Lazy Hair Hacks!


A cute skit demonstrating that what you eat affects the health of your hair!

What you put in to your body affects your overall health, but it also affects your hair’s health! If you’re eating nothing but junk or processed foods, your hair will be dry and flaky. If you’re eating healthier foods, rich in vitamins and minerals, your hair will reap the benefits! It will be sleeker and shinier than ever!

A tutorial on how to create a gorgeous flowing pony tale!

This tutorial is simple! Just pull a section of the hair from the top of your head up and put it in a pony tale. Then, pull it into two sections and pull another section of hair into a pony tale underneath it, adding in the separated hair from the last pony tale! Continue this all the way down and there you have it! A simple, yet adorable hair style.

Ways to keep your bobby pins in one place so you stop losing them!

Simply use an old tic tac container to store them and you’ll stop losing them! If you don’t have one or don’t want to eat all those tic tacs first, find some magnet from your local craft store and place a strip on any surface! Then, just place the bobby pins on it.

For more information and hacks, watch the whole video linked above! Trust me, it’s worth it!