Southridge Capital Provides the best shot in Financial Advisory Service

Based on newswire, Southridge Capital has grown into a respected financial advisory and asset management company. It is based in Connecticut. It has amassed experience, skill, and personnel to deal with a host of clients with diverse investment needs. Southridge Capital specializes in alternative asset ideas that few people know about. The company was started with an aim to reach out to groups that were not attended to by the mainstream financial services companies. It has an exceptional team of experts that it relies on for that exceptional performance that separates them from the regular and traditional equity, financial services, and asset management entities.

Southridge Capital Investments

Southridge Capital has, so far, invested over $1.8 billion in companies it considers are growth organizations with the potential to grow into large businesses. The focus by Southridge Capital is different from what the rest of the players on the market are doing. They have pledged to walk with the startup companies to the end of their dreams. The company started its activities in 1996. It has, so far, invested in over 250 public firms. The staff at Southridge is fully aware of the ups and downs that startup companies face in the rough business terrain. They have, therefore, assembled the most competent teams of experts to handle the most complex of corporate issues. The company also specializes in documentation preparation and processing private company portfolios so that they can be turned into public companies.

Southridge Capital Services

Southridge takes care of a broad range of financial advisory and investment needs. It has a trained crew that handles financial analysis. Southridge offers tailor-made solutions that are in tandem with the need of an organization. The company has a strong leadership team that includes Stephen Hicks as its head. He is in charge of the company vision. He is expected to lead the company into new horizons. He is a founding Principal of Southridge. Therefore, it is only natural that he will put forth his best foot to make sure that Southridge Capital achieves its long and short-term objectives. Narine Persaud is in charge of the Finance Department. He is the one that oversees the accounting processes of the firm. The company happens to be one of the few financial services and investment advisory organizations with a solid advisory team. The research section is headed by the able Laurence Ditkof. The three are only some of the team members of Southridge Capital that have led it to achieve most of its initial objectives so far. You can checkout for more details.


What you should know about Vincent Parascandola the President of AXA

Vincent Parascandola went to Pace University in New York where he got a degree in Bachelor of Science. He is the senior executive Vice President of AXA Advisors. His role in the company is to grow and develop over 225 financial professionals found in the area of Central New Jersey. He is in charge of hiring and training new advisors of the company and ensuring there is an overall growth in sales by improving the productivity of the producers that are already existing. Vincent also ensures that the firm has maintained a profit margin. He is ideal for this position since he has over 25 years of expertise working in the financial consulting industry. This is one of the factors that makes him highly skilled and qualified to deal with the affairs of AXA Advisory.

Before joining AXA, Parascandola was an agent of Prudential Company and this is where he started his career after university. He has also worked with MONY which is a life insurance company and here, he has held numerous management position where he did a good job and made a name for himself. It was after this that he joined AXA and was given the position of the divisional president.

Before getting the administrative position in AXA, Vincent Parascandola was the president of Advantage group which is a part of AXA. He also operated as an assistant manager at AXA Company whose branch is New York Metro Branch. This branch has a record of almost four hundred financial officials. The management of such a huge number of people is only effective if the one doing it has exceptional skills in leadership. While working, Parascadola has been recognized by some award companies like GAMA Career Development and the Award of Master Agency. Other than planning and hard work, he is also known as a speaker that is eloquent, and in fact, he has been sought to talk to different companies and conferences like the GAMA Career development, LIMRA’s Distribution conference, and Master Agency Award. He is also the one who talks to the press on behalf of the company. He is not only all rounded but he also does a good job.