Nicolas Krafft Service to L`Oreal Company

Nicolas Krafft is a graduate from the University of St Gallen where he earned his degree in Business management later he moved to INSEAD where he enrolled in the Corporate General management. Nicolas Krafft gained extensive shills on managing various businesses and ensuring that his investments are a success. He has served in L’Oréal company since 2002 and started by serving as the Marketing Director for the Kerastase, two years later Nicolas Krafft was relocated to serve the same role in Asia and in 2009 he was promoted to be the General manager. Currently, Nicolas Krafft is the Vice president for the global business development at L’Oréal, a global company that manufactures and sells various beauty products for both men and women.

L’Oréal is based in France, but the headquarters are based IN European Union; it has been in operation since 1909 with more than 1000 employees to serve thousands of clients across the globe. Some of the products L’Oréal specializes in making include skin and hair care products, perfumes, nail products, dermocosmetics, oral cosmetics among others. There are experts to research and provide the best products with no side effects to the user. The products are sold under various brand names hence gaining popularity across and many clients all over the world.

Recently, Nicolas Krafft with L’Oréal held a remarkable show in the heart of the French; the show was aiming at promoting the company’s brand. There were prominent people at the show; hence there was a need to make good impressions. The fashion and Beauty show consisted of Val Garland a make-up artist as well as Stephane Lancien, a global hair stylist; they worked together to create new looks for the special occasion. The event also hosted about 13 models to promote L’Oréal products.

Nicolas Krafft was in the front line to ensure that each activity went as planned; there were set screens which gave passersby, tourists among other people to watch the show live from the stage. There were drones to record the event to be hosted in various broadcast in more than 30 countries

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