Richard Dwayne Blair, Wealth Solutions

Richard Dwayne Blair is a venture capitalist who obviously paid the price for where he is in life, and because of his hard work and dedication he is now the owner of Wealth Solutions located in Texas. He is an expert when it comes down to the financial side of things and he is thoroughly understanding and competent when looking over some of the financial statements that comes across his gaze. He grew up where the most important asset that one could achieve other than money itself was the asset of education. He was taught this truth by his grandmother and his mother when he was still a boy, and it was instilled inside of him ever since. On top of that he also showed an extensive aptitude for the art of investing and managing money as well. So with these combined things together he finished high school and arrived at college inside of a university in Houston. After leaving college with a degree in his hand he immediately went forth into his own journey of financial freedom and pursued building a business from the ground up. This business is named today as wealth solutions and they offer extensive research into the avenues that a company or investor could take to grow their money 10x. There are policies laid out by Richard Dwayne Blair when it comes to the conduct expected out of all the employees there who work for a paycheck. The first policy states that the customer must be greeted and spoken to in order to form a clientele relationship as well as gain useful information to know the kinds of strategies which they need to create on behalf of the customer. The second policy is to then create the policy that meets the customers criteria after the premium is paid. The third and final instruction to all employees who work there under Richard Dwayne Blair is to incessantly monitor the investments to ensure to productivity of the product that the customer has purchased under Wealth Solution. Wealth Solutions strives to demand from itself the excellence and the standards that are required each and every day to operate itself from the inside out.