Paul Mampilly Reveals Where He Sees The Economy Going In 2019

Former Wall Street hedge fund manager Paul Mampilly has forecast where business is going in 2019. He shared this information publicly in order to help other investors make good investment decisions this year. Here are some of his thoughts on where things are headed.

Homes will stop appreciating as much

Homes have been appreciating by a lot each year for the past decade. They have been going up nationally by between 5% and 7% each year which has helped homeowners increase their net worth. Paul Mampilly says that he expects home prices to only go up by 1.5% in 2019, though, and by similar amounts over at least the next few years.

He says that this slowdown in home prices will have far-reaching effects on the overall economy. Real estate company profits will be negatively impacted and homeowners will need to stay put for longer in order to build equity. This will result in less spending overall and the entire economy will be affected.

The Internet of Things will continue to evolve and expand

He sees IoT as continuing to grow and be adopted by more and more people Paul Mampilly says that edge computing will really move things along. Edge computing is getting computational processes moved as close to internet-connected devices as possible. This really speeds up devices and allows them to do a lot more in a shorter time.

This edge computing will result in better artificial intelligence. New products will come out that advance the state of AI and how it can help people. It will also result in devices becoming less expensive and more accessible.

Sustainable investing will become even more common

Paul Mampilly stated that investing on a sustainable basis will become even more common in 2019. This is investing in companies that operated in socially and environmentally friendly ways. He thinks that this way of investing will increase to 40% of investors portfolios in 2019 and grow even more in the years ahead.

He sees sustainable investing as something that will keep growing until the next major economic change occurs. Broadening the Tree of Wealth With Paul Mampilly and Banyan Hill Publishing

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