Zeco Auriemo facilitates development of real estate sector in Brazil

With the increase in demand for real estate property around the globe, the numbers of real estate projects that are coming up to meet the demand are many. Numerous companies are coming into the industry to get a share of the pie. However, not all companies deserve to be considered when looking for a reliable real estate developer.

Latin America is turning to be one of the key destinations for the real estate market. Many countries in this region are still developing, and there is sufficient room to create a real estate project that targets the high-income earners. High-end projects are meant to attract international business and position the country as a key destination for business, source (Aloalobahia.com).

Brazil is one of the countries that is doing a very good job in this region. This country has been building a strong foundation in real estate as one of the drivers of the economy. One company is helping the country to accomplish this mission, and it is none other than JHSF. This company has been doing very well in recent years and has been trying to come up with innovative projects that will put the company and the country on the map for doing great projects.

JHSF is responsible for the development of real estate projects in Brazil. It has been developing high-end real estate’s projects such as shopping malls, airports, Fasano hotels, and others. This company has moved to the top of the industry by creating the most spectacular projects in the country.

JHSF is led by Jose Auriemo Neto also known as Zeco Auriemo. He is the chairman and CEO of this company since the turn of the millennium. He is the one who introduced the idea of building large real estate projects in Brazil. He took over the leadership of this company from his father, who previously owned the company.

Have a peek on Zeco Auriemo’s (Istoedinheiro.com) for more information.


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