Brian Torchin And All His Love

Are you an employer or job seeker struggling through the hiring experience?

99% of the employment process is painful and complex.

Medical practices and professionals struggle to connect.

Time and energy are wasted.

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Isn’t it frustrating?

Fortunately, Brian Torchin has the solution. He is the founder of, an elite hiring firm founded to connect medical professionals around the globe. Their mission is to reduce the complexity of the employment process.

Who is Brian Torchin? I’m glad you asked.

He is a medical professional with over twelve years of experience. He earned his bachelors degree in exercise science at the University of Delaware. He then pursued a chiropractic career after studying at New York Chiropractic College. Now he is an influential entrepreneur in the medical industry, bringing medical professionals together.

His greatest accomplishment is HRC Staffing. They are the flagship through which professionals connect. After seeing the difficulty in conventional job search, Brian Torchin decided to step in and take action. He has integrated job counseling and placement into a single tool. If you’re a medical practitioner, HRC Staffing can bring credibility to your journey. If you’re a practice or hospital, they can provide you with the highest qualified candidates. Whatever your needs, HRC Staffing has the capacity to ease your life.

He’s also an active blogger and social media enthusiast. He uses social media as a marketing tool to promote his business and to foster credibility. Brian can be seen offering opportunities through his Facebook and speaking about the nature of health-care on Twitter. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Vimeo, Crunchbase, Glassdoor, Google+, and his personal blog, His transparency is the cornerstone of his credibility.

Brian is passionate, resilient, and caring. His passion will always shine through.

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