Huge Returns on Freedom Checks


Matt Badiali is known for the effort that he puts in making sure that his clients/followers invest wisely in the businesses that are going to give them back the return on investment. Despite having the financial background as well, he is a geologist by profession, and he used to teach geology at the University of North Carolina as well as Duke University. He believes in his rule, ‘boots on the ground’ and he employs the method more often than never. Due to his passion, he has managed to travel around the world in search of the perfect investment opportunities for his as well as his followers. This has made him one of the most respected investment advisers in the natural resource.

As we all know, the natural resource sector if always cyclic and it is a bit hard to predict what might happen, and many who have tried have failed terribly, but this has never been the case for Matt Badiali.

Recently, one of his videos was talking about investing in the Freedom Checks. The freedom checks are issued by Master Limited Partnerships, commonly known as the MLPs. As the United States cuts on the amount of crude oil imported from the Middle East, the companies within the United States that deal with the production, storage, refining and transportation of gas are going to make a fortune. The people who will have invested in the MLPs will end up making a lot of money in the form of Freedom Checks. The freedom checks are given in for of dividend and the to the investors.

It is estimated that about that the number of freedom checks to be given out in the by the companies is about thirty-four billion dollars. The lowest investor will get up to one thousand dollars while the highest investor will get up to three hundred and ninety-eight thousand dollars. Therefore, the checks are not a scam, and about five hundred and sixty-eight companies have registered for MLPs and issue monthly and quarterly payment. Thus, as well respected investor, Matt Badiali’s video about the checks is not a scam.

Zeco Auriemo facilitates development of real estate sector in Brazil

With the increase in demand for real estate property around the globe, the numbers of real estate projects that are coming up to meet the demand are many. Numerous companies are coming into the industry to get a share of the pie. However, not all companies deserve to be considered when looking for a reliable real estate developer.

Latin America is turning to be one of the key destinations for the real estate market. Many countries in this region are still developing, and there is sufficient room to create a real estate project that targets the high-income earners. High-end projects are meant to attract international business and position the country as a key destination for business, source (

Brazil is one of the countries that is doing a very good job in this region. This country has been building a strong foundation in real estate as one of the drivers of the economy. One company is helping the country to accomplish this mission, and it is none other than JHSF. This company has been doing very well in recent years and has been trying to come up with innovative projects that will put the company and the country on the map for doing great projects.

JHSF is responsible for the development of real estate projects in Brazil. It has been developing high-end real estate’s projects such as shopping malls, airports, Fasano hotels, and others. This company has moved to the top of the industry by creating the most spectacular projects in the country.

JHSF is led by Jose Auriemo Neto also known as Zeco Auriemo. He is the chairman and CEO of this company since the turn of the millennium. He is the one who introduced the idea of building large real estate projects in Brazil. He took over the leadership of this company from his father, who previously owned the company.

Have a peek on Zeco Auriemo’s ( for more information.


Herbalife Nutrition Collaboration Challenge

Herbalife is a company whose purpose is to ensure that people across the globe live healthy and happier lives. The corporation was founded in 1980 by Mark Hughes. Though incorporated in the Cayman Islands, its headquarters are in Los Angeles, California. The company has its operations in over 90 countries globally. Its dedicated and trained distributors ensure that consumers are given personalized solution relating to their nutritional needs. The need to eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly is emphasized. The company’s aim is to transform nutritional habits of people from all over the world. The founder structured the company by applying the model of multi-level marketing. Among the products that the company has are protein bars, aloes, sports nutrition essentials, and personal care. Within a period of 35 years since the company was founded, it has grown to be the best selling product with approximately 30% of sales.


In collaboration with a fashion institute based in Los Angeles, Herbalife Nutrition held a design competition show. In Fashion Institute Design and Merchandising, the competition is part of the school’s program. In this competition, the students will come up with different activewear to be used by Herbalife Nutrition distributors. The students are to ensure that their teams showcase activewear that exhibits a lifestyle which is healthy and active. The developed designs will have the company’s theme, colors, and sourcing strategy. The activewear will be given to the Herbalife Nutrition group and the institute’s faculty staff. The ultimate challenge will be when the students will be expected to demonstrate how they will sell each concept as a teamwork collection. There will also be an opportunity for the individual student to develop their own design.


The collaboration will be focused on providing an opportunity for the future generation to come up with attires that are influenced by stakeholders. That will cause people to live healthier and happy lifestyles. Herbalife is among the companies that have contributed to the education and challenge of the students, leaving them inspired. The students will research on the wider consumer marketplace, which will make them comprehend the millennial client and company’s distributors. Future plans for students includes traveling to world design hubs, working discussions and interacting with the company’s leaders and participating in the annual gathering held in Houston.


OSI Industries Awards Over the Years

As one of the most reputable food companies, OSI Industries facilities have received many rewards since Sheldon Lavin started leading the industry. For starters, OSI Food Solutions UK was awarded a 2017 International Safety Awarded that was presented by the British Safety Council. The award aims at recognizing OSI Industries for its commitment to ensuring maximum workplace health and safety management. This was the eleventh time that British Safety Council recognized this food company since 2006 for its excellent job in health and safety management.

British Safety Council also honored OSI SI Food Solution UK facility with the Globe Honor Award in 2013, 2015 and 2016. This prize honors companies that have shown incredible environmental management. To top it all, BSC recognized the facility with the Sword Honor award in 215 to honor them for their great work safety management.

OSI Industries Europe plants have also received more awards in recent years. For example, in 2017, Alpenrind-Salzburg, a plant based in Austria won both the silver and bronze award awarded during the World Steak Challenge. Moreover, in 2015, OSI Food Solutions Poland got the first award during the National Labor Inspectorate Awards. This is an award that honors businesses for showing incredible safety record and for maintaining a good employee’s health and for following all the legal requirements.

What’s more? OSI Food Solutions Germany received the Prize of Honor from Food Products in North Rhine-Westphalia in 2014. The facility also won a gold medal for the Product Quality award in 2015.

The awards received by OSI Industries are countless. They have also been seen working extra hard to expand their operations globally. Like in 2016, the company bought a storage warehouse and processing facility in Chicago, bought Baho Food and in January 2018, they renamed the Flagship Food Group to Creative Foods Europe.

OSI Industries aims at increasing its capacity to produce foods and ensuring that it can fulfill all the needs of its customers worldwide and it has surely shown excellent results in that.

Michael Lacey Finds Solutions in Mathematics

Michael Lacey is a mathematician and academic scholar. His efforts in several areas of mathematics and probability science have led to contemporary findings and discoveries. Lacey has also propagated large-scale changes to the way we understand mathematics and perform scientific inquiry throughout the field.

Michael Lacey studied at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. During his undergraduate degree, there were a lot of challenges that he was able to address with keen research and an eye for innovation. Problems relating to iterated logarithms and square functions alike were easily addressed by his team in the seventies and eighties.

Throughout his academic research, Lacey collaborated with other prolific mathematicians from around the country. Among the topics that he worked on are Paley Square Functions and the measurement of preserving systems. He also studied Ergodic averages and sharp estimates.

Bourgain’s Entropy Criteria was a particularly important subject of Lacey’s research over the years as well. Central limit theorems in addition to explanations for weak convergence were some of the most influential pieces of their time that Lacey participated in. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

His incredibly precise articulation regarding the multiparameter law as well as solutions to bilinear transformations made further notable strides in the late nineteen nineties. These topics were co-authored with other notable scholars throughout Lacey’s research. He also created new standards of empirical analysis that were practiced well into the early 2000s. Read more: Michael Lacey | GAtech

Years of research led Michael Lacey to his current position as a professor of mathematics at Georgia Tech University. He teaches multiple courses to students and fosters a positive learning environment at the college. He encourages students to learn both traditional mathematics as well as contemporary research.

Lacey brings complex topics down to an understandable level with his attentive and forward-thinking strategies. Ultimately he has leveraged years of academic research and exploration into a high-quality learning system that propagates innovation and mathematical exploration.

Students and professors alike have remarked about the positive and effective strategies that Lacey has developed over the years. He is a contemporary role model and a notable figure in the field of mathematics today.

Wes Edens: Investing in Green Energy To Conserve The Environment

Wesley Edens has been working at Fortress Investment Group for almost thirty years now. Fortress Group is a major asset manager around the world that has dominated the industry for the last twenty years after incorporating radical strategies to dominate the market and outperform other organizations working in the same industry. Under his leadership, Fortress Group has been able to acquire some of the largest assets such as media and entertainment companies, real estate properties, and healthcare facilities. However, the co-founder of Fortress Group seems to be taking a different perspective by trying to push the company to the next level. Edens is not currently focused on expanding the asset base of the organization but is gearing towards investing in the energy sector. The energy sector has been gaining attraction from investors in the current market due to the increased demand for energy used in powering the companies and for domestic use.

This is an opportunity for investors who would like to reap big and get their investments back within a short period. However, Wes Edens is not investing in the common electricity generation but has channeled his resources and energy in investing in green energy. There has been an outcry from various environmental organizations that the common sources of energy have been destroying the water catchment areas while at the same time making the environment not conducive. This explains why Wes Edens has considered generating green energy that is clean to use both at home and to the plants. One energy plant has already been established at Miami, and it is expected that the plant will supplement the main grid in supplying sufficient energy to the residents if the city. A New Fortress Energy plant has already been established at Jamaica with the aim of producing liquefied natural gas to the residents.

The plant is anticipated to begin operating in the next few years. Wes Edens stood with Fortress Investment Group during the infamous economic crisis of 2008. Together with the other co-principals of the organization, Wes provided the moral and financial support that was necessary to protect the company from collapsing as it had happened to many other companies in the investment management industry. It was Wes who supported the company when it was going public in 2007. After the decision had been made by Peter Briger to announce their IPO, many stakeholders of the company remained skeptical about the move but Wes Edens remained supportive.

Alex Hern Shares his Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success


Alex Hern, founder of content solutions company, Tsunami, is no stranger to hard work and business development. With an entrepreneurial career spanning more than 25 years, Hern has co-founded multiple successful technology companies. From email marketing to network security, Hern has overseen the rise of early-stage companies in a variety of tech niches.

How does one not only succeed as an entrepreneur, but keep building on his successes for several decades? In a recent interview with IdeaMensch, Hern was asked how Alex Hern stays productive and brings his ideas to life. Hern noted that he is most productive when he is alone in a quiet space, free from distractions. Interestingly, he also stated that he spends several hours per day focusing on one specific item or action that will help his company reach a goal. Multitasking, in Hern’s opinion, is a commonly made mistake. This view, he admits, is controversial in the entrepreneur community!

Hern’s newest venture, Tsunami, is a global business communications solution. The software provides a collaborative platform for engineers and scientists in fields like aerospace, defense, manufacturing, and healthcare. Tsunami offers on-demand digital workspaces, as well as 3D rendering, animation, and simulation. The software aims to provide seamless critical collaboration and data analysis for the world’s top companies.

Hern has maintained his success by following a few basic principles, which he has shared publicly with aspiring entrepreneurs. Hern practices learning from failure and avoiding repeat mistakes. He believes that failure is part of the growth process and should not be feared. Hern has also spoken at length about the importance of focus, taking time to make decisions, and thinking about the long-term impact of those decisions.

When it comes to making smart business decisions, Hern is adamant about partnering with trustworthy solution providers and ensuring his goals and vision are properly aligned with those of the client.

Rodrigo Terpins: Preparations for the 2018 Sertoes Rally

Rally driving and racing have been two of the most favorite sport of Rodrigo Terpins, who is popular in Brazil because of his skills in driving. He is known for joining several competitions around the world which focuses on testing his driving and rallying skills, and he has also taken home several recognitions from the tournaments where he participated. Rodrigo Terpins is the son of Jack Terpins, who once played for a Brazilian basketball team. His family supported his passion for driving, and it was his father who encouraged him to become a world-class professional driver and racer. The environment where he was raised became a contributing factor to his fascination with driving, and he even influenced his younger brother to become a successful racer himself. Check out




Every year, Rodrigo Terpins and his younger brother are preparing for the annual Sertoes Rally, and they wanted to show the world that they still have the skills to win the competition. For this year, the Sertoes Rally will be celebrating its 25th anniversary, and the minds behind the competition wanted it to be more difficult, and they are hoping for the challengers to be able to get through all of the obstacles. The organizers also opted to hold the competition deep within the mid-western states of Brazil, to ensure that it would be too difficult to navigate on. Hundreds of racers around the world flew to Brazil to experience the adrenalin rush from the competition, and Rodrigo Terpins spent most of his time training his team members in line with the upcoming competition. You can visit Terra for more.



Rodrigo Terpins established the Bull Sertoes Rally Team in 2012, which is exclusively for his close friends and families. For this year’s competition, he chose his younger brother to represent the group. Michel Terpins will be driving a T1 Prototype, which is equipped with a V8 engine to ensure superb performance. Rodrigo Terpins kept on encouraging his brother and hoped for the best. However, during the competition, the vehicle stalled for hours, and it resulted in his ranking being brought down to the 4th place. Terpins is not disappointed with the result, and he thanked his brother for his performance.



Turbulence Dies Down as Weisbrod and Gottlieb Reunite their Investment Profiles

After over two decades of working independently, Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Weisbrod have joined forces to run corporations and investments in the healthcare sector. The history of these two investment titans traces back to the late 1990’s when Weisbrod founded the Merlin Company as an investment and wealth management corporation focusing on the healthcare industry. Weisbrod’s Merlin had a very successful investment profile, majoring in biotechnology, medical devices, and pharmaceutical sectors which by then were responding quite well in the market. His investments in the healthcare industry were particularly motivated by the fact that Weisbrod had acquired a Ph.D. level of education in Biochemistry, education that informed his investments.

Weisbrod hired Jacob Gottlieb as part of his management team. Gottlieb served as the investment portfolio manager as from 2000. His prowess in investment management helped turn the Merlin Company around during a time that the healthcare industry was experiencing a major revolution in biotechnology products. In particular, the company’s return on investments hit 100 percent between 1999 and 2000. Seven years later, however, in 2007, the company wound up its investments and closed doors.

The then jobless Weisbrod went ahead to form a new investment company, the Iguana Healthcare Partners, an idea that was significantly similar to Merlin regarding investment portfolios. Gottlieb, on the other hand, formed his own company, Visium Asset Management, a financial management corporate. His astute management skills helped turned the initial $300 million capital to a 2.5 billion corporate. Weathering the financial storms of 2008, the company managed to expand its reach to other countries including the UK, in addition to having multiple offices in the US.

Gottlieb’s Visium, however, hit a management snug when the company was accused by the FBI of insider trading and collusion to avert federal taxes. These charges forced Gottlieb to rethink his investments and shift his attention to the healthcare industry by forming Altium Capital which has further obtained stakes in healthcare corporates such as the 5.61% stake at Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Lawyer Jeremy Goldstein Chairs Fountain House Fall Fete

The Fountain House organization dedicated to the improvement of life for the mental health community hosted a fall fete with the help of Jeremy Goldstein and a dedicated committee of patrons. The fall fete is an annual event that is used for fundraising means in order to fund programs and campaigns that not only offer mental health services, but also help in combating the stigma surrounding mental health.


Serving as event chair, Jeremy Goldstein worked to get the fete sponsored by two very generous companies, and then advertised the event in order to attract donors that would give to the program and the scholarships that were created to support young adults. The scholarship program is the newest initiative from Fountain House, and the gala is a fundamental part of keeping the scholarship alive and thriving for the students that it is granted to.


Jeremy Goldstein is an attorney in a boutique legal firm with clients that are involved in government and company compensations, ensuring their clients are able to provide the amount of compensation necessary without overextending themselves. Almost all the negotiations that Goldstein and his law firm handle are sensitive and confidential situations, requiring the utmost attention to detail.


Goldstein has had experience in all areas of financial and business law that have led to him building an impressive portfolio of clients and knowledge. All of the areas of law that he has practiced in make him a great choice of lawyer for any company that finds it necessary to use his services and expertise.


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