EOS Lip Balm New Product Revealed

Taking care of your skin and overall health is very important. One part of your body that is often overlooked, but needs to be taken into consideration frequently, are your lips. It is important that all people keep their lips properly hydrated and protected from the sun. To do this, using a lip medication or lip balm on a regular basis would be very beneficial.

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Today, one of the best known producers and sellers of lip balm is EOS. EOS is a company that has a full line of lip balms, lotions, and other personal care products. These products are sold through the company website, through a number of superstores, and other brick and mortar health stores.

The EOS lip balm is very well known with consumers because of the quality of the product, read more. It comes in a variety of scents and flavors, which helps anyone get a type and flavor that they want. The most noticeable part of the product is its packaging. Each individual EOS lip balm comes in and individual container that is shaped like an egg. This helps it stand out against all other competing chapsticks and lip care products that come in a tube or stick.

While EOS lip balm has already been well known for its unique shape and size, the company is releasing a new line of lip balms that will be even more recognizable. EOS is now releasing a line of what lip balms that are going to come fully equipped with five essential oils, see also makeupalley.com. The new web medication will come in a similar packaging, but will look different when it is opened. As opposed to having the typical opaque looking ball, the new product will actually look like a crystal. Because of its appearance, the company is calling it a Crystal Lip Balm.

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