Rodrigo Terpins: Preparations for the 2018 Sertoes Rally

Rally driving and racing have been two of the most favorite sport of Rodrigo Terpins, who is popular in Brazil because of his skills in driving. He is known for joining several competitions around the world which focuses on testing his driving and rallying skills, and he has also taken home several recognitions from the tournaments where he participated. Rodrigo Terpins is the son of Jack Terpins, who once played for a Brazilian basketball team. His family supported his passion for driving, and it was his father who encouraged him to become a world-class professional driver and racer. The environment where he was raised became a contributing factor to his fascination with driving, and he even influenced his younger brother to become a successful racer himself. Check out




Every year, Rodrigo Terpins and his younger brother are preparing for the annual Sertoes Rally, and they wanted to show the world that they still have the skills to win the competition. For this year, the Sertoes Rally will be celebrating its 25th anniversary, and the minds behind the competition wanted it to be more difficult, and they are hoping for the challengers to be able to get through all of the obstacles. The organizers also opted to hold the competition deep within the mid-western states of Brazil, to ensure that it would be too difficult to navigate on. Hundreds of racers around the world flew to Brazil to experience the adrenalin rush from the competition, and Rodrigo Terpins spent most of his time training his team members in line with the upcoming competition. You can visit Terra for more.



Rodrigo Terpins established the Bull Sertoes Rally Team in 2012, which is exclusively for his close friends and families. For this year’s competition, he chose his younger brother to represent the group. Michel Terpins will be driving a T1 Prototype, which is equipped with a V8 engine to ensure superb performance. Rodrigo Terpins kept on encouraging his brother and hoped for the best. However, during the competition, the vehicle stalled for hours, and it resulted in his ranking being brought down to the 4th place. Terpins is not disappointed with the result, and he thanked his brother for his performance.



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