Cruelty-Free Lime Crime Launches in China

Lime Crime is a cosmetics company founded by Doe Deere in 2008. Recently, the make up brand wanted to launch their products by wholesale in China and met with a little obstacle. If the company wanted to sell wholesale in mainland China, they must have their products tested on animals first. This is the countries policy and it goes unbiased for any other operation, even within their own country. Lime Crime as a whole is ethically involved in being a hundred percent cruelty-free and vegan friendly company. The cosmetic brand found an interesting way to counter the law and sell their alternative style makeup products within the country.

One of the permitted ways for the cosmetic company to sell their products was if they sold them directly from the United States. This posed a problem because of very complicated transportation logistics, managing duties and taxes needed for custom clearance, product returns from overseas and having to deal with a major language barrier for product inquires. There was also an issue with their makeup products being counterfeited by unknown Chinese sources. At the National Retail Federation’s Conference that was held in Los Angeles, California, the makeup company’s Global General Manager, Kim Walls discussed the recent issue and how they can sell their products in that country.

The company’s idea to launch their products in China was to partner up with the Los Angeles-based online clothing store named Revolve. Kim Walls stated that Revolve “really stood out as people who were servicing a very similar consumer from a very similar perspective.” They implemented a plan to build a e-commerce hub during the busiest commuting hours in China to lure customers in. Then they would encourage them to visit the Revolve store and this will let the customers know that this is the only legit way to buy Lime Crime’s cosmetics. By doing this, they were hoping to also create a “seed audience” that will spread the word in real-time and through popular Chinese social media feeds. This campaign all happened two hours before their official launch and their efforts in marketing carried out smoothly.