How Experience Shaped Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera is the CEO and of The Custom Companies Inc. He began his career in 1976, and since then has been acquiring the skills and knowledge that has led to the success he experiences today. It was through these experiences that he was inspired to expand his career and led him to achieve the success that he has. For Perry Mandera, experience is a very important thing and is something he believes is of extreme value.

Perry Mandera started his career when he was in the Marines. During his time with the Marines he was tasked with transporting supplies and troops and realized how vital his role was. He saw how important shipping services can have in the grand scheme of things. This experience helped him to get into the field of business that would help him to become the success that he is.

Although his experience in the Marines was valuable, there are other experiences that Perry Mandera is thankful for as well. Experiences such as being impulsive during his early years and making mistakes in his career, are things that he is grateful for. These experiences inspired Perry Mandera to learn and cultivate knowledge that has better served him over the years and made him a better businessman ( Without those experiences during his early career years, Perry Mandera does not believe he would have the wise knowledge and expertise he currently possesses.

Experience is a great thing, but something that many people don’t appreciate. There are plenty of times when people make the same mistakes over and over again instead of learning from them. Perry Mandera is not like most people, he takes those experiences and he cultivates knowledge and wisdom from them and turns that knowledge into tools for success. Whether it was seeing the bigger picture from his time in the Marines or learning from a bad business transaction, Perry Mandera was able to turn experiences, good or bad, into instruments to create success.