Rebel Wilson Returns With Hit Movie And Smaller Waistline

The comedic talents of Rebel Wilson are changing the course of romantic comedies. Her skills in comedy have increased while her waistline has decreased.

Some are calling this transformation of the recent birthday girl stunning. Rebel Wilson is always ready to give her all in movies, and it appears that she is doing the same this time around for “Isn’t It Romantic.”

Some women are considered hopeless romantics. Rebel, in the role of Natalie, has been preprogrammed by her mother to banish all thoughts of romance for plus sized girls in this film. The character of Isabella, played by Priyanka Chopra, is the stereotypical girl that seems to have it all in this film. Read more: Isn’t Romantic Trailer – Hollywoodreporter and Isn’t Romantic Review

She has the good looks that romantic comedies are made for. The difference in this film is that Natalie is also someone that slips into a Rom-Com world where she is cast as a lead that her character believes she is undeserving of. This is where things get very interesting.

Rebel Wilson has become well known by the millennial crowd, and she is continuing a push to build an audience with older crowds that may have grown up on films like “Pretty Woman.” The Rom-Com genre has not been anything that Wilson has put much effort into before “Isn’t It Romantic,” but this is clearly an indication that she has what it takes to get moviegoers in the seats for the romantic comedies.

This bold push towards this genre comes with a new attitude and waistline. She is a long way from the Fat Amy character that she become so well known for in “Pitch Perfect.” Wilson would reprise the Fat Amy character twice after the original “Pitch Perfect” film became so wildly successful.

It was a true indication that Rebel Wilson was someone that was in demand, but Wilson was also aware that she could bring more to the table. This time around Wilson wanted a role where she could change things up and do more than the physical comedy and fat jokes that made her Fat Amy character come alive.

Now Rebel Wilson has more to bring to the table with her stunning weight loss. She is much more self-assured in the lead roles, and this shows in her comedy for “Isn’t It Romantic.” It’s an offbeat comedy with some Rom-Com myth busting humor in a way that only Rebel Wilson can deliver it.

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