Ashley Lightspeed

Ashley Lightspeed is a business professional who mainly deals with prototyping and helping companies to grow and prosper in the United States. She developed her passion of prototyping when she was still young as she used sitting together with her father who was an architect, She used to spend a lot of time at their garage building things and sketching ideas, and that was when she realized she had a real passion for prototyping.

Ashley Lightspeed is an alumnus of Duke University where she studied her bachelor’s degree in business between the years 2012 and 2016. She then studied her master’s degree in business at the Stanford Graduate School of Graduate between the years 2014 and 2016. Ashley Brasier started working with Bain Company, and this is where she began practicing her career. To know more about Ashley Lightspeed follow her at

Ashley Lightspeed later did more operational work at Silicon Valley before moving to Thumbtack Products Limited where she performed excellently. She was employed as the Category Manager and was responsible for customer service experience as well as growth within the Events and Wedding Categories. Ashley used prototyping in developing and improving the quality of the company’s products. According to her, Prototyping is an essential tool that an n entrepreneur ought to have.

Ashley Brasier worked for Thumbtack for several years, and later she left the firm and joined Lightspeed Venture Partners where she joined the Consumer Investing team. At Lightspeed, she is an advising and consultant officer who helps companies which are still at their early stages to grow. Ashley uses craftsmanship to develop and make the companies perform well and prosper. She currently has a partnership with the investment firm and helps businesspersons to build and build their business empires. Ashley has helped many companies and business since she started practising her career.

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Nicolas Krafft Service to L`Oreal Company

Nicolas Krafft is a graduate from the University of St Gallen where he earned his degree in Business management later he moved to INSEAD where he enrolled in the Corporate General management. Nicolas Krafft gained extensive shills on managing various businesses and ensuring that his investments are a success. He has served in L’Oréal company since 2002 and started by serving as the Marketing Director for the Kerastase, two years later Nicolas Krafft was relocated to serve the same role in Asia and in 2009 he was promoted to be the General manager. Currently, Nicolas Krafft is the Vice president for the global business development at L’Oréal, a global company that manufactures and sells various beauty products for both men and women.

L’Oréal is based in France, but the headquarters are based IN European Union; it has been in operation since 1909 with more than 1000 employees to serve thousands of clients across the globe. Some of the products L’Oréal specializes in making include skin and hair care products, perfumes, nail products, dermocosmetics, oral cosmetics among others. There are experts to research and provide the best products with no side effects to the user. The products are sold under various brand names hence gaining popularity across and many clients all over the world.

Recently, Nicolas Krafft with L’Oréal held a remarkable show in the heart of the French; the show was aiming at promoting the company’s brand. There were prominent people at the show; hence there was a need to make good impressions. The fashion and Beauty show consisted of Val Garland a make-up artist as well as Stephane Lancien, a global hair stylist; they worked together to create new looks for the special occasion. The event also hosted about 13 models to promote L’Oréal products.

Nicolas Krafft was in the front line to ensure that each activity went as planned; there were set screens which gave passersby, tourists among other people to watch the show live from the stage. There were drones to record the event to be hosted in various broadcast in more than 30 countries

Deirdre Baggot’s AdviceTo Entrepreneurs: Always Be The Hardest Working Person In The Room

Deirdre Baggot, Ph.D., MBA, BSB, and entrepreneur has received national recognition for her work regarding bundled payments within the medical field. She has written many papers on the subject of healthcare reform, payment transformation, and bundled payments. Deirdre Baggot has spoken at several medical conferences and had fulfilled important positions at The University of Michigan Health System and Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Visit:

One piece of advice that Baggot has for all entrepreneurs is to be the hardest working person in the room. Also, when asked how she makes her day productive, she gives credit to learning to say no when it comes to things, like meetings, that really do not require her attention. She also loves having a detailed checklist. She assigns herself due dates to the items on her checklist. Baggot admits that her one big failure as an entrepreneur was that she over committed herself to reach a deadline. Her detailed lists help her to prioritize things that need to be done and to stay on task. Baggot believes that there is something very satisfying about crossing things off her checklist.

One trend in the health field that excites Deirdre Baggot is wearables. She is an advocate for anything that helps people to be proactive in their own healthcare. According to Baggot, medical errors are number three on the list of causes of death in America. In order for healthcare to be safer, people need to take charge of their own healthcare and wearables are a step in that direction.

If any entrepreneurs are looking for ideas, according to Baggot, healthcare is the place to be. Healthcare needs to be transformed. This will only happen when hard working people can bring good ideas to light.

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Dan Bethelmy-Rada: RAW and Totally Natural

Dan Bethelmy-Rada along with L’Oréal’s Sharing Beauty with All program now offers R.A.W. (Real – Authentic – Wholesome) a natural and sustainable product. R.A.W.’s environmental commitment begins at the manufacturing level and follows through to packaging.

Consumers are looking for a totally natural product, not a product that is in the spirit of being natural and with no use of silicone, sulfates or parabens the formulas of R.A.W. are all natural.

The top priority for Dan Bethelmy-Rada is to make sure the formulas are all natural. The ingredients used in the formulas come from a range of plants, minerals, and seaweed to name a few. Packaging bottles are made from recycled plastic. All products used come from a sustainable and traceable source.

Various tests have been conducted to ensure L’Oréal’s standards of performance are not compromised. Because of all this attention to detail and integrity to the product, the feedback has been encouraging and reviews have been positive.

To spread the news of R.A.W. Dan Bethelmy-Rada and his team educated professional stylists on how to use less water and power. They also educated the stylists on how to make their own routines sustainable.

Through the many struggles Dan Bethelmy-Rada and his team faced from deadlines, clay sources, and keeping costs down with the many tests they needed to perform, they have come out of it with a product they can be proud of and pave the way for future products.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is the General Manager of Matrix DMI for L’Oréal USA’s Professional Products Division. He is the youngest DMI General Manager and he has taken the R.A.W. products that the consumers have been wanting and made it a reality for them.

Making sure that the formulas are using principles of green chemistry and that the environment is not jeopardized, Dan Bethelmy-Rada and his team stand proudly in bringing forth such a product that is R.A.W.