Sergey Petrossov Jet Setting Celebrities

Sergey Petrossov and his family came from Russia when he was young. He has an innovative spirit, and it was noticeable early on during his time in high school. Petrossov started his first business during high school. The company was for importing and exporting tire rims. Sergey became interested in computers and technology during his studies at the University of Florida. During his time as a student, he was apart of a live-chatting startup the paved the way to his career in technology.

Sergey Petrossov gained knowledge about airplanes and private jets through working as a board advisor. The company he worked for work offered on-demand charter jets and private jets.

After he, himself tried to reserve a private jet this gave him the idea of starting a new concept. The concept was called JetSmarter. The JetSmarter team consisted of Sergey and other successful professionals from BMW, NASA, Uber, Nokia, and other big corporations. The JetSmarter was officially released across the globe in March 2013. Sergey’s application also provides helicopters as options for guest. His company has grown over the last few years with 14,000 paying subscribers and with 670,000 registered users. Petrossov business has over 32 thousand private jets. He has plans on branding a jet for the company.

Petrossov was given the award Forbes 30 Under 30 for Consumer Technology and South Florida’s Top Working Professionals. He is known for starting the successful JetSmarter app. also known him for co-founding two other IT projects. One was an online chat system for customers and a learning system for Russian speaking institutions. He even let his first experience in trying to get a private jet fuel is an idea for JetSmarter. In the end, the app success what the combination of Sergey Petrossov’s ideas and the hundred plus years of technology.

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