Paul Mampilly Reveals Where He Sees The Economy Going In 2019

Former Wall Street hedge fund manager Paul Mampilly has forecast where business is going in 2019. He shared this information publicly in order to help other investors make good investment decisions this year. Here are some of his thoughts on where things are headed.

Homes will stop appreciating as much

Homes have been appreciating by a lot each year for the past decade. They have been going up nationally by between 5% and 7% each year which has helped homeowners increase their net worth. Paul Mampilly says that he expects home prices to only go up by 1.5% in 2019, though, and by similar amounts over at least the next few years.

He says that this slowdown in home prices will have far-reaching effects on the overall economy. Real estate company profits will be negatively impacted and homeowners will need to stay put for longer in order to build equity. This will result in less spending overall and the entire economy will be affected.

The Internet of Things will continue to evolve and expand

He sees IoT as continuing to grow and be adopted by more and more people Paul Mampilly says that edge computing will really move things along. Edge computing is getting computational processes moved as close to internet-connected devices as possible. This really speeds up devices and allows them to do a lot more in a shorter time.

This edge computing will result in better artificial intelligence. New products will come out that advance the state of AI and how it can help people. It will also result in devices becoming less expensive and more accessible.

Sustainable investing will become even more common

Paul Mampilly stated that investing on a sustainable basis will become even more common in 2019. This is investing in companies that operated in socially and environmentally friendly ways. He thinks that this way of investing will increase to 40% of investors portfolios in 2019 and grow even more in the years ahead.

He sees sustainable investing as something that will keep growing until the next major economic change occurs. Broadening the Tree of Wealth With Paul Mampilly and Banyan Hill Publishing

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Wes Edens: Investing in Green Energy To Conserve The Environment

Wesley Edens has been working at Fortress Investment Group for almost thirty years now. Fortress Group is a major asset manager around the world that has dominated the industry for the last twenty years after incorporating radical strategies to dominate the market and outperform other organizations working in the same industry. Under his leadership, Fortress Group has been able to acquire some of the largest assets such as media and entertainment companies, real estate properties, and healthcare facilities. However, the co-founder of Fortress Group seems to be taking a different perspective by trying to push the company to the next level. Edens is not currently focused on expanding the asset base of the organization but is gearing towards investing in the energy sector. The energy sector has been gaining attraction from investors in the current market due to the increased demand for energy used in powering the companies and for domestic use.

This is an opportunity for investors who would like to reap big and get their investments back within a short period. However, Wes Edens is not investing in the common electricity generation but has channeled his resources and energy in investing in green energy. There has been an outcry from various environmental organizations that the common sources of energy have been destroying the water catchment areas while at the same time making the environment not conducive. This explains why Wes Edens has considered generating green energy that is clean to use both at home and to the plants. One energy plant has already been established at Miami, and it is expected that the plant will supplement the main grid in supplying sufficient energy to the residents if the city. A New Fortress Energy plant has already been established at Jamaica with the aim of producing liquefied natural gas to the residents.

The plant is anticipated to begin operating in the next few years. Wes Edens stood with Fortress Investment Group during the infamous economic crisis of 2008. Together with the other co-principals of the organization, Wes provided the moral and financial support that was necessary to protect the company from collapsing as it had happened to many other companies in the investment management industry. It was Wes who supported the company when it was going public in 2007. After the decision had been made by Peter Briger to announce their IPO, many stakeholders of the company remained skeptical about the move but Wes Edens remained supportive.

Creator of Southridge:Stephen M. Hicks

Southridge is an East Coast, Connecticut, private Equity Firm that provides Investment Banking and securities brokerage services. It was founded in 1996 and is still operating today. The number of employees are between 11 and 50.


You can locate their website at besides their website, you can also find them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


The founder and CEO of Southridge is Stephen M. Hicks. He has over 30 years experience in financial structuring, derivatives, risk arbitration, and investment banking, he attended King’s College in Briarcliff Manor, New York where he received his BS in Business Administration. Moving on to get his MBA from the for him University in New York City. For more details visit Bloomberg.


Mr. Hicks has stated the ideal for Southridge Capital came while he was working on a small New York hedge fund. Now he’s day typically starts with reviewing the portfolios and making a list of items to accomplish for both himself and his staff. And then divides his time between looking for new opportunities and making sure the existing Investments are on track. When asked how you bring ideas to life? He stated experience. He is also stated that the one Trend that excites him right at the moment is cryptocurrency and pot. You can visit



When I asked what a habit of yours makes you more productive as an entrepreneur he stated that daily list and focus on cash proceeds for the portfolio each day. If you had any advice to give his younger self it would be to do less deals and focus on cash instead of returning never put good money after bad. He is also stated that the biographical history of Rockefeller, Titan, is inspirational. It shows who he was and his successes and failures experienced along the way. A book he seems to live by.



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Important lessons from an entrepreneur Chris Burch

Chris Burch is an entrepreneur and active investor. He is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. The joinery of entrepreneurship and business has taken him nearly forty years to achieve the wealth and companies he owns. The involvement in many business and investments is a good idea in spreading risks in various markets where higher returns are expected. More to read on

Brands which Chris Burch has invested in

Burch is known for his love in lifestyle and hospitality businesses. His brands in these industries include Tory Burch, Faena Hotel+ Universe, jawbone among others. He began his investment by partnering with the owner of Faena Hotel which is found in Indonesia and funded the renovations. The hotel later rose to the first rank in 2012. In 2014, he helped Ellen DeGeneres launch her lifestyle brand and also launched Cacoon9 which are luxurious prefab houses for visitors. Related articles on

Where did the name Burch Creative Capital originate from?

Burch loves interacting with people and studying what people like. The idea was developed from observation in different market scenarios and finding what kind of products people desire. Observations on how new products can be made or improving existing ones are where he comes in. he provides finances to young entrepreneurs with great ideas that have a life changing impact to people. Over the years, he has funded many investors with capital and funds have continued to grow.  Check this on this useful link.

Lessons learn from Chris Burch about success

  • The most significant lesson if you want to be successful is always to listen. It is a way of learning new things and understanding what people need to live better lives.
  • Observation and ability to read other people mind. Burch says his main strength and success as an entrepreneur is the ability to read people and understand products or services they need. For instances, there is a growing demand for smaller and portable houses which is the reason why he invested in Cacoon9.
  • Taking risks: if you want to be a successful entrepreneur risks are unavoidable. Taking a risk is the ground-breaker for any serious investor, and the journey is never easy. Burch says failures will come about, but you have to stay focused on your goal and plan.
  • Having no regrets: Chris Burch is successful, and it can be proved by his wide investment in many fields. He has no regrets for all failures and achievements he has accomplished over the period he has been in business. For updates on his recent timeline activities, click

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