Todd Lubar Reveals All You Need to Know About Real Estate in Baltimore

Todd Lubar, an expert real estate developer who services Baltimore and the surrounding areas, says that Baltimore is doing really well when it comes to real estate, especially because of all the young people who are moving into the city. He explains that young people are moving in because of the affordable cost of living, especially compared to Washington, DC. In addition, there is a trend to turn old buildings into new buildings. Many real estate developers are rushing to prepare apartments for these young people, and they are also looking to provide them with the other kinds of things that they want.

There is a large diversity of housing options. Also, people are pushing to build restaurants and other things that young people can enjoy next to the new living complexes. Also, public transportation is being improved in Baltimore, so the cost of living is only expected to go down for people who can not afford a car or who do not want to pay for parking. Check out Inspirery to know more.

Business is another thing that is going up in Baltimore. Many young professionals who are college graduates are moving into the area. In addition, there are many startups that are starting to bloom. An example of this would be the Old Armory building, which was now turned into a startup gym and fitness center. This is also an example of how old building are being renovated and turned into new buildings. Some are being turned into local establishments that cater to the young people moving in, while others are being turned into luxury apartment buildings or affordable apartment buildings.  Visit to know more.

Todd Lubar is the President of TDL Global Ventures and the Senior Vice President at Legendary Investments. He has over twenty years of experience with real estate, and he has experience in various other industries as well. He has been ranked among the top twenty five mortgage originators in the United States.

Todd Lubar founded TDL Global Ventures because he wanted to provide people with relief. Todd realized people needed this after he worked for twenty years in the real estate sector and saw how difficult it was for people to get a home.

Eric Pulier’s Blueprint Of Success

Everyone has something about themselves that stand out. It may be to a subtle degree, but everyone has a forte. Information technology is one of the most demanding, profitable and fascinating industries on earth. It produces some of the very products, which can be used for fun or be used for practical purposes. Technology is intertwined in most peoples lives, but most people don’t even know who the creator of the actual product they’re using.

Technologist and Futurist Eric Pulier has had a hand in numerous advantageous projects. He has worked along side of former Vice President Al Gore for a number of prominent forums, and he’s worked with former President Bill Clinton during his actual inauguration.

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Technology-based solutions are Eric Pulier’s weapon of choice, and he has used it to the fullest and across many different fields of work. People Doing Things, Eric Pulier’s founded company, was heaven sent for the healthcare and education fields as it provided the perfect solutions for these business sectors to fully function well. He has brought in advanced technology to poor and underserved communities. Pulier has created and developed multimedia educational programs for people who suffer from physical disabilities. This guy has certainly done his part for mankind and it doesn’t look like he’s stopping any time soon. In 2010, Pulier was the top billed honoree in New York City at the “Doctors For Africa” benefit. Service Mesh Incorporated, Digital Evolution, U.S. Interactive, FLY, XPRIZE and Desktone were all founded or co-founded by this guy. Pulier’s mind is on another level. He has once stated that “creativity can come from connecting different links between concepts.” In other words, the power of persistence can help in the production of a creative outcome.

Whatever the case may be and how ever he comes up with these concepts may remain a mystery to many. For those who understand Pulier’s logic, the sky is the limit.

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Nathaniel Ru Talks About Sweetgreen’s Success In The Competitive Fast Food Industry

Sweetgreen has rapidly become a household name in the fast food industry. The chain offers healthy, fresh, organic and local salads, which are also affordable. Their menu has attracted long lines at all their restaurants. Sweetgreen was featured in The Fortune Entrepreneurs list. It is supported by renowned investors like Danny Meyer, Daniel Boulud and Steve Case. The magic brand is owned and managed by three entrepreneurs, Nathaniel Ru, Nicolas Jammet, and Jonathan Neman, who all serve as co-CEOs of the company. Learn more:

The trio met at Georgetown University where they studied entrepreneurship. They also come from entrepreneurial backgrounds considering that all their parents run their own businesses. They combined their rich entrepreneurial expertise and the lack of healthy eating options in Georgetown to incorporate Sweetgreen. They opened their first restaurant in 2007 after graduating. The highly committed partners have grown the brand to 40 locations in Washington, California and New York. Unlike other brands, Sweetgreen operates without corporate headquarters. According to Nathaniel Ru, they focus on decentralizing their headcount. The success of Sweetgreen is a reflection of the trio’s outstanding management strategies that focuses on staying close to customers by them with innovative menus.

About Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel holds a BS in finance from the esteemed McDonough School of Business of Georgetown University. Riding on the success of Sweetgreen, Nathaniel Ru and his business partners launched Sweetlife (SWTLF), a regional music and food festival. Ru is the principal of SWTLF. Sweetlife attracts over 20,000 people, including high profile musicians, food professionals, farmers, local purveyors and food trucks. The event seeks to promote healthy living, community and sustainability. Nathaniel Ru has other personal investments, including Eatpops, MeUndies, LOLA, and Bond Street. Learn more:

Nathaniel Ru featured as a guest speaker during the PSFK 2017 conference, which was held on May 19th. The visionary leader said that Sweetgreen has been built on the foundation of human connection since he believes that food and eating are social practices that need to be cultivated. He insisted that offering customers unique and tailored experiences is essential in the success of any brand. In order to succeed, brands need to embrace evolution by following the lead of Mother Nature. Ru posited that Sweetgreen has five menus that change with the different seasons in a year. This strategy allows for flexibility and innovation. Nathaniel said that technology is an important aspect of building a brand, as it enhances innovation for human connection. Lastly, brands should offer customers experiences with a touch of style and substance. Learn more: