How MB2 Dental Works

Dentistry is one of the most rewarding careers. However, most times, these industry is faced by many challenges that make it very difficult for solopreneurs to be successful. From problems of clinical dependency to lack of support and cohesion of employees. These are all problems that make it hard for independent dentistry practices to be successful.


MB2 Dental is one of the few companies that offers management services to the dentistry industry only. The company has over 70 affiliations in six states all over America. Additionally, the company employs over 600 employees who are charged with management of various dental practices.


MB2 Dental History


MB2 Dental was founded by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva who is an active dental practitioner. His main goal was to establish a firm that would help dentists who wanted to practice independently, to gain independence, revenue transparency, support for growth and development and create a community for colleagues and mentors to support each other.


Villanueva was inspired by the need to help dentists concentrate on their core jobs. Having tried his hand at being an independent practitioner, he knew that thriving without proper management was not easy. If dentists were to oversee every function, they would not have enough time to give their patients the attention that they need. It would be chaos if they handled everything. This would lead to poor service delivery and loss of clients. Additionally, money would be lost because managing finances and everything else, on your own is not easy.


Having identified this, Villanueva decided to start a company that would be dependable make practice management easy. That saw the birth of MB2 Dental. The company opened its doors to offer services such as accounting, credentialing, taxation, compliance, procurement, marketing, IT, business development recruitment and training.


The company is run by dentists who have in the past had trouble gaining autonomy of their practices. They therefore understand what it is that you need to help you have the energy and time to concentrate on treating your patients. They also understand that you are no expert in business management. Therefore, the company thrives in helping you with legal matters. Also, they help you market you practice and they do so in a very cost-effective manner. Other than that, they do the recruiting for you, train your staff and even manage your payroll.