Services Provided By Sussex Healthcare and the Employment of Martin Hill

Sussex Healthcare is an organization that runs a number of care homes commonly known as Clinical Commissions Groups in Sussex. They cover the following area; Crawley, Seaford, and Brighton and Hove among several others. It acquired its accreditation in 2002 from the HQS (Health Quality Service) and later in 2003 investors from the People Standard JOINED. Sussex Healthcare is an organization that bases their services majorly on aged people with learning or any physical difficulties. Their services range from respite care to recreational services to special adult care to educational services and several others.

Since Sussex value any social activities, recreational activities as well as any leisure activities, each commission group provides full functional programs for encouraging individuals to use the available resources to the best of their interest. Activities to be done are selected while considering their interests and abilities they possessed before. This helps individuals to learn new skills, relearn old skills and new interests developed.

Since Sussex aims at being the leading provider of both nursing care and residential treatment, the organization is run by both professional and highly trained individuals which results in the provision of best professional services. Services provided are based on the abilities, skills, and interests of those enrolled for care at Sussex Healthcare. In addition, Sussex Healthcare keeps their systems up to date with the most recent technologies and innovations which result to the provision of better services which can make a big difference in an individual’s health, quality of life and the general well-being.

The most recent advancement was the absorption of Martin Hill as the Regional Operations Director. He was assigned to Rankyns Care Village and has additional skills and experience in Sussex’s Healthcare field and has a passion for making lives at Rankyns better for every individual. Martin has a history of working at social care for a duration of more than fifteen years having started as a Support worker before his advancement to the current position.

At Sussex Healthcare, Martin covers the following three locations.

• The laurels and Sycamore location

• Day Care in the Grange

• The Granary

When not in work, Martin goes for snowboarding during winter and in summer he goes mountain climbing.

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All About Jason Hope

Jason Hope was born in England in 1970. Growing up Jason Hope knew he wanted to do big things with his life. He knew he wanted to help people and leave big impacts on their life. When Hope decided to join the entrepreneur world he knew he wanted to do a line of work that would change peoples lives. One big view that Hope has always showed great interest in is aging.

Jason Hope knows the importance of aging. People want to age with grace. They want to look young for as long as possible. He wants to help with this in any way that he can. Hope is trying to help find knew technologies that can help with the aging process. He knew that if he could find a way to slow the aging process people would seek him out for help. Getting involved in the aging process can cause you great success.

Another thing that Hope is passionate about is his interests in politics and business. His interests in business have helped him to design some pretty great strands of business. He has his own t-shirt company called Jason Hope Tees. He also could not have achieved this goal without the help of the business degree he got from Arizona State University. Hope worked hard to study what he needed to and get this degree.

Jason Hope works hard to remain a successful individual. He is very dedicated to what he does, and wants to make sure that no matter what he is always helping someone. Hope prides himself in helping his community. He is always trying to give back to the community no matter how far he has to reach to do so. Hope is a very special individual who will continue to see nothing but success, and continue to grow his name.

Dr. Saad Saad: Inventing in Medicine posted an article with Dr. Saad Saad considering his recent success in the medical community as both a practitioner and inventor. Both parts of his career have contributed significantly to the field. His recently invented catheter allows doctors to determine its location using an electromagnetic chip and an outside locator.

This comes in handy in a variety of situations where doctors would normally have to replace the item and cause the patient further discomfort. Dr. Saad is also instrumental in the creation of a endoscope that includes a suction device. This item is also designed with the individual patient in mind. He has always been very focused in the comfort of his patients.

When he was a teenager in Kuwait, he tells his interview that he thought he wanted to be an engineer. That didn’t work out for him because he felt a stronger calling to medicine. Eventually, he would find himself in Cairo attending university. He finished at the top of his class and provided that his unique organizational style would carry him very far in this career.  Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad:

In fact, in the interview he credits his ability to organize with his success. He saw few failures during his educational career because he did not have a choice but to succeed. This meant that he needed to find a way to make it work. Everything became a top priority, and nothing could fall by the wayside.

His appointment to the Saudi Arabian royal family medical team was a surprise for many, but not for Dr. Saad Saad. He had worked very hard in his career and he knew that this was just part of that reputation that he had gathered for himself. He took this role seriously but also used it to help children with no money for medical care. Read more: Dr. Saad Saad Medical Missions | Chronicle Week

He had learned from an earlier mentor the important of treating all people equally in the medical setting. He wanted children to have a chance at life. This was when he started to personally take on medical missions that would allow him to truly help those in need. He did this for several years and helped people all over the world.

Today, Dr. Saad is more focused on his inventions than anything else. He has retired from his post, but he still maintains an interest in helping the field. In the interview, he offers that one of the ways that he can make his dreams a reality is through research.

If he doesn’t understand something, he is sure to research it until he does. He believes that it is an important role that people must take when they are trying to contribute responsibly to their field. The proof of that is present in the work he has already created.

Deirdre Baggot’s AdviceTo Entrepreneurs: Always Be The Hardest Working Person In The Room

Deirdre Baggot, Ph.D., MBA, BSB, and entrepreneur has received national recognition for her work regarding bundled payments within the medical field. She has written many papers on the subject of healthcare reform, payment transformation, and bundled payments. Deirdre Baggot has spoken at several medical conferences and had fulfilled important positions at The University of Michigan Health System and Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Visit:

One piece of advice that Baggot has for all entrepreneurs is to be the hardest working person in the room. Also, when asked how she makes her day productive, she gives credit to learning to say no when it comes to things, like meetings, that really do not require her attention. She also loves having a detailed checklist. She assigns herself due dates to the items on her checklist. Baggot admits that her one big failure as an entrepreneur was that she over committed herself to reach a deadline. Her detailed lists help her to prioritize things that need to be done and to stay on task. Baggot believes that there is something very satisfying about crossing things off her checklist.

One trend in the health field that excites Deirdre Baggot is wearables. She is an advocate for anything that helps people to be proactive in their own healthcare. According to Baggot, medical errors are number three on the list of causes of death in America. In order for healthcare to be safer, people need to take charge of their own healthcare and wearables are a step in that direction.

If any entrepreneurs are looking for ideas, according to Baggot, healthcare is the place to be. Healthcare needs to be transformed. This will only happen when hard working people can bring good ideas to light.

For more information about Deirdre, view her crunchbase profile.


Heather Parry: A Passion For Films

When you are working to produce a passionate film you want to make sure it is marketed right with so everyone can be on board to see it. Of course, you have to have a great production company willing to back it so that you can get the best advertising possible. Also, when films come up you want to interject what you know will make it a hit. If you have someone like Heather Parry in your corner, your movie will be just that.

Parry is responsible for producing films such as A Star Is Born, and Believer. She also owns well over 100 global music festivals and venues that help bring in a healthy revenue for the company. Any movie or music scene she touches turns to gold. Sean Puffy Combs has a documentary using her company Live Nation that was a success. Parry believes in getting behind films that she knows will be clear winners. Some of them are even Oscar-worthy. The way she is able to get in on a movie is basically finding out what is in production and if they need a company to back it. If you are celebrity needing a company to pour into the movie you are starting in or directing, Live Nation is who you need.

Parry does a fantastic job of choosing the hits that will make an impact on society. The entertainment industry has been very good to get. She is still looking forward to the movies and music venues that will need her company in the future. Projects are known to develop swiftly in her company and she gets right down to business making them have a global impact. You know her productions are good when they are grossing in the billions. Parry can get the job done.

Jojo Hedaya: Helping People Control their Inbox

Most people at 24 years still focus on their studies and how to graduate and get a good job. Very few have the mindset to start a serious business. However, Jojo Hedaya and his co-partner put their studies on hold to start a business. They started at only 24 years old. The company’s mission is to make it easy for people to control their inbox.

Why was started

The two started the company when they had trouble finding the important messages on the inbox. The inbox piles up over time and it can make it hard to get messages that matter. The co-founders came up with a solution to help them identify the important email by creating Jojo Hedaya admitted that his business partner was not answering his emails. The reason was that he could not find those emails. Most of the emails are updates, subscriptions, and newsletters. The app works by scanning the inbox in seconds and put all the subscription in one email.

Acquisition by Slice

The company has been performing well and attracted the interest of other firms like Slice. Slice acquired in 2014 in a bid to enable have control on its shopping app email list. The terms of the deal were not disclosed. Jojo Hedaya and his business partner, Rosenwald will also be part of the Slice team. Unroll me and Slice both ensure that customers get the best experience. Rosenwald said that the service offered by will not change despite the acquisition. did not have any outside investors but managed to reach of 1.3 million users. The company has had impressive growth ever since it was started in 2011. By 2013, the company had only 100, 000 subscribers and the number grew to 1.3 million. was founded by Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald and is based in New York.

Currently, Jojo Hedaya is the CEO and of Unroll. Me. Hedaya pursued his study in Israel. He was the vice president at, he did not graduate but plans to go back and finish his studies. He believes that it important to have the education to run a successful business.

Betsy DeVos: One Tireless Reformer

Before Betsy DeVos became known as the political powerhouse she is known as today, she was just known as Elisabeth Prince, and she was just one of many students at Calvin College. However, it was there that she discovered her lifelong vocation – that of political reformer. She undertook a tremendous role in the politics of the campus and she discovered her true niche. She has been politically active ever since, even over three decades later. Of course, on thing you could say about Betsy DeVos is that is almost like reform is her middle name. Everything she touches does not remain the same. Besides having a passion for her family, she also has a passion for philanthropy and for school choice. Indeed, it has been her life’s mission to ensure that everyone – not just the very rich like her – have the opportunity to send their children to the school of their choosing.


During her thirty years in politics, DeVos has been involved in a variety of organizations. She has chaired many different departments, including six years as head of the Michigan Republican party. Of course, she now is completely distinguishing herself as the Education Secretary for the presidential administration of Donald Trump. She is also involved in a number of charities, including Mars Hill Bible Church, the Foundation for Excellence in Education and Kids Hope USA among many others. Of course, all of this involvement totally dwarfs her involvement in the school choice movement. To that end, she once sat down for an interview regarding the progress of the movement. Of course, keep in mind that the interview took place in 2013, so her statistics have likely improved even more since then.


First of all, she was asked about the growth of this movement since the first private school voucher program was established in Milwaukee in 1988. She noted how she was extremely pleased at the fact that today there are about 250,000 students across 17 states that have taken part in the school choice voucher program. Of course, there are some of her opponents in education who feel the woman is “dangerous”, but this belies the fact that she has repeatedly called for a bipartisan effort to reform schools and to emphasize school choice.


However, Betsy DeVos doesn’t just walk the walk, she also talks the talk. She recently visited a charter school started by the Cuban rapper Pitbull in Miami. Naturally, it would the two would not have much in common, but when it comes to supporting a common cause Betsy DeVos is more than glad to put aside any differences. It would seem that Washington could definitely learn a thing or two from this woman.


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Why the Aspire has Made Boraie Development Proud

Boraie Development has remained in the limelight for more than a decade. The organization, founded and managed by a personality who has served in the property market for a very long, has done its best when it comes to delivering high quality services to the people who want to reside in the best properties. Boraie Development chairman took time to understand the area he was venturing into before he could start his operations many years ago. Fortunately, his company did not disappoint. Years later, Boraie Development is offering the customers only the best services. Sam Boraie has remained to be a top executive in the firm, hiring the best individuals to deliver services to the customer. The Aspire is one of the projects that have given the real estate company praises from all corners.

The Aspire is a project that started off several months ago with the help of a basketball player who wanted to make New Brunswick better and beautiful. The star, who came to visit his country only to find that the area had changed, had to get help from a real estate company that could deliver the best services. The Aspire was constructed with the interests of the modern consumer in mind. The management of the company took so much time trying to figure out what the customers needed for a residential unit. After conducting so much research, the group started the operations, and the end result is what everyone is talking about. The Aspire is the kind of building everyone wants to be associated with. The demand for the units in the complex is very high at the moment.

If you are planning to stay in The Aspire, it is essential to know that the complex has all the amenities needed by residents. One of the best features that everyone is speaking about is the railway station. Located just a few meters from the complex, the railway station is an ideal means of transport for professionals who want to save some of the money they used on fuel. The recreational features are also better and of greater quality compared to any other in the American market. People who have busy careers can have a time of their lives when they visit the recreational center that has been established in The Aspire. Children have not been forgotten either. The Aspire has most of the playing activities any child would want close to their home.

The outstanding career of Sheldon Lavin

As the chief executive officer of the famous OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin continues to build a good reputation for the company through the various projects he has launched for its benefit. He also serves as the chairman of the company, and throughout his career, he has always striven to engage in activities that positively influence the firm. He became part of the company in the early 1970s, and since taking up his role, he has striven to play a role in the firm’s management to ensure that it continues to be the leading food supplier in the country.

The leadership of Sheldon Lavin in the firm was as a result of the high shares he used to have in the company. He acquired a top position in the firm, and he has continued to bring integrity and ethical leadership in the company. Besides focusing on hard work, he is also a compassionate leader who strives to address the welfare of others.

As a philanthropist, Sheldon Lavin has helped a vast number of people acquire better lives through contribution funds for education, better housing, and provision of all the basic needs. Through the funds, he has also eliminated poverty and instead brought about equality and equity among people. He has taught many leaders, and well up individuals to be their brother’s keeper. The United Negro College Fund is among the major beneficiaries of the contributions of Sheldon Lavin to charity. He has been apprehended by many people for his humility, and this has encouraged him to continue working hard for the benefit of other people in society. As a result of his efforts, Sheldon Lavin has received numerous awards. He received the Global visionary award as an appreciation of his perseverance and excellent contributions to the building of the economy through the creation of job opportunities for people in various parts of the globe. The renowned leader has continued to come up with better ways to ensure that the firm grows and establishes its affiliates in other parts through adopting change and innovative steps for the sake of the growth of OSI Group.

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“Renovia Set to Develop More Products after Marc Beer Secures $ 42 million “

Renovia, a medical products development, which was co-founded by Marc Beer, is set to develop and launch new products to diagnose and treat pelvic floor disorders. The development comes after its Chief Executive Officer successfully raised a total of $ 42 million in a series B funding round.


The new financing comes barely a year after the Food and Drug Administration approved Renovias first signature product, Leva. Since its approval, Renovia has experienced impressive results with its performance. The product is made up of a probe, which is inserted into the vagina during the performance of Kegel exercises. Kegel exercises help to train the pelvic floor muscles for women suffering from urinary incontinence. After insertion, the probe is then connected to a smartphone Leva app via Bluetooth. As the patient, performs the exercises, the probe relays real-time images of the muscular movements.


Since the commercialization of Leva, Renovia has helped thousands of women to regain control of their pelvic floor muscles without the rigors of surgery. The device helps the women perform Kegel exercises with increased precision. Currently, Renovia is undertaking several pieces of research to develop more products to assist over 250 million women across the globe, who suffer from pelvic floor muscles. Learn more:


According to Marc Beer, the series B round of funding included $10 million in venture debt and an additional $32.3 million in series B equity. Longwood Fund, Renovia’s earlier investment partner, took part in the new funding round. Also, Ascension Ventures of Missouri and Perceptive Advisors led the series B funding round. Other investors included Cormorant Asset Management, OSF Ventures, Western Technology Investment, and Inova Strategic Investments.


Earlier, Marc Beer had secured a round A series funding, which was used to develop and commercialize Leva. Part of the funding was used to acquire the new technology for Leva. Among the investors who took in the Series A funding included the Longwood Fund, which also participated in the series B round.

Speaking during the announcement of the funding, Marc Beer thanked the participants for their overwhelming support. He pointed out that the participation of earlier investors was a testimony of the trust and confidence in Renovia.


“We are very grateful for your support. It is a testimony of the confidence that you in us as a company. We now share a common vision of revolutionizing the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic floor disorders for millions of women around the world,” said Marc.


According to Marc Beer, the funds will be used to develop a new generation of Leva. The funds will also be instrumental in the development and commercialization of other products in the company’s products pipeline. Additionally, part of the funds will go towards future clinical trials, research, and corporate development.