Services Provided By Sussex Healthcare and the Employment of Martin Hill

Sussex Healthcare is an organization that runs a number of care homes commonly known as Clinical Commissions Groups in Sussex. They cover the following area; Crawley, Seaford, and Brighton and Hove among several others. It acquired its accreditation in 2002 from the HQS (Health Quality Service) and later in 2003 investors from the People Standard JOINED. Sussex Healthcare is an organization that bases their services majorly on aged people with learning or any physical difficulties. Their services range from respite care to recreational services to special adult care to educational services and several others.

Since Sussex value any social activities, recreational activities as well as any leisure activities, each commission group provides full functional programs for encouraging individuals to use the available resources to the best of their interest. Activities to be done are selected while considering their interests and abilities they possessed before. This helps individuals to learn new skills, relearn old skills and new interests developed.

Since Sussex aims at being the leading provider of both nursing care and residential treatment, the organization is run by both professional and highly trained individuals which results in the provision of best professional services. Services provided are based on the abilities, skills, and interests of those enrolled for care at Sussex Healthcare. In addition, Sussex Healthcare keeps their systems up to date with the most recent technologies and innovations which result to the provision of better services which can make a big difference in an individual’s health, quality of life and the general well-being.

The most recent advancement was the absorption of Martin Hill as the Regional Operations Director. He was assigned to Rankyns Care Village and has additional skills and experience in Sussex’s Healthcare field and has a passion for making lives at Rankyns better for every individual. Martin has a history of working at social care for a duration of more than fifteen years having started as a Support worker before his advancement to the current position.

At Sussex Healthcare, Martin covers the following three locations.

• The laurels and Sycamore location

• Day Care in the Grange

• The Granary

When not in work, Martin goes for snowboarding during winter and in summer he goes mountain climbing.

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