Rocketship Education Redefining Public Education in the US

The gap between the rich and the poor is widening for a number of reasons including increased cost of living and lack of job opportunities for the poor. As a result, chances of children from poor families succeeding in life have also significantly decreased. However, there is a way out of the cycle of poverty,, and that is through improving the quality of public education. This is what Rocketship Education aims to do in San Jose and a number of other states in the US.

What Rocketship Education does differently is the involvement of parents, educators and community educators in designing a good education system for the children. The first Rocketship school was launched in 2007, and today, there are more than 18 charter schools in various parts of the US. The schools enable their students to get an extra month of learning every school year and this greatly boosts their performance. The schools also prepare the students for college in various ways.

Another unique thing about Rocketship Education charter schools is the involvement of parents in the selection of teachers for the schools. A few parents are selected and trained on how to interview teachers. Parents also get a chance to meet their children’s teachers before the school year begins. The active involvement of parents in various activities at the Rocketship Education charter schools has been a big contributor to the success of the schools. Many organizations are supporting Rocketship Education in various ways. For example, Facebook and Netflix have both made huge contributions to the organization to invest in technology and other resources so that the schools can perform even better.


The increased interest in improving public education in the country through charter schools is proving to be very beneficial, especially to children from poor families. This is because these children, who would otherwise have ended up getting poor quality education from the existing public schools, are now being given a chance to compete with more privileged children on a level platform. Rocketship CEO, Mr. Preston Smith, is greatly impressed with the progress the organization has made and plans to open more charter schools in the US.