relies on their production to bring beef and poultry to the processing centers. OSI has been supplying meat to the David McDonalds fast food restaurants first and foremost over the years, but they have forged partnerships with many other franchises and supermarket chains over the years. McDonald himself has directed many acquisitions of smaller meat packing companies in Europe including Baho Food and Flagship Europe, and he’s been instrumental in the forming of food industry research coalitions such as the North American Meat Institute where he’s served as president, and the Global Roundtable for Beef Sustainability.

Well before he became a partner leader of a multibillion-dollar global meat distribution company, David McDonald worked with his parents on a dairy farm in Iowa. Though he lives in Illinois now, he always has loved returning back to see his home state, and he strongly supports Iowa State University where he received a bachelor’s degree in animal science. McDonald first came to OSI Group while it was still in its global growth phase and served as an intern reporting to CEO Sheldon Lavin who still holds that post along with chairman today. One reason why OSI has stayed strong in its mission is that while it may be registered as a corporation, it is not publicly traded and has no outside shareholders to answer to who could interfere with how they are run; and that’s why McDonald has been able work closely with Lavin all these years all the way from intern to now being president and chief operating officer.

McDonald has built on the internship program that he began in by bringing in more students from his alma mater Iowa State, and he once took them to see the operations of an OSI China facility. He’s been honored by the Iowa State Alumni Foundation with an emerging philanthropist award for supporting a scholarship for the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity that he was a member of as a student. He also has been a longtime supporter of the St. Michael Parish which helps the needy in Wheaton, IL.

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New Residential Investment Corp. Info

New Residential Investment Corp. can help you make the right move as to making a properly placed investment somewhere that is going to be very lucrative and profitable for you in the long run. They focus mainly on residential mortgage based investments and have been doing business in this area for many, many years.

They have the required knowledge and expertise to ensure that they are going to make the right move and the right time to make both you and them lots of good money.

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So take a non-risky chance and give some of your green to New Residential Corp. so they can put it where it should be so you can have some money being made for you while you sit back and enjoy the feeling of knowing that you have invested your money into the right place and that they will take care of putting it further into more proper places so everyone comes out a winner in the end.

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Ashley Lightspeed Success Story

Women have come a long way. While most of the families preferred their women to remain at home and take care of the daily activities in the house, the modern systems have empowered young girls to pursue education and become influential people in the community. Ashley Brasier is a woman who has endured the male dominated marketing, emerging as one of the most successful leaders in the corporate world. When growing up, Ashley Lightspeed realized that his father, who was an architect, spend most of his time on the time drafting the projects he was going to undertake. The young girl then started to realize that she was very passionate about developing new products and services that would benefit the society. By the time she was joining the university, Ashley Lightspeed was ready to start a career in capital ventures, creating new products for consumers who wanted only the best.

Check out ideamensch.com to read full interview of Ashley Lightspeed.

Several years ago, Ashley Lightspeed joined Lightspeed Ventures, one of the leading companies in the entire world. Since the company was founded, it has been performing so well, impacting lives and changing the market in a positive way. When starting this institution, Ashley had so much knowledge in the market. The people close to her knew that they were going to benefit by having her in their team. Years later, Lightspeed has grown and made the right decisions in the tight market because they have a capable leader who handles everything that comes her way. Most of the products and services that have been designed by Ashley Lightspeed have become so popular in the market. Ashley Brasier loves her position in the company, and she enjoys serving the communities that are around her. Being in a male dominated career has never stopped Ashley from achieving her goals in life. The challenges she meets make her a better person.

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Jojo Hedaya: Helping People Control their Inbox

Most people at 24 years still focus on their studies and how to graduate and get a good job. Very few have the mindset to start a serious business. However, Jojo Hedaya and his co-partner put their studies on hold to start a business. They started Unroll.me at only 24 years old. The company’s mission is to make it easy for people to control their inbox.

Why Unroll.me was started

The two started the company when they had trouble finding the important messages on the inbox. The inbox piles up over time and it can make it hard to get messages that matter. The co-founders came up with a solution to help them identify the important email by creating unroll.me. Jojo Hedaya admitted that his business partner was not answering his emails. The reason was that he could not find those emails. Most of the emails are updates, subscriptions, and newsletters. The app works by scanning the inbox in seconds and put all the subscription in one email.

Acquisition by Slice

The company has been performing well and attracted the interest of other firms like Slice. Slice acquired unroll.me in 2014 in a bid to enable have control on its shopping app email list. The terms of the deal were not disclosed. Jojo Hedaya and his business partner, Rosenwald will also be part of the Slice team. Unroll me and Slice both ensure that customers get the best experience. Rosenwald said that the service offered by will not change despite the acquisition.

Unroll.me did not have any outside investors but managed to reach of 1.3 million users. The company has had impressive growth ever since it was started in 2011. By 2013, the company had only 100, 000 subscribers and the number grew to 1.3 million. Unroll.me was founded by Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald and is based in New York.

Currently, Jojo Hedaya is the CEO and of Unroll. Me. Hedaya pursued his study in Israel. He was the vice president at, he did not graduate but plans to go back and finish his studies. He believes that it important to have the education to run a successful business.


The outstanding career of Sheldon Lavin

As the chief executive officer of the famous OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin continues to build a good reputation for the company through the various projects he has launched for its benefit. He also serves as the chairman of the company, and throughout his career, he has always striven to engage in activities that positively influence the firm. He became part of the company in the early 1970s, and since taking up his role, he has striven to play a role in the firm’s management to ensure that it continues to be the leading food supplier in the country.

The leadership of Sheldon Lavin in the firm was as a result of the high shares he used to have in the company. He acquired a top position in the firm, and he has continued to bring integrity and ethical leadership in the company. Besides focusing on hard work, he is also a compassionate leader who strives to address the welfare of others.

As a philanthropist, Sheldon Lavin has helped a vast number of people acquire better lives through contribution funds for education, better housing, and provision of all the basic needs. Through the funds, he has also eliminated poverty and instead brought about equality and equity among people. He has taught many leaders, and well up individuals to be their brother’s keeper. The United Negro College Fund is among the major beneficiaries of the contributions of Sheldon Lavin to charity. He has been apprehended by many people for his humility, and this has encouraged him to continue working hard for the benefit of other people in society. As a result of his efforts, Sheldon Lavin has received numerous awards. He received the Global visionary award as an appreciation of his perseverance and excellent contributions to the building of the economy through the creation of job opportunities for people in various parts of the globe. The renowned leader has continued to come up with better ways to ensure that the firm grows and establishes its affiliates in other parts through adopting change and innovative steps for the sake of the growth of OSI Group.

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Jeunesse Global M1Nd and Luminesce

Jeunesse Global is a company that has more than thirty offices around the world. The distributors are considered family by the founders, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. They created the company in 2009 to help their distributors achieve their dreams of financial independence and wealth while also providing their clients with the most advanced technology in the health and beauty industries. They have created nine different product lines that create their Youth Enhancement System. The system was designed to be integrated together, providing the skin with necessary stem cell research to prevent premature aging. They also use an integrated supplement system to protect the body and mind from the symptoms of aging, encouraging the mind to remember more while also protecting the body against free radicals. The supplements also provide vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the body to perform at its best.


One of the top selling supplement lines that Jeunesse Global provides is the M1ND gel. This supplement was designed with Cera-Q proteins and L-theanine. The Cera-Q protein is derived from silkworm cocoons and helps keep the mind sharp. L-theanine is an ingredient derived from tea leaves that encourages the mind to unwind while also reducing mental distraction. The Gamma-aminobutyric acid in the supplement helps improve mood while reducing symptoms of anxiety. It is also great for helping the body to burn fat while stabilizing the blood pressure.


Jeunesse Global is also world-renowned for its Luminesce skincare line. The line was designed by Dr. Nathan Newman and dermatologists to improve skincare with stem cells. The patented design of the APT-200 formula uses human growth factors to encourage the skin to produce more collagen and elastin. These are necessary proteins that keep the skin strong and flexible, giving it that youthful appearance everyone desires.


The Luminesce line is famous for the Cellular Rejuvenation Serum. The best-selling serum contains the highest concentration of APT-200 and should be the one product everyone needs to buy. The entire line was designed to complement the serum’s benefits. People should clean the skin with the Youth Restoring Cleanser which contains AHAs and BHAs to help remove the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin.



Ted Bauman, the Financial Expert

When I hear about Ted Bauman, publishing comes to my mind. The truth is Ted is a publishing guru, and he serves as an editor in Banyan Hill Publishing. He is not only an enthusiastic editor but a family man who lives in Atlanta.

He is not just any ordinary editor that you hear about. Ted Bauman is an editor who specializes in international migration issues, low-risk investment strategies, and asset protection. These are significant social economic issues affecting America as a nation.

Ted is a graduate of Economics and History from Cape Town University, an MBA holder from Georgia State University and has spent his entire life in the service of people. He is particularly known for bringing resources closer to people for them to lead sovereign lives free from corporate greed and governmental oversight.

He is not only an icon in America but also in Africa where he spent 25 years of his career. One of his greatest achievements of all time is that he co-founded Slum Dwellers International which has been of help to more than 14 million people in over 35 different countries.

In the recent past, he has been in the limelight due to his insight on issues such as wealth protection from market crashes. Most people not knowing how to go about this, Ted Bauman confidently and articulately advises on tips to survive market crashes. This profound financial advice could not come at a better time than this where the stock market keeps rising and falling.

Due to his expertise in the financial sector, Ted Bauman will give you investor information that you will not find on Wall Street. Banyan Hill Publishing will not only give you promising investment opportunities locally but globally. Such independent investment advice is definitely worth looking at.

If you are keen on the business arena, you have heard about Cryptocurrencies. Ideally, it would be best if you got information about this emerging currency from the financial expert, Ted Bauman. He Interviewed Ian King in the recent past who is also one of the most recognized cryptocurrency experts we have and gave an in-depth perception of cryptocurrencies.

Ryan Seacrest Has Acheived The Right Balance Between Exercise And Food For Excellent Fitness

Everyone is familiar with Ryan Seacrest due to his numerous accomplishments such as Live with Kelly and Ryan, On Air with Ryan, American Idol and the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. Many people are unaware the reason he wore his shirt at the community pool during his youth was because he was overweight. Ryan Seacrest is seen as a man of polish, distinction, excellent work ethics and a commitment to results. His health and fitness are incredibly important. This how he lost the weight from his childhood, balanced his diet and gained confidence.

Ryan Seacrest schedules his workouts and ensures they are not cancelled. This is a part of his schedule. He has a locker in two separate hotels in Los Angeles where he keeps clothing and workout gear. This ensures he can work out even if there is no time for the gym. He simply has a fast workout, showers and moves on. Ryan Seacrest, who’s also a producer, tries to spend five hours each week at the gym. He loves food, so he balances his eating with exercise. He has different trainers for core workouts and circuit workouts. This encompasses basic sit-ups and pushups, large core balls and a stationary bike. He swims when he can and finds it relaxing. This also helps an elbow and knee injury from the past.

The radio and TV host, Ryan Seacrest, enjoys vegetable juices and crunchy foods. He loves almonds and often snacks on them from mini bars. He admits he gets excited over tacos, penne pasta and Mexican food including cheese enchiladas. He enjoys good food and even eats pizza occasionally. He remembers being a bit overweight as a kid and being teased. This is his motivation to remain fit as an adult. This has given him satisfaction and confidence. Ryan Seacrest believes in emotional and physical balance. He realizes it is difficult to accomplish but believes balancing a career, family and diet is achievable. This is something he focuses on in his life. He does not feel his age and he responds to certain exercises. He did not stretch for many years and this left him a bit sore. He makes an effort to remain on track and focused.

Here’s the full details on Seacrest’s radio show: https://onairwithryan.iheart.com/

Adam Milstein’s Inspirational Articles Talk About Fighting For The Strength Of Israel

Adam Milstein often writes articles about how young Jews can become leaders and sometimes points to historical leaders who fought to preserve Israel’s history over the years, including the Maccabees. One of the most common issues he speaks about is antisemitism which he says has quietly gained footholds in various liberal universities across the US, and he says one reason for this is because groups affiliated with Hamas and the Muslim brotherhood have infiltrated activist groups. Milstein says Jewish-Americans need to be ready to fight against these groups not only possibly in physical combat, but in using the weapons of modern journalism and informing people. He also says they should be ready to call members of congress to make sure no laws are passed that would advocate boycotting Israel.

Adam Milstein calling for Israeli-Americans to rise up against the enemies of Israel may be something he does frequently due to bearing arms as a former member of the IDF. His father had fought for Israel back in the war of independence of 1948 and he followed that same path when he became 18. After he finished his military service, he went college at the Technion Institute of Technology to complete his business training. After receiving his bachelor’s degree, he moved to the US with his wife Gila and daughters, and he completed his master’s degree at USC. Adam Milstein decided to go into real estate since it had a big chance for him to make money despite its risks. He became Managing Partner of a billion-dollar real estate firm known as Hager Pacific Properties.

Adam Milstein spends his time outside the offices of his company involved in philanthropy and campus activism groups. He cofounded the Milstein Family Foundation in 2000 which heads most of his philanthropy, and in 2007 he helped found the Israeli-American Council where he presides as Chairman. One of his favorite ways to promote Jewish activism is through videos, and he’s been a host of a video competition known as Inspired by Israel. His blogs on Jewish culture and issues have been written through the Jerusalem Post, the Times of Israle, Jewish Telegraphic Agency and Jewish News Syndicate.


Business icon David Giertz is Making an Impact in Florida

David Giertz is a financial service provider, president of Nationwide commercial sales and distribution organization. He leads in offering retirement plans, life insurance, annuities, specialty markets and mutual funds strategies and distributions. He leads financial institutions bank channel and a business mentor with World Association of Business Coaches. He is also working with community organizations and chaired some fiscal committees. He started his career at Citigroup as a financial adviser. He later progressed as a director to the executive vice president of sales.

In an interview feat on ideamensch.com he urges people to network and build an extensive network of people firm differ places in the world. This could be done by identifying more mentors with different stories of success. Those people will make the ideas better and new information required in the field.

David Giertz says that the major strategies in business are working hard and being positive. He used his experience and skills, but there were loopholes, he had to work hard and bring in more resources for financial success. Focusing on the positive inspires other people. Learning something new and valuing change is also a value to his development.

He was inspired to start his business when most employees left the company. They left because they were underestimated by the management. He held a conference where the employees interacted with the managers. The meeting helped the company to gain more ideas, and eventually, it will grow.

David Giertz values the place of technology in business. This means that entrepreneurs should keep in touch with the latest techniques. This will not only make it more prestigious, but it also increases the levels of productivity. Technology is useful when uses together with a competent human resource. Technology has also brought new trends in marketing. Its speed is also tremendous; it helps organizations work efficiently. This makes them competitive.