OSI Food Solutions Dominance in the Food Supply Industry

OSI Food Solutions has had a remarkable growth success ever since it was founded in 1909. It now operates in 17 countries and runs over 65 facilities creating a workforce of more than 20,000 employees. The company now ranks as one of the most prominent organizations in the entire world. Having started as a small business OSI Food Solutions is now a global food supply company that is known all over.

The organization has been very keen on growth and continues to expand its services and products to meet the evolving tastes of the market. OSI Food Solutions tries as much as possible to remain one step ahead of the current trends to match up with what their consumers want the most. The desire to be the best has led to the company’s global expansion that other competitors cannot match up.

When expanding, most companies think they can operate their new facilities in the same way they do in their home country. OSI takes this into account and understands that to be successful, it has to treat every market differently. That’s why OSI operates like a local company in many aspects, and that has enabled it to remain productive and efficient in many locations around the world.

Like with every other company that is interested in growing big, OSI Food Solutions has entered or acquired joint ventures. This has been in the likes of processing plants, farms, poultry processing facilities, and warehouses. The company operates North America, Europe and other areas in the world. The company also has additional facilities in China, Australia, and India. It also runs a joint venture in the Philippines referred to as GenOSI.

As part of the growth plan, this company has expanded its poultry business in the US, China, and Europe. This expansion makes OSI a respected food production company in the entire world. It also leads to the creation of jobs to the local communities something OSI is very proud of. The company value its customer base and strives to meet their specifications in all means possible.

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OSI Food Solutions receives recognition from British Safety Council

The rise of OSI Food Solutions cannot be ignored in the modern business environment. It is an organization that has managed to achieve the highest level of excellence by focusing on innovativeness, customer satisfaction, and great leadership. Under the leadership of CEO Sheldon Lavin, and president David McDonald, this business is able to capture the needs of consumers. OSI has a presence in 17 different countries around the world. This means that it has access to millions of customers who always looking out for products that meet their tastes and preferences. In order to ensure that every customer is satisfied, the company has embarked on an expansion journey that will see the company concentrate more on the satisfaction of the customer.

OSI Food Solutions has received recognition from various quarters for its role in promoting sustainability in production. According to Sheldon Lavin, he is determined to utilize production methods that not only make up the production process efficient but also protect the environment. By embracing sustainability, the energy consumption in various production facilities that the company runs is expected to go down significantly and at the same time reduce emissions.

Due to the commitment that this company has towards adopting sustainability and environmental protection, it has received the Globe of Honour award from the British Safety Council as an award that recognizes businesses that are taking the necessary measures to ensure safe production environment.

OSI Food Solutions has been applying different measures that will see its products reach to every corner of the world. With 65 production facilities in 17 countries, the goal of reaching out to as many customers as possible is real. In recent years, they have moved to another step of acquiring businesses that have been in business previously. Apart from that, they have also embarked on the process of expanding the existing production facilities so that he can meet the demands coming from their customers today. It is true that the demands of the customers a decade ago are not the same as today.

OSI Food Solutions has acquired a Dutch company known as Baho Foods and U.K based company known as Flagship Europe. The latter has since been renamed Creative Food Europe.

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The outstanding career of Sheldon Lavin

As the chief executive officer of the famous OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin continues to build a good reputation for the company through the various projects he has launched for its benefit. He also serves as the chairman of the company, and throughout his career, he has always striven to engage in activities that positively influence the firm. He became part of the company in the early 1970s, and since taking up his role, he has striven to play a role in the firm’s management to ensure that it continues to be the leading food supplier in the country.

The leadership of Sheldon Lavin in the firm was as a result of the high shares he used to have in the company. He acquired a top position in the firm, and he has continued to bring integrity and ethical leadership in the company. Besides focusing on hard work, he is also a compassionate leader who strives to address the welfare of others.

As a philanthropist, Sheldon Lavin has helped a vast number of people acquire better lives through contribution funds for education, better housing, and provision of all the basic needs. Through the funds, he has also eliminated poverty and instead brought about equality and equity among people. He has taught many leaders, and well up individuals to be their brother’s keeper. The United Negro College Fund is among the major beneficiaries of the contributions of Sheldon Lavin to charity. He has been apprehended by many people for his humility, and this has encouraged him to continue working hard for the benefit of other people in society. As a result of his efforts, Sheldon Lavin has received numerous awards. He received the Global visionary award as an appreciation of his perseverance and excellent contributions to the building of the economy through the creation of job opportunities for people in various parts of the globe. The renowned leader has continued to come up with better ways to ensure that the firm grows and establishes its affiliates in other parts through adopting change and innovative steps for the sake of the growth of OSI Group.

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How OSI Group Dominated the Market

McDonald, that sources food from OSI Group, is a good example of a food processing company that is well-known because of their delicious fries, hamburgers and burgers. The company was introduced some decades back and currently its success is evident based on the significant number of food stores and outlets around the United States.

With such an influence in the consumer market, one thing you should expect critics from other competitors. Since the foods offered are fast foods, we tend to think that the foods are high in ingredients and species. Foods in McDonald are made with minimal or no species at all and below are some of the steps followed by this food company in making hamburger; one of their top foods.

Hygiene is Essential

For any food company such as OSI Group and not only in McDonald, hygiene is important. You are producing consumable products and a small error in hygiene could have negative impacts to your consumers and overall business as well.

Once a McDonald worker is reported to be sick, they are given a sick-off period to visit a doctor and they have to fully recover before they can return back to work. Working with an healthy employee is one way of maintaining the company’s hygiene. Apart from health wise of the employee, essentials such as wearing the required gears is also essential.

The Meat is then Checked

Hamburgers is basically made of meat and before they start making this food, the first step is to ensure the meat has no bones. McDonald get their meat from a number of slaughterhouses and before the meat is used, the company first checks if it is contaminated.

Once the meat is checked for contamination and bones, the meat is then passed through a special machinery where it is minced. The machine is also responsible to ensure any remaining small bones in the meat are gotten rid off.

After confirmation that the minced meat is ready, the meat is then placed in special separate containers where it is shaped into burger parties. Since the meat is at large quantity, you will need a storage unit to prevent it from going bad and in McDonald, there cold machineries specifically used for keeping the burger parties from going bad. Such machineries are found in OSI Group.

Hamburgers are mostly made of meat and abit of vegetables and usually are from OSI Group that do not need additional species. After the minced meat are shaped into the burger parties, they are then cooked over a medium temperature pan before they are naturally packed and transported to their different outlets.

An Overview of OSI Group

The implementation of proper strategies mainly fuels the growth of a corporation. OSI Group’s growth is attributed to the formation of partnerships, appropriate strategies, and good governance. The partnership with companies such as the McDonalds in the 19th century impacted the company’s profit margins as well as its international growth. With a strong presence in more than 17 countries globally, OSI Group has offered employment opportunities to more than 20,000 individuals in their 65 food processing plants.

OSI witnessed the importance of cutting-edge technology as from the 1960s when the company started using liquid nitrogen as a food preservative. Since OSI could not transport meat products anywhere around the world, this was an excellent opportunity to enhance the company’s expansion. Mergers and acquisitions have propelled OSI Group’s strong international presence. Additionally, the corporation works together with the research and development team based in Chicago to stay up to date with the consumer preferences of their worldwide client base.

Recently, OSI Group doubled the poultry production in Toledo, Spain by investing €17 million. By producing 24,000 tons annually, the company has been able to satisfy the enormous demand for poultry products in Spain. The expansion has also benefited the locals who were in pursuit of employment. Because OSI Group emphasizes about sustainability, the company incorporates recent forms of technology that guarantee efficient food production with a minor impact on the environment. OSI also purchased Flagship Europe and Baho Food as a strategy to strengthen their presence in Europe. The company also merged with a food processing company based in the Philippines to form GenOSI. To know more about the company click here.

OSI Group’s headquarter is situated in Aurora, Illinois. Since 1909, the company’s positive reputation has stayed afloat thanks to the able leadership of Otto Kolschowsky as well as Sheldon Lavin who is among the current executives within the company. OSI has also revolutionized the food processing industry through sustainability. The executives within the company have also fueled OSI’s growth by embracing the company’s culture. Additionally, the company has attracted numerous clients by providing them with a variety of meat products ranging from pork, beef, and poultry products. OSI also deals with renowned food retailers.


The Full Scoop on OSI Group McDonalds

In the world of global expansions, hostile corporate takeover, and mergers and acquisitions in which we currently live, there exists one food processing giant which is not quite so hostile and which takes a family-first approach to business. Born out of 1950’s Chicago from a few German immigrant meat-packers, Otto and Sons grew up coincidentally around the same time that the world famous Ray Kroc started his first McDonalds franchise location in Des Plaines, Illinois. Because of the proximity of the two locations to one another, McDonald’s naturally was in search for a meat supplier who could be diligent and trusted to supply the growing needs of their wild success. With Germans always being trusted and known for their attention to details in the car industry since the dawn of the twentieth century, it’s no wonder that McDonald’s stuck with Otto and Sons. Visit their website at osigroup.com to learn more.

In 1975, with the company looking to expand their wings, they hired a new CEO names Sheldon Lavin and they shortened their name to OSI Group McDonalds. Armed with the utmost professionally-sounding name, a new CEO, and a genius in the Animal Sciences world (David McDonald), the company thereafter saw enormous growth and has been able to provide jobs for 20,000 people in 17 countries, spread across 65 different plant locations.

Attributing their success to their ability to stay private, and to their family-first values, COO of OSI Group McDonalds (David McDonald) had this to say about the longevity of the organization. “It is important to note that, within OSI, we value family. Our people and our customers are viewed as family. The products that we make should be good enough to serve to our respective families proudly.” Cleary, the family first approach has worked well for OSI Group McDonalds..

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An Overview Of The Growth Of OSI Group McDonalds

In 1909, Otto Kolschowsky ventured into the meat retail market. He owned a butcher shop that was situated in Chicago, Illinois. After ten years, Otto Kolschowsky delved into the wholesale sector. Otto’s business grew profoundly, and he decided to seek assistance from his sons- Arthur and Harry. With his sons as part of the company, Otto Kolschowsky rebranded the corporation into Otto & Sons.

OSI and McDonalds Enter Into an Agreement

Ray Kroc, a franchise agent, launched the first McDonald’s restaurant in 1955. He utilized his knowledge in franchising to expand the McDonald’s business entity. Before officially opening the first McDonald’s restaurant, Kroc contracted OSI Group to become their supplier of processed meat products.

OSI Group McDonalds took the deal. Since Ray Kroc was a franchise agent, he used his skill set to fuel the growth of the McDonald’s restaurants. With time, the McDonald’s restaurant became widespread. Although OSI Group received bulk orders for the supply of processed meat products, the company experienced challenges when ferrying meat products to the McDonalds restaurants that were far from their food processing facilities.

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OSI Group McDonalds makes use of Technology

OSI Group McDonalds was encountering challenges when trying to deliver fresh products to some of the McDonalds restaurants. To ensure that the partnership would stay afloat, OSI Group McDonalds had to seek a solution. After searching for some time, OSI Group came across a food preservation process that involved the use of liquid nitrogen. Scientists referred to this concept as flash freezing.

After the breakthrough, the partnership between the two entities blossomed even more. Eventually, McDonalds and OSI Group grew into international companies. Otto Kolschowsky and his sons- Arthur and Harry led the company for many years. When they approached their retirement age, they handed over the company’s leadership to Sheldon Lavin.

In the 1970s, Sheldon Lavin became a managing partner and the CEO of OSI Group. Before joining OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin was an investment consultant. He offered his services to OSI Group in the 1970s when OSI Group was seeking funds to fuel the company’s growth. While serving as the CEO, Sheldon Lavin has carried on OSI Group McDonalds vision of global development.

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OSI Industries Awards Over the Years

As one of the most reputable food companies, OSI Industries facilities have received many rewards since Sheldon Lavin started leading the industry. For starters, OSI Food Solutions UK was awarded a 2017 International Safety Awarded that was presented by the British Safety Council. The award aims at recognizing OSI Industries for its commitment to ensuring maximum workplace health and safety management. This was the eleventh time that British Safety Council recognized this food company since 2006 for its excellent job in health and safety management.

British Safety Council also honored OSI SI Food Solution UK facility with the Globe Honor Award in 2013, 2015 and 2016. This prize honors companies that have shown incredible environmental management. To top it all, BSC recognized the facility with the Sword Honor award in 215 to honor them for their great work safety management.

OSI Industries Europe plants have also received more awards in recent years. For example, in 2017, Alpenrind-Salzburg, a plant based in Austria won both the silver and bronze award awarded during the World Steak Challenge. Moreover, in 2015, OSI Food Solutions Poland got the first award during the National Labor Inspectorate Awards. This is an award that honors businesses for showing incredible safety record and for maintaining a good employee’s health and for following all the legal requirements.

What’s more? OSI Food Solutions Germany received the Prize of Honor from Food Products in North Rhine-Westphalia in 2014. The facility also won a gold medal for the Product Quality award in 2015.

The awards received by OSI Industries are countless. They have also been seen working extra hard to expand their operations globally. Like in 2016, the company bought a storage warehouse and processing facility in Chicago, bought Baho Food and in January 2018, they renamed the Flagship Food Group to Creative Foods Europe.

OSI Industries aims at increasing its capacity to produce foods and ensuring that it can fulfill all the needs of its customers worldwide and it has surely shown excellent results in that.

A Short History of the OSI Group

Osi Group is one of the largest suppliers of food products worldwide. Founded in 1928 under the moniker Otto & Sons it quickly gained local notoriety for offering quality meats. OSI began to reach a new height in the mid 1950’s when it began supplying meat patties to then up-start Mcdonald’s. The partnership between the two companies grew so strong over the years that OSI began relying heavily on the business of supplying beef to local McDonald’s restaurants.

In the early 1970’s OSI Group sought out funding to build a meat processing facility and become the Midwest supplier of hamburgers to McDonald’s Corporation. Shortly after the implementation of cryogenic food processing revolutionizing the fast food industry, Mcdonald’s no longer had the need for its large network of fresh beef suppliers. Mcdonald’s decided to shift from a network of roughly 150-200 fresh beef suppliers to only relying on four meat suppliers. OSI was chosen to be one of the four meat suppliers.

In 1975 OSI started looking into overseas investment opportunities. OSI expanded its business across North America and parts of Europe and continued its expansion plans into the 1980’s building facilities in South America and Taiwan. Click here to know more.

In the 1980’s OSI Chairman and CEO Sheldon took full control over the company’s direction and gained 100% voting control once the last remaining original owner decided to sell out. Lavin wanted to make sure OSI reached its full potential once he took control in the 1980’s. Though he started his career in finance he had no plans of returning to his former profession and dedicated his energy to building OSI into something big. Under Lavin OSI expanded into the Philippines, China, Australia, Japan, India and South Africa.

In 2016 OSI won the 2016 Globe of Honor Award by the British Safety Council. Today the global food supplier employs more than 20,000 individuals worldwide.

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Why OSI Group Is Such An Important Company

When you go to a fast food restaurant you probably don’t think a whole lot about where the food came from or how it was prepared, but the truth is a lot of work has been done to prepare it at processing plants that use high-tech equipment.

One company that runs many of these plants is OSI Group, a meat and special foods processing company based in Chicago. OSI Group has operations all over the globe and they distribute their foods through local businessmen who know the markets and know what customers in different regions expect from different foods.

OSI Group began back in 1909 by a German immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky. He was a butcher by trade who opened a shop that stayed in the family for many years. The meats at this shop were of superb quality that the shop stayed in business even during the tough years of the Great Depression. In the 1950s, OSI Group became the chief supplier for the McDonalds fast food franchise, a relationship they’ve had for many years. But they’ve also supplied many other fast food restaurants and supermarkets since then.

OSI Group has acquired a lot of processing plants and even acquired food distribution companies across the globe. But unlike other major corporations, OSI Group often seeks to retain employees and managers at those companies and help fund them to grow their customer base. Some notable acquisitions OSI Group has made include Baho Foods and Flagship Europe. OSI Group also takes safety and environmental responsibility very seriously, and just this last year they were given the Globe of Honour at a conference hosted by the British Safety Council for responsible food manufacturing and safe employee practices. OSI Group has also been active in the community and supports the Ronald McDonald House Charities for young children with illnesses.