Heather Parry: A Passion For Films

When you are working to produce a passionate film you want to make sure it is marketed right with so everyone can be on board to see it. Of course, you have to have a great production company willing to back it so that you can get the best advertising possible. Also, when films come up you want to interject what you know will make it a hit. If you have someone like Heather Parry in your corner, your movie will be just that.

Parry is responsible for producing films such as A Star Is Born, and Believer. She also owns well over 100 global music festivals and venues that help bring in a healthy revenue for the company. Any movie or music scene she touches turns to gold. Sean Puffy Combs has a documentary using her company Live Nation that was a success. Parry believes in getting behind films that she knows will be clear winners. Some of them are even Oscar-worthy. The way she is able to get in on a movie is basically finding out what is in production and if they need a company to back it. If you are celebrity needing a company to pour into the movie you are starting in or directing, Live Nation is who you need.

Parry does a fantastic job of choosing the hits that will make an impact on society. The entertainment industry has been very good to get. She is still looking forward to the movies and music venues that will need her company in the future. Projects are known to develop swiftly in her company and she gets right down to business making them have a global impact. You know her productions are good when they are grossing in the billions. Parry can get the job done.