EOS Review Shows Balls Not Just For Juggling

YouTuber emilynoel83 began her reviews on EOS, or as she explains, Evolution of Smooth, lip balm seven years ago. As she juggles the fun colored balls, she expresses how awesome they are and her desire to add to her collection.

According to Emily, EOS is a spherical lip balm with 95 percent organic and one hundred percent natural ingredients. The balms contain Vitamin E and Shea Butter to make your lips feel super smooth (mapleholistics.com).

The packaging is unique, coming in little plastic balls with a flat grip point on either side, making it easy to use and display in your make-up area, as well as a snap to find when digging through your purse. When you twist the lid off it reveals the balm inside is also round, allowing users to apply on both lips simultaneously.

She purchased the scents Summer Fruit, Honeysuckle Honeydew, and Lemon Drop. Summer Fruit is encased in a pink ball with a very fruity smell. Honeysuckle Honeydew comes in a green ball with a lovely melon scent. Emily thought this would be her favorite, until she used the third scent, Lemon Drop. Arriving in a yellow ball, Lemon Drop blew Emily away with it’s silky smooth application and spot on lemon scent, reminding her of lemon wafer or lemon bar. This one was by far her favorite and she highly recommends purchasing Lemon Drop, especially since it is the only one with SPF 15.

This YouTuber said EOS lip balm spheres are fantastic products, really cool, and so neat. She is very pleased with the brand and suggests everyone check out the Evolution of Smooth website for additional information and retail store locations near you. Prices range from three to four dollars depending on your location, see Allure..

Cooling Chamomile EOS Lip Balm Review

The lip balm company EOS has recently released a cooling menthol chapstick. It is medicated, and also contains real chamomile. Chamomile has many natural herbal benefits, such as phenolic compounds, an antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. These several factors make it the perfect cold winter lip care product. The menthol, which is alcohol extracted from mint oil, helps soothe the lips and temporarily relieve pain that can be caused by the dry winter time air. There are an abundance of helpful oils in the mixture as well. Olive oil, jojoba oil, cocoa and Shea butters help add smoothing and moisturizing properties to make the lips soft. All of these ingredients also help fight signs of aging, like wrinkles. As an added bonus, the egg-shaped lip balm is hypoallergenic and paraben- free. The best part is, it only costs 3 dollars (Amazon)

EOS (Evolution of Smooth) offers a wide variety of lip products. Their lip balm comes in the signature egg-shaped container, and each flavor has its own colored container. They offer the original organic lip balms, the “Visibly Soft” balms, SPF protection, and stick versions of several of the original. The shimmer and crystal versions are newer. The crystal lip balms are clear, something that is not very common in lip car products.

For more product review, visit http://www.allure.com/review/eos-lip-balm-sphere

Besides lip care, EOS has skin items. Hand lotion, body lotion, and shave creams are just a few. They like to include natural oils, like avocado and coconut, and plant-based items, like aloe vera, for healthy and nourishing products.

EOS review

I’ve always loved EOS lip balm. It’s smooth and creamy but not greasy or too thick. It helps with these winter months when your lips just need more protection and moisture. I’ve recently became vegan and have been trying to change everything up in my diet and what I wear. I never would have thought that i’d be able to find a good lip balm that fits my needs and my new lifestyle. Recently EOS has came out with their new vegan crystal flavors lip balm. I was nervous and a little cautious about it at first but then began to become more and more curious because of some great reviews. I ended up giving in and going to find it before it ends up sold out at my store.

I tried the lip balm for a few weeks now and I have got to say that it is one of my favorite lip balms I’ve ever gotten my hands on! See allure.com for more First I have to say that I really appreciate the ingredient switch up. I am a loyal customer that was a bit sad that I couldn’t really enjoy it because of the ingredients in the original formula but now I really can enjoy it. It feels like it was made specifically for me and people like me!  Check celiacandthebeast.com.

I am glad that they kept the same shape of the product because I have always loved the unique round shape that it comes in. As stated before I am glad that the company made the lip balm vegan friendly and have taken the beeswax out for us vegan lovers. It actually didn’t mess the product up at all and it still feels very smooth and moisturizing like it always has been! Also I LOVE the flavors they came up with, they smell so amazing! Definitely going to make this my main go to lip balm!

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