Lori Senecal And The Fuel For Creativity

Creativity is often admired in the workplace. However, it is not as admired as productivity. As a matter of fact, creativity is only admired as much as it gets things done. People who slack off in the name of creativity often find themselves being looked at with less than respectful eyes. However, people who just do the job are not given that much respect either. Creativity does have a larger role for people who are at the top portion of business. However, creativity is not always going to come easily for people that are stuck in a lower position at a company.

In order to be creative, it is important for people to have fuel for creativity. The only thing is figuring out what this fuel is. For some people, it is going to be different. The best thing to do is find something that inspires it. This is in fact the fuel for creativity. As a matter of fact, creativity in people depends a lot on the activity that the person chooses to make money and support herself with. Fortunately, there are tons of jobs and positions available in companies that encourage creativity. Check out Inspirery to see more.

One person who makes sure that she is able to be creative is Lori Senecal. She is an advertiser that knows what she can do. Therefore, she puts herself in positions where she can be creative and get paid for it. Lori uses her creativity to come up with all of the fun campaigns for different companies. She is able to look at the companies and figure out what direction to go in for the campaign. Lori Senecal is also able to gain customers for the company based on how she reaches out to them with the ad. Her approach to advertising is satisfying for both the client and their customers. She recently spoke at 3% conference.

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New Vegan lip Balm from EOS

EOS has announced a new lip balm line that is newly available. Like their other offerings, this new lip balm that is named EOS crystal, will have the same commitment to all natural and organic ingredients that other EOS products have. However, unlike their earlier products this line will be wholly vegan.

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Most lip balms have some form of animal products partly through the inclusion of wax. Wax is not an essential ingredient but helps to protect the lips from the elements. Does crystal manages to effectively moisturizer and protect the lips without using wax as it blends together five essential oil ingredients including coconut, palm, jojoba and others, as well as smaller amounts of Shea butter. The result is a great quality lip balm despite the restrictions of vegan placed on it. For vegans, EOS crystal is the go to lip balm that customers will flock to.

As part of the EOS crystal line, EOS is rolling out two flavors. The line of their lip balms is likely to grow from here but will start with hibiscus peach and vanilla orchid, which make for a great introduction to the lip balm. Purchase your lip balm here. They are likely to continue to introduce new flavors as the line matures and if their history is any indication it is likely that the new EOS crystal flavors are varied and introducing, but well balanced and tasty, with none of the artificial additives that competitors use. For more details, refer to facebook.com.

For the Crystal line, EOS has redesigned their applicator making it much easier to rest on your bed stand or counter. The new applicator orbs is less round and note stylish than the standard applicator orb that was revolutionary when released. EOS crystal lip balm is also see through which adds to its appeal and it therefore leaves no color on the lips of users.

Vegans can finally rejoice for they finally have a lip balm they can rely on with EOS crystal. Order your lip balm here on ebay.com.