How has Eva Moskowitz defined success at Success Academy?

It is an undeniable fact that education is the key to the future. As much as this is true, not all education systems are the same. Success Academy, a Charter school founded in 2006 by Eva Moskowitz, is one that is changing the tides in the education systems. Recently, research proved that Success Academy students scored higher in Math and English scores compared with their counterparts in New York district school. What is more surprising is the fact that Success Academy enrolls students with challenged background both socially and education wise while the other schools enroll well-endowed and gifted kids. Therefore, how has Eva Moskowitz been able to pull all this success?


In Success Academy content is key


Being an education enthusiast Eva Moskowitz understands that the content you teach and how it is taught is very important to the success of a child. Success Academy focuses its curriculum on developing scholars. Studies are not only done in theory but also practically. For instance, Kindergartners are provided with blocks where they get to implement whatever is being taught in classes practically. In addition to this, Success Academy has employed a huge number of teachers and other caregivers thus reducing the high student-teacher ratio as it is the case with others district schools around New York.


Administration of education


According to the YouTube video by Eva Moskowitz, the other factor that is making Success Academy’s education superior compared to other academic institutions is how education is administered. A visit to the charter school will tell you that Eva Moskowitz is committed to excellence in education. Once you enter the school, you are greeted with an elegant school ambiance. Forget this; the school is jovial with teachers and scholars in a happy mood. Content wise, Success Academy has an extension of at least a third of the normal teaching rate with breaks in between. This allows scholars comprehend the content being taught in class.


The success at Success Academy Charter schools speaks volumes. Currently, this network has a total of 9,000 students in 32 schools all over New York and a projected increase of 13 schools and over 21,000 students. This will mean that our education system will improve greatly in no time.