Top business professionals: Peter Briger

Peter Briger is a financial professional who works for the Fortress Company which is an investment management firm. Currently, he is the president, principal and co-chairman of the board in the company whose work is to oversee the company’s credit business and to run the Drawbridge Special opportunity funds. Before joining Fortress, Peter worked for 15 years with the Goldman Sachs & Co. Company but later became its partner. Peter is also a CEO and the starter of a project development company known as Hydromine. The company mainly deals with the generation of power, sustainable energy technology and natural resources projects with the aim of changing how people use energy.

Peter studied in Pennsylvania University in the school of business where he got his MBA and Princeton University for his bachelor’s degree.Peter’s career began when he joined Goldman where he was tasked with management, leadership and operational roles. As a dedicated and skilful person, Peter gained a lot of experience while he worked in the investment banking industry. His financial knowledge and dedication made him a partner in the banking industry before joining Fortress in 2002 as the CEO. The skills and experience that Peter Briger gained made him take Fortress into greater heights. One of the greatest achievements that Peter has made is making Fortress one of the first investment companies to go public in the U.S.

Today, the company has expanded and is managing assets worth more than $65 billion where Peter Briger has been given a very high position in the company that allows him to convert assets into cash. Due to its expansion, the company is now able to accommodate both private and institutional investors.Besides his profession, Peter Briger serves as a board member of various social institution such as the Central Park Conservancy, a Global Fund for children and hospital for specialized surgery. Peter is also committed to providing quality education for children, alleviating poverty and helping children from risky areas. Peter has donated over $600 million to the central park for its conservation, and he is also a great philanthropist.

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